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Ok here is a question
« on: October 11, 2008, 02:36:53 AM »
Here is a stupid (you might think) question. What is a PLR and if you could be explain about it or give me a reference to check out I would really like to learn about this. Maybe it is something I know of but am not sure of the connection with name.


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Re: Ok here is a question
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Hi Attagirl
No stupid questions here - maybe a few stupid answers  ;D just kidding.

Here is the Wikipedia definition:

Private label rights - an intellectual property right which allows you to modify a work and to claim the new work as your own from an authorship standpoint, but does not grant actual copyright to either the original or the modified work. Commonly used as content for online marketing schemes.

By this definition you can see why there is so much discussion on rewriting articles and making changes to the material you are marketing - if you have the rights to do that.

Those rights are defined in the License.,52.0.html]

Hi folks,

Below are the rights for these products. Reproduced from the actual package.


What You CAN Do:

[YES] You CAN add content to sites.
[YES] You CAN modify the sites web pages.
[YES] You CAN edit the content on the sites.
[YES] You CAN remove content from the sites.

What You CANNOT Do:

[NO] You CANNOT sell these sites.
[NO] You CANNOT offer as a bonus.
[NO] You CANNOT give the product away.
[NO] You CANNOT offer through auction sites.
[NO] You CANNOT add to free membership sites.
[NO] You CANNOT sell resell rights to these sites.
[NO] You CANNOT add to paid membership sites.
[NO] You CANNOT sell or giveaway private label rights.
[NO] You CANNOT sell master resell rights to these sites.
[NO] You CANNOT package with other products for resale.

A notice of these rights are included with the product.

Well worth the upgrade!



Hope that helps