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Understanding Internet Marketing
« on: September 02, 2008, 02:20:36 PM »
Understanding Internet Marketing

Let me begin by saying that there is no ‘magic’ involved in running a business on the Internet. None.

If there was, then everyone who has ever tried to make money online would be a millionaire already, and that is obviously and most certainly not the case. The fact is that over 95% of folks who try to make money online will fail, and you need to know that right from the start.

You must also understand that the difference between success and failure can sometimes be very, very small indeed. Which does of course, mean that it really should not be so difficult to position yourself in the group that will succeed. You need to know this so that you are mentally prepared for success. But you must also avoid having totally unrealistic expectations as well. Yes, you can generate a very good income working online, but only if you go about things in the right manner.

And what that means is that you must be prepared to put in some work, and you absolutely must be one hundred percent committed to what you are doing. Do not expect to start earning a fortune the day after you decide to begin and understand that the hardest dollar to earn is always the first.

Making money online is definitely achievable with hard work, commitment and determination. If you don’t have those attributes, then, sadly, your chances of being in the 5% that actually do make it are always going to be slim! You do not need to be a genius or some kind of superstar to succeed either.

All you need to do is to be committed to being a success, and willing to put in the time and effort that is necessary to make things happen for you.

Understanding The 'Secret'

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about people who decide that they want to start earning money from the net for the first time is that almost every one seems to think that there is some kind of magical ‘secret’. That there is somehow a mystical power or gift that the people who become successful online entrepreneurs know that everybody who is not so successful is sadly missing.

The reason that it amazes me is that it is simply not true. There are Internet entrepreneurs who are making millions of dollars online, that is certainly true, but there is no secret or mystery whatsoever behind their success. Most of them can trace the roots of their success to one central, core factor. That is that they started their online money making efforts as a proper business, no different than any other business.

It was not a hobby, or just something that they were playing around with. It was a serious business right from day one, even if it was not necessarily a full-time thing to start with. Silly as it may sound, running a business online is no different to selling used cars off a lot, or hawking brushes door to door.

It’s business, pure and simple.

For the people who have already made millions online (and for those that will do) it is most definitely not a hobby or an interest. Now, that is not to say that you cannot earn money from an online business doing it part-time. Of course that is possible and, indeed, the vast majority of people who are now huge successes started off doing exactly that.

It is not so much a question of how much time you spend on your Internet business. It is a question of attitude. Treat it like a hobby, a ‘plaything’ and you are almost certainly never going to succeed. Have the right attitude, and be willing to go the extra mile, and you are giving yourself the best possible chance of making it. And, despite what I said earlier about there being no ‘secret’ to online success, there is something that most of these successful people know, something that many of those who have failed (and will do so in the future) are missing completely.

That is that success in an online business is about leverage, and how to use it to make the most of the time that you have. Let me give you a simple example to illustrate the point. Say that I live in a big city and I teach people to play the guitar. That’s great, because there are probably going to be enough people in my locality who want to know how to play guitar to keep me busy earning money.

But, let's say that I live miles from anywhere, that I literally cannot even see my nearest neighbor's home. Plus, even in the big city, and even if I give one hour lessons all day, every day, I can still only teach one person at a time, and can only get paid by that one person for doing so. Now, if I were to start teaching guitar on the Internet, then I can solve my two biggest problems in one fell swoop!

First, it no longer matters where I live, or how many people live near me. As long as people have a computer and an Internet connection, then I can teach them guitar.

Second, I can leverage my efforts, and teach ten or a hundred or ten thousand people to play guitar, all at the same time! And, of course, I get paid by each and every one of them to do so! So, I have multiplied my earnings power by a factor of several hundreds or thousands, without any more effort at all!

That is leverage and that is the big secret of making money on the Internet. Over one billion people all over the world are now online. And, in theory at least, every one of those people could be your potential customer. So, can you begin to see how important leverage is? I hope so!

The #1 Mistake That You MUST Avoid!

Some of the most highly paid people in Internet marketing are sales page copywriters, folks who create the sales pages for digital products sold online. The reason that they are so highly paid is that the best sales copy can sell hundreds of even thousands of units of product, no matter how good or poor that product might be.

I know many such copywriters. They are good!

Even after all of my years in the Internet marketing business, I still find that these guys can write such brilliantly hypnotic copy that the urge to get my card out is almost irresistible! So, I can absolutely guarantee you that you will see sales pages for products that make whatever it is that they are selling sound like something that you must have, now!

Some of the products these guys write about are absolutely brilliant, and every word on the sales page singing its praises will be 100% true. But, do not be fooled, and, much more importantly, do not waste your money buying whatever it is that they are selling. You simply don’t need it, however much the sales page ‘proves’ that you do!

The #1 reason that most people will fail in their efforts to make money online is a lack of focus. The people who fail generally jump around from one latest 'big thing’ to the next, and never stay focused on one thing long enough to give it any chance of working.

They buy a new ‘wonder’ product and spend a week trying to make it ‘happen’. When it does not, and they don’t become an overnight millionaire, they lose interest, see another ‘guaranteed’ money maker, buy it, and the whole pattern is repeated. How do I know? Because I’ve done it, and I know that most other people in Internet marketing have probably done exactly the same thing at some time or another. We’ve all fallen for the idea that the other guy's grass is always greener, and anyone who says that they have not is probably not being totally honest!

Whatever it is that you decide to do to start making money online, stick with it at least long enough to give it a real shot. Do not be distracted by this guaranteed money maker or that sure-fire wonder product, no matter how good they might sound. Stay focused, work on one idea at a time, and do not buy anything that does not fit in with what you are doing right at the moment.

And do yourself a favor? Keep your credit card in your wallet for now!

There is no mystery to making a lot of money online.  You simply need two things, that is, something to sell and a way of selling it! That’s it, job done, mystery solved! So let’s look at the two requirements in that order.

Network or Multi-level Marketing

It may be that you already have a product or maybe a service that you want to sell online. That’s great, but it would put you in a very, very small minority! The overwhelming majority of people who decide that they want to make money online do not have their own product or service to sell, nor do they generally have much idea how to find one either.

The good news is that this should not actually represent a major problem, as I am just about to demonstrate. Before doing so however, I would just like to add a note of caution. Many people who are interested in asking money online are tempted to start doing so by getting involved in network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

That is most definitely not what this book is about and it is, quite frankly, something that I would really recommend that you avoid doing. The fact is, for every person who makes a lot of money in network marketing there are hundreds who lose out.

In truth, the only people who generally make money from MLM are the people right at the top of the pyramid, and the nearer you are to the base, the harder it is to make it pay. Add that to the fact is that, sooner or later, you will run out of ‘prospects’ and have to start promoting your ‘opportunity’ to friends and relatives, and you really don’t want to do that, do you? My advice is to avoid network marketing or MLM if at all possible.

Your Own Product…

So, how do you source the product to sell? Well, in my experience, most folks will come at this from one of two different directions:

• They have a burning interest in a particular topic or subject matter or
• They have no particular subject matter in mind, and they just want to start making money as quickly as possible.

In the first of these situations, given your burning interest and drive, it may be that you want to create your own product, and that is fantastic. But, before you do, there is one critical question that you need to ask yourself (and obviously answer!)

That is, is there a market for the product that you would like to create? If not, then it’s a pretty certain bet that no-one is going to buy it! You must avoid the mistake that 90% of product creator newbies are likely to make which is creating a product before knowing whether anyone wants it!

You must know that there is already a proven market for whatever it is that you are thinking of creating. Do not, under any circumstances create a product first, without knowing whether there is anyone to sell it to. How do you do this? The simplest way is to see what people are searching for when they surf the net.

You need to know what types of things people are looking for when they search the biggest search engines, like Google, MSN and Yahoo, and then relate these searched terms to the product that you are thinking of creating. You do this by doing what is commonly known as keyword or niche market research.

That is, you are looking for phrases that web surfers use when they search that you can ‘match’ to your idea, to see whether enough people are searching to make it worthwhile. To do this, you are going to work with keyword research tools.

There are lots of these on the market, some that are paid for and many that are free. For what you need to do at this stage, the free tools are more than adequate. Head on over to the ‘Good Keywords’ website and download the free Keyword suggestion tool from the site.

After you download & install it, all you need do is open up the module by clicking the ‘Keyword Suggestion’ box and typing in the word or phrase that would most immediately spring to mind were you searching for the product that you are thinking of creating. What you are doing here is trying to establish what other people are searching for.

Returning to my earlier example, I plan to teach people to play guitar online. So, my key search words would most likely be ‘guitar’, ‘guitar teacher’ ‘guitar lessons and so on. Let’s try ‘guitar’ (and make sure that the ‘Research Using’ tag is set to “Overture(US)’ as this is the only search that gives actual search numbers, which is what you need.

So, immediately we can see that 325,714 people searched the phrase ‘guitar tab’ on ‘Overture’ which is effectively Yahoo. Now let’s have a look at the biggest search engine Google, to see what the results are there for the same phrase. In Google there are 175 million searches for the phrase guitar. That tells you two things, one good and the other not so!

The good thing is that there is definitely a market for a product that teaches people to play the guitar online. The bad thing is that the chances of people finding your product from a search using just the one word are almost zero!

That certainly does not mean that you should not create the product. It just means that you are going to have to be a little smarter later on, when it comes to getting people to visit your website. One final ‘double-check' that you might want to run is to check with the keyword research tool at Keyword Discovery, which is again free.

And I would also recommend that you go back to your Google search results, and take a look at some of the websites that the search returned, so that you can look at what the competition is doing too. Better to be aware of what you are up against before jumping in to the ‘battle’ two feet first!

Someone Else’s Product?

Maybe you have no desire to create your own product? Perhaps you have no burning ambition to unleash your ideas or talents onto the world just yet? Maybe you just want to start earning as soon as you can? Or maybe you just looked at the Google search in the previous section and decided that there is too much competition to justify wasting time and effort making your own ‘guitar teaching’ product?

Whatever the reason might be, if you are not going to make you own product, you can still start making good money online, simply by selling something that someone else has already created. You do this by becoming what is known as an ‘affiliate’ for a product that someone else has already created and released to the market.

Now, this is certainly the simplest and quickest way to get started making money online, no doubt about that. So, you just need to find the product that you want to sell, and you do this by choosing it from an affiliate program's management site.

There are two types of products that you might start selling and it's the choice between them that would decide which affiliate program management site that you use. You could decide to sell physical, tangible, real world products. So, in our example, maybe you would decide to sell guitars themselves. In this case, you could find your products at a site like Commission Junction or Link Share.

Most people who are trying to launch their online or Internet marketing business will not, however, generally start off selling such physical products, for two reasons. Firstly, there is still a tendency for people to buy most of their physical products in the local high street or shopping mall.

Secondly, the commission that is payable from most physical product affiliate programs is not that high. For example, a search for ‘guitars’ at Commission Junction shows that most affiliate programs are paying 6-10%. Thus, most people who start selling other people’s products as affiliates are going to start off by selling a digital product that can be delivered instantly online (like this ebook). To do this, they will probably source the product from either ClickBank or PayDotCom.

Let’s use the first of these as our example, as ClickBank (CB) is by far the largest digital product affiliate ‘center’, with over 10,000 products to choose from! So, go to the ClickBank site and sign up for a free account.

Then, start your product search. Again, let us see what we can find that relates to guitars by hitting the tab marked ‘Promote Products’ and then ‘Marketplace’. Type in the search word ‘guitar’ ... this shows that the most popular affiliate program related to the keyword ‘guitar’ is ‘Jamorama’.

Let’s analyze the result in a little more detail. Underneath the program description are a series of statistics (in green) that show various facts about how attractive the program is for affiliates who wish to sell it. Basically, as far as you are concerned, the most important stats are those at the extreme left and extreme right.

So, on the left you can see that this program pays just over $26 dollars per sale, and that represents a commission rate of 75% (‘%sale’) which is a lot better than 6% at Commission Junction! And then, on the far right is a figure for ‘grav:’ (‘gravity’) which basically represents the products popularity (described in more detail here).

Now, as a general rule, you do not want to consider promoting a product that has no popularity ( a low ‘grav’ figure) unless it is new (you can check this here by signing up for a free 15 day trial account). Nor do you want to begin promoting something that is too popular either, as there will simply be too many people out there doing the same!

So, ideally, I would recommend that you should be looking for products that are showing a ‘grav’ of between forty and one hundred percent. ‘Jamorama’ is showing a gravity of 84.18, which is just about perfect. But, you need to do one final little check before you decide whether this program is worth promoting or not. Take a look at the sales page to see whether it looks good or not! If you don’t like it, then the chances are that others will not like it either!

Hit the ‘view pitch page’ link below the green text, and view the site.  Okay, that looks good enough, so that is it, product found! Now go back to the ClickBank results, and click the other blue hyperlink under the ‘Jamorama’ result that says ‘create hoplink’. You simply type in your CB user name and add a ‘Tracking ID’ (this enables you to see where your sales come from, and is highly recommended) and then click ‘submit’.

This creates a unique code that allows CB to credit you with every sale that comes from your link. In this case, it will look something like where ‘username’ is your account, and ABC is the tracking code that you should have added. And that is it.

You now have your product to sell. The next step is to actually start selling it, and to do that, you need to have your own ’shop’ or storefront.

You need to create your own website!

It wasn’t all that long ago that building a website could be quite a complicated business, requiring you to learn HTML website creation code and so on. No more is that true. Nowadays, there are lots of simple and quick ways of establishing your own web presence with your own pages, and the best news is that it is actually possible to get started without spending any money at all!

Now, what I am not talking about is the kind of free website that you can find on sites like Yahoo GeoCities. These services are free because they will include their advertising on your website, and that is something that you surely do not want when you are trying to sell from the page! Plus, they are clearly free, and most of the people who might visit your site would know that too!

It would not really look as if you were running a serious professional business using such a site, and so I would definitely avoid such a free service. Some free services are, however, perfectly usable, and will do nothing at all to harm your reputation or damage your credibility.

Let’s look at a few such options here:

Unless you have been living at the bottom of the ocean or on the dark side of the moon, the chances are that you will at least have heard about ‘blogging’. A blog is simply a shortened version of the phrase ‘web log’ that is a type of site defined by Wikipedia as:

“a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.”

And Blogger is possibly the best known of the hosted blog sites. So, all you need to do is to either sign in using your Google user name and password (the site is actually owned by Google) or sign up for a free account. Once inside, you come to the ‘Dashboard’ where you can see the highlighted link to ‘Create a Blog’.

Click through, and you then come to the screen asking you to give your Blog a Title and a web address (called a URL). Now, this is where you have to begin to give some thought to what you are trying to do. Basically, from this point on, everything that you do should be aimed at getting as many people as possible to find the website that you are building.

But, you also want the people to arrive on your site to be interested in what it is that you are writing about. There is no point in creating a site about learning to play guitar and then only having people who want to learn to play the drums or the violin visiting it!

So, you need to include the word ‘guitar’; in your title, to help tell people and more importantly, the search engines just what your site is about. You have already selected your product, which is the ‘Jamorama’ guitar training system.

Some people may search using this phase too, especially people who have already looked into learning to play guitar online. So, you should try to use the product name in your Title and in your url address too. So, how about checking whether you can call the blog ‘Jamorama Guitar Teacher’ and use the same phrase as the URL?

Click to see whether the URL is still available – it is, so you simply proceed through the sign-up process by entering the turing code and click the orange arrow to continue. Incidentally, if the URL that you want is not available (which is more than likely if the phrase you are trying to use is popular) then simply add hyphens in between the words until you get to something that has not already been taken.

You then simply choose the template that you want to use, and that is it, Blogger will create the blog for you, and you can start your posting (that is, adding content to your blog) immediately!

Now, for your very first post, I would recommend that you use the same title as the blog, and that you write just a couple of lines to get the site ‘live’. Again, include the Title in the post, and add it in bold type at the end. Now, as already mentioned, Blogger is a part of the Google empire.

So, it stands to reason that Blogger blogs generally feature pretty well in Google search engine results. That is why we have included your #1 key phrase ‘Jamorama Guitar Teacher’ in your posting and have bolded it as well – all these will help the blog get found by the search engine spiders more quickly.

But, at the moment, no-one actually knows that your blog exists. Your first job is therefore to start telling the world about it. You do this by ‘pinging’ the blog directories to tell them that you have just made a new post. Simply go to either King Ping or Pingoat, input the blog details and get pinging!

Now, of course, with your site in such a ‘bare bones’ state, you are not going to start making any money just yet, so the next thing to do is to start ‘filling’ the site space by making a couple more posts. There is, in fact, absolutely no limit on the amount of blog posts that you can make in a day, but you should be wary of going too crazy making posts, as that can start to make the blog look ’spammy’.

For that reason, I would recommend no more than three posts a day. So, go back to the Jamorama site and see what sort of information you can pick up from there that you can create two or three more blog posts about. So, how about writing something about how great it is to learn from a professional guitarist, someone that played with a semi-famous rock band?

Or adapting a couple of the on site testimonials to show what an excellent program it is? It really does not matter what you write, as long as you include your keywords (guitar, learn guitar, play guitar, Jamorama etc) as often as you can without making it sound silly or boringly repetitive.

Remember also that at this stage, you do not want to give too much information about the program, as your ultimate ‘sales pitch’ is going to be a full blown review of the program. How about something like this?

Okay, so that’s the basic Blogger blog site up and running. Now, I would recommend that you should start to individualize the site to make it less bare and more like it is something that is a real site created because you are interested, and not just to sell an affiliate program. Remember that this is your shop window, and you wouldn’t want to buy from a store that looked as if no-one cared about it, would you?

You are also ready to add another nice little money earner to your site too. That little money earner is AdSense, which is Google’s market leading contextual advertising program.

Basically, once you have your AdSense account set up, you firstly decide what style of ads you want to show on your site from the choices that AdSense offers. Then you simply copy and paste some code onto your site. The AdSense robots then automatically crawl the content of your site or blog and delivers ads that are relevant to your audience and your site content ads that Google claims are so well-matched to your site that your readers will actually find them useful.

Now, the great thing about AdSense is that, once you have set it up, that’s it – there’s nothing else that you need to do except keep adding fresh content to the site. And, every time someone clicks on an AdSense advert, you get paid! It really is as simple and straightforward as that.

Google has to approve your site for inclusion in the AdSense program, so firstly you need to submit it to them. Approval usually takes 48 hours or so. Then, with your site approved, you can now add the AdSense code to any websites that you create (as long as it is not in breach of Google’s ‘Terms of Service’) so, once you get the code, you simply need to add it to your blog from ‘Templates’ and ‘Page Elements’.

Click on ‘Add a Page Element’, then go to ‘Add To Blog’ and simply follow the instructions. Now you can see that this advert has nothing whatsoever to do with guitars or guitarist, but do not worry overmuch, as the chances are that next time you decide to make a blog post, AdSense will very quickly ‘catch on’!

Notice that the same drop down box also allows you to add Pictures, a Poll or even videos. Find a couple of good pictures of guitar players here, add them in, and then see what videos you can grab from YouTube to make the site more expressive and alive. Okay, so now you know all the good things about using Blogger. Now for the bad news!

All of the sites that are in this ‘free’ section of the report are hosted by someone else, in this case by Google. That means that the third party in question has total and utter control over your site, which means that they can close your site or even your account at any time.

Google can and do shut down people’s Blogger accounts, often without any discernible reason. Thus, your money making site can just disappear one day, and there is very little that you can do about it! Trust me, I am already on my third Blogger account, and the last time they decided to smack me about they took down eight of my blog sites, so I do know what I am talking about!

The bottom line is that Google is often a law unto itself, and so a Blogger blog, whilst it can be a great free resource is not to be trusted as your main source of income for any longer than you need to! A far better and less risky (but equally simple option) in my opinion, would be either of the resources that are listed below.

Squidoo & HubPages

As these two sites are remarkably similar to one another, I am going to cover them in the one section by using Squidoo as the example. However, almost everything that I suggest here can be used every bit as easily on the HubPages site as well. According to the owner of Squidoo Seth Godin, it’s a website hosting hundreds of thousands of lenses (250000+).

Each lens is like a one page mini-website that is one person's look at something online. Lenses are free, and Squidoo really is an incredibly easy platform that allows you to build a lens, all by yourself, in around 10-15 minutes.

So, sign up for your free Squidoo lens, and then basically build it in pretty much the same way as you created your Blogger blog, by posting the same kind of text to the page. Again, when you sign in, you will initially arrive at your ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Make A Lens’.

Using the same thinking as you would have done with your blog for a Title for your lens, again, you could use Jamorama Guitar Teacher (there is, of course no reason at all why you could not have a blog, a squidoo lens and a hubpage too)

Use the same URL key phrase and add three more keywords at ‘Step 4’ of the creation process (I used guitar, guitarist and guitar lesson) and, once you have worked all the way through, you will arrive at a screen that looks like the one below. Now, the thing to notice about Squidoo (and HubPages is very similar) is that everything is built on a modular basis.

So all you need to do is to click on any of the orange ‘Edit’ buttons to add your details into a specific module of the site. Then click save and it’s done. The first thing that needs adding is the text and maybe some pictures to the 'Introduction’ section of the lens. Just a few lines should do.

Do not add exactly the same as you put in your blog (assuming that you are creating both sites) because the search engines do not like duplicate content that appears on more than one site. So, change it around a bit, but, basically, follow the same rules that you used for creating the Blogger blog pages.

Note that Squidoo also allows you to include goods for sale from Amazon and from eBay too. Thus, you can earn money directly from the site as well. It is also a good idea to add in an RSS feed to the site, because this basically allows you to include a constantly changing news ‘bulletin’ to the site, which, because it is changing ever few hours, means that your lens always has fresh content.

This is the type of thing that the search engines love, and is definitely something that you should do. Simply add this URL to the RSS box where it asks for the URL that it is to pull news from, and replace the words “guitar+player’ with your own keywords

Change the update frequency to every six hours, and that way, you guarantee that the site will be constantly updated. Just like the blog site, the objective with both Squidoo and HubPages is that later on, you should add full reviews of the Jamorama product to the site. There are also other potential money makers with Squidoo, like eBay and Amazon.

Both these sites are very easy and quick to build, and free as well, so I would suggest that you do use both sites, as the more spaces that you have online, the more chance there is that people will find you.

One final word about Squidoo and HubPages – perhaps surprisingly, if anything, my own experience of using them is that the big search engines, including Google, love both Squidoo and HubPages even more than they do Blogger blogs. Use all three, and I would be willing to bet that you will manage to get at least one of your pages to start appearing in natural search engine results pages fairly quickly.

If you do decide to use all three then  you want to include a review on each site, either try to make it different, or even try different products, all within the same niche. Make sure that you link them one to another, but that you do so in a way that means each one has only incoming links (again, that is search engine friendly). So, site A links to site B that links to C which then links to A. Okay, so these are effective ways of starting to make money online that do not have to cost you anything,

and, in theory, you could go even further along this road by creating more blogs at other free sites like Drupal and LiveJornal. On the basis that the more places you can ‘appear’ on line, the more chance there is that you will be found, that might sound like a good idea. Beware of overloading yourself, though, or diluting the strength of what it is that you are doing by spreading yourself too thinly.

And, ultimately, using only free tools and resources does limit you and can only take you so far. For example, using only the free tools available, you can only include AdSense if the site allows it, and so on. Once you are really ready to step up a gear or two, then the bad news is that you might just have to start putting your hand in your pocket! It’s time to start spending a little money!

Your Own Domain

In order to be taken really seriously as an online business entrepreneur, you need to have your own domain name and web hosting. These both cost money, although not a great deal, you will no doubt be very happy to hear! Okay, so the first thing that you need to do is to decide what you are going to call your website.

The first thing to realize about your website is that the minimum time that you can register a domain name for is one year. Thus, your domain is not a throwaway thing, as free sites can sometimes be. Plus, the chances are that you are not necessarily only going to promote one product from your site.

You may, for example decide to create your own guitar tuition product a little bit further down the line, or perhaps another guitar teacher affiliate program will come along that blows the socks off Jamorama. So, you are not going to want to use the Jamorama name in the URL of your domain.

However, your site must nevertheless stay focused and guitar playing or something else related to guitars should still be something that you are going to work with. The second thing about domain names is that people still overwhelmingly like .com domain names.

They are still the most widely trusted and ‘comfortable’ names, the ones that people generally use by default. So, if at all possible, try to secure a .com domain name, or, failing that, a .net. Also, bear in mind that a good domain name can become a brand name over time too.

You have to do no more than think of Google to realize the truth in this statement. In fact, many people do not search the Internet nowadays – they ‘Google’ something. That is how famous the 'brand' has become. Ideally, you want your brand to become as famous as Google too, and that is why you need your own domain name. It also helps your site to get picked up when people are searching in the search engines.

Say people are looking for sites with information, and perhaps products for sale, that are guitar related.
Which do you think will rank highest in the search engine rankings – or

I hope you can see that the first one would be far more effective and have considerably more impact than the second, and that it would almost certainly generate far better search engine rankings too. So, you must try to get a domain name that gives the strongest possible indication as to what your site is about, in order that you also make your site as ‘visible’ and search engine friendly as possible.

In an ideal world, you’d register the shortest guitar related domain name for your new website as possible. For example, would be cool! Well, guess what? Someone else got there a very long time before you! In fact, it doesn’t really matter what your website is about – all of the shortest dot com domain names were snapped up many years ago.

I think that we can take it pretty much as read that, and so on were all grabbed many years ago, too. So, what you need to do is to think of two or three keywords that are specific or appropriate to guitar subject matter.

Armed with those two phrases, head straight over to the company that I always recommend for domain registry, to check whether the domain name that you want to register is available.  Now, ‘Register Your First Domain’ is a company I would recommend for domain name registrations for two reasons.

One, their prices are always the Best. And, second, they are just about the most efficient domain registration company I have come across or used, and I have tried quite a few over the past few years, believe me!

When you land on the ‘Register Your First Domain’ home page, the first thing that you need to do is to check on the availability of the domain name, and also see whether ‘Register Your First Domain’ have any good alternatives to suggest if the name is not available. So, you simply input the phrase ‘guitar-player’ as indicted and click the ‘Check’ button.

Okay, as we suspected, has already been taken. Moreover, the suggestions that ‘Register Your First Domain’ are putting forward (immediately below that) are not .com domain names, so click on ‘More Suggestions’ to open up the screen. When the domain that you want is not available, you can try adding suffixes or prefixes (i.e. a short word at the beginning or end of your desired phrase) and see whether that domain is available.

So, you can try adding ‘the’ or ‘best’ at the beginning of the phrase, or ‘online’ or ‘live’ at the end. Or you can simply use one of the names shown. ‘’ looks and sounds good so let’s go with that. Now we need to set up hosting, that is you need somewhere that your web site can ‘live’ and where people can find it.


There are hundreds of companies in the market offering web hosting services. One of the best is undoubtedly, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their prices are always very reasonable and secondly, the service they provide is top notch too. Go cheaper, and you will end up paying for it in terms of poor customer ervice,increased ‘down time’ (when your site does not work for some reason), and so on.

Obviously, you have already seen some of the things that you can do when building websites from your previous experiences with Blogger, Squidoo and so on. You know, for example, that using videos can be a very valuable addition to any web space.

Unfortunately, videos can be very ‘heavy’ users of a web hosting account too. So, if you are going to put a few videos on your sales site, for example, it is perfectly possible that the most basic hosting account will not be good enough for you.

Honestly, however, the idea of starting your first website with lots of videos is probably a bit unnecessarily ambitious. Far better in my opinion and experience is to keep everything as simple as you can at the very start, in which case, the most basic account will be fine. Once you sign up for hosting, all you need do is wait for the email  confirming that your payment was successful and giving you your account details.

When this arrives, you are ready to move to the next step of the process, which is the all-important process of tying your domain name and hosting account together. Log back into your ‘Register Your First Domain’ account, because what you are going to do now is to set things up so that anyone who types in your domain name is going to be pointed at your webhosting account.

Now, each domain registrar’s control pane will look a little different, but generally when you click on your domain name, you should see some reference to ‘Nameservers’. You will need to setup the nameservers so that they are pointing to whereever your hosting is.

Your Hosting CPanel

At this stage, however, you want to keep everything simple, so you can start off by simply setting up an email account for your new domain. This is a very important step to professionalizing your online business. Think about the last time that you received email from a reputable business organization – didn’t it have the business name in the email address?

Or, looked at the other way around – when you last got mail that claimed to be from a business with a yahoo free email address attached, did you take it seriously? Of course you did not.

No serious business ever uses a free email address nowadays, and nor should you. I would also recommend that the first mail address you create should be a generic address, something like ‘info’ or ‘support’. This looks professional and gives no hint or clue as to whether your operation is big or small.

So, now you have an email account set up for (in this example). Great, but how do you use it? There are two ways that this can be set up, and both are surprisingly simple.

Firstly, it can be accessed from literally any computer by using webmail. Click on the 'mail' link shown, and the next screen shows three alternative webmail systems that are available to you. You can use any of them, as they are all equally efficient, so let’s choose ‘Horde’, and a couple of clicks later, you have access to your mailbox.

Email option two is to use the “Configure Outlook” button to set up Microsoft Office Outlook, if you have the program on your PC. If you do, it’s a very straightforward Wizard that is built into the cpanel. Start from here and follow the instructions!

Autoresponders – The #1 'Must Have' Tool

Without any shadow of a doubt, every successful online businesses will be using autoresponders to drive a substantial part of their business or businesses. In fact, autoresponders are nothing less than the key to automating your whole business operation.

As such, they are an absolutely critical element of the online business empire that you are setting out to build. In very simple terms, what an autoresponder does is allow you to build a complete customer contact and sales system, which, once in place, can be used time after time after time!

From any research that you many already have done, you should be aware that many industry experts suggest that, on average, you will have to contact a potential customer at least seven times before they become a real, paying customer. An autoresponder allows you to do this both quickly and simply.

You may have also heard or read the online business ‘cliché’ that ‘the money is in the list’. This refers to the fact that by building your own list of potential customers to mail to, you are creating your own personal ‘bank’ of people to whom you can send sales offer after sales offer.

Well, the money REALLY is in the list, AND it is the power of your autoresponder that will allow you to extract maximum profits from that list. Basically, you can find autoresponders that are both paid and free. If at all possible, you should go for the paid version right from the outset, for several reasons.

Assuming that you are planning on being in this for the long haul, then your list will, over time, become your most valuable business asset, bar none. You should therefore take your list and the idea of building it ultra-seriously right from the beginning.

The problem is that free accounts only have one advantage, that is that they cost nothing. They do have several disadvantages on the other hand. First, most free responders carry advertising from the autoresponder company themselves, and (even more damaging to your business) sometimes from third party companies too.

Do you want your outgoing mails to advertise other people’s businesses, as well as (or sometimes instead of) your own? This is not great for your long term business growth. Secondly, many free autoresponders will only allow you to have one mailing list attached to your free account, meaning that you must add everyone to the same list.

Now, maybe at first this will not be a big problem, but it can very quickly become one. For example, say in a few months time, your business is successful, so you decide to branch out into selling two completely different product lines. You cannot logically mix these two ‘lines’ into one mailing list, so what can you do?

You really need to build two completely separate lists but with a free autoresponder, you would not be able to do this. The final and most damaging disadvantage of using a free service to start with is that, at some point, if you are successful, you will need to switch to a paid service. That is not a question of ‘if’ only of ‘when’.

And, when you do this, you have to go back and ask every member of your mailing list to sign up with you again, and guess what? Statistically, over 50% of your list members will just not bother! In other words, you will lose over 50% of the assets of your business overnight, simply because you decided to save a little bit of money now!

So, if you can, I would strongly urge that you try to find the necessary fees to get a paid autoresponder service from the outset, as it probably the best investment that you can make in your business. If you have no choice but to start out using a free service, then that cannot be helped and the best account that I know of can be found here

But, as I suggested, be aware that this will give you only one free mail list builder. The following are the three companies who are probably is the acknowledged market leaders in the autoresponder business, and I would definitely recommend that you should use one of them if at all possible:

Every one of these services will cost you less than $20 per month, and, if there was one thing that I would urge any online business newbie to spend money on right from the beginning, a higher quality autoresponder account would definitely be it! So, if you can, please spend the money and do the job the proper way right from the beginning. I promise you that you will thank me for making you do so in the future!

Keeping Your First Site Simple

If you have been around the Internet any time already, then you will no doubt  already understand that a website can basically be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. I am going to continue to assume that you do not want to make things complicated at this stage, and that your first objective is to start making money as quickly as possible.

Thus, I am going to keep the site building as simple as possible too, and assume that you are still going to promote the Jamorama affiliate program. Okay, so let’s create a website in around ten minutes flat, by using another blogging platform that is known as Wordpress.

Installing WordPress

Wordpress is the Rolls Royce of blogging systems, mainly because of the fact that, because of the availability of thousands of small add-ons called ‘plugins’ that are available all over the net (generally for free) you can make it do just about anything that you want it to do.

In particular, you can make any site look and do pretty much exactly as you want, and, as it is on your own domain, you know that no-one will ever have the power of just shutting you down on a whim, so why not make the site as individual as you can? Plus, Wordpress is remarkably easy to install on your domain too.

Go back to your Domains cPanel. Scroll down the page until you see the icon for ‘Fantastico Deluxe’. Click through and on the left hand side of the next page, you will see ‘Wordpress’ listed under ‘Blogs’. Click, and this will begin installing the program for you!

Follow each step and when you finally click ‘Finish’ you will have your Wordpress blog set up. Now, all you need to do is type http:/ to get into your Wordpress control area and start making your posts.

So, what are you going to post about? Well, the first thing to re-emphasize is that this site is planned to be for the long haul. So, right away the first thing that you want to do is to change how your site looks. Now, there are literally thousands of WP site templates that are available all over, so you are totally spoiled for choice!

Be aware, however, that some templates are a little more difficult to use than others, so keep it simple wherever you can. But here are a few places where you can find some really cool template (known as ‘themes’) to begin personalizing your site with:

Now that you have your own site, you can start to appreciate that the more unique you can make your site, the better it will be received by the search engines in particular. Plus, the more attractive it looks to the human eye, then the more pleasing it will be to your viewers too. Adding a great new theme is a good start.

Next, you need to start adding in new posts. Now, unfortunately, the fact is that there are only so many posts that you can write about one affiliate program without becoming a total bore! And, as we already stated, this site should not be only (specifically) about the Jamorama program.

So, on this site, you should start trying to create articles about every single aspect of guitars that you can think of, and all related matters. In other words, start making this a real site where you are trying to pull in anyone and every one that has an interest in guitars, rather than just trying to sell the one affiliate product.

Thus, the first thing that you can do is write your own materials about guitars, amplifiers, concert locations, famous musicians and so on. Do some research and try to create four or five articles a day if possible. Publish one or two to your blog every day, and keep the rest back in ‘reserve’ for later.

Maybe you do not feel that you can write this volume of material every day? Okay, then you have three choices open to you. Firstly, you can go on the net and see what articles have already been written by other people that they have granted reprint rights to. Go to any of the leading article directory sites such as:

Type in your search term. See what comes up, and, anything that you like, you can download and use on your site. You must, however, always include the authors ‘Resource’ box, that is the box at the end of the article that tells you about them and their website or blog. This is something that you must do, but it is a little bit of a risk.

First, by including someone else’s domain name, you are inviting folks to leave your site (and, once they are gone, they will probably not return). Second, the material is not original, and the search engines always prefer original content, to the extent that they can penalize what they see as representing ‘duplicate’ content.

So, publishing other people’s materials is not going to get you any search engine credit at all and, if anything, can be a ‘black mark’ against your site! It is, however, a good quick way of bringing valuable content to your readers and an efficient way of starting to ‘’populate’ your site, so sometimes, doing this will be okay.

The second option is that you go to a site where you can hire a ‘ghostwriter’ to get them to create the articles for you, such as:

An article of 400-500 words should cost you in the region of $10 from either of these sites ... This is good in that you know the materials that you are using should be unique (but check it -not all ghostwriters really want to work for their money!) and it did not cost too much.

However, for your $10, you are likely to get someone who is not necessarily a native English speaker writing for you, so you may well end up spending a lot of time having to re-write the copy before it is usable!

The third option is to use what are known as Private Label Rights materials (PLR) which are basically materials that you buy that you then have the total rights to. So, you can change the materials around as much as you want and modify them so that you end up with unique content that you ‘created’, but without really having to come up with the initial idea. So, PLR can be the perfect answer, but you need to make sure that they are good PLR materials – be aware that there is an awful lot of very junky PLR out there!

The next thing that you need to do is to make your site as search engine friendly as possible. Because of the fact that you are constantly adding fresh, new content, Wordpress blogs are once again favorites of the big search engines, but you need to take some steps to make sure that you do get maximum search engine ‘love’.

To do this, you need to add the relevant SEO related plug-ins to your site, which I know might sound difficult or complicated but it really is not! There’s a couple of massive databases of thousands of plug-ins that are available here:

One note of ‘plug-in’ caution. It is very, very easy to become totally addicted to plug-ins and all the little tricks that they can do for you, so much so that it can become very easy to spend all your time playing with them, and very little time actually doing the necessary work to make your sales. Don’t do it!

The final few things that you need to do to get your site fully functional and to start getting known in the marketplace are:

• Add AdSense to your site.

• Go back to your autoresponder account and create a ‘form’ that you can paste on your site to capture people emails addresses and names. Give away a free report or a short eCourse (training course) in return for their email address.

• Add in your Jamorama advertising – even though you are not yet writing about it in any detail, you should still be promoting it!

• It’s a blog site. DO NOT FORGET to ‘ping’ each and every post! So, start making your guitar related posts.

Make sure that all of the other free sites that you built have links that come into your WP blog. Add videos and pictures to your site to make it more dynamic and that you are adding new materials to all of your sites as often as you can, with your main home page being the one that you focus on the most.

Then, create one ‘killer’ review of your main affiliate product and publish it on Add shorter reviews to all of your other free sites and link them back to the man site by leaving them somewhat unfinished. So, the last line of each should end ‘Continues Here’ and guess where that should go? Correct! Straight to the full review at

A REAL Action Plan That Works!

Okay, so you now have a network of free sites, and your own domain name, with your website created and active. Everything is tied together nicely and you have started letting the world know that your site exists by ’pinging’ your blog (you can also start registering the site website directories by visiting this list of nearly 850 directories, and starting to post your links:

But, the bottom line is that, at this moment, the world does not really know that you or your site exists. Thus, you need to start promoting and driving traffic to your site. Remember that I told you not to waste your time and money losing focus, and not to go spending lots of money on a load of ‘latest and greatest’ products?

Well, in my experience, the place that most newbies waste almost all their time and cash is on new fangled traffic ‘magic bullet’ systems and programs. Stuff that is almost always ‘guaranteed’ to drive 10000 new visitors to your website within the next 72 hours.

Guess what? It won’t happen! So, do not even think about wasting your time and money. See, the truth is that every time a brand new method of driving traffic to a site works, it is going to be for two reasons. One, because it was brand new (but it’s not new now, is it?) and, secondly, there is likely to be a huge slice of luck involved too.

By the time that you, Mr. Gullible-Customer #11274 spend your money on the program, it’s already old hat, been done, and all the luck has long since been removed from the equation. So, don’t waste your money. Another thing is that many books like this one often do not help a great deal either! They tend to be great on the theory of what should happen and so on, but they do not then tell you in exact detail how a business model can be made to work in real, practical terms.

So, what I have done below is set out in detail a method that I have used in the past to create money making sites from nothing, a method that I know can and will work because it already has done. This is practical, step by baby step stuff that will work, absolutely guaranteed as long as you are willing to do the work to make it happen!

This plan uses all of the resources that you have read about in this report already, but does not need you to start spending any money, at least not until you have actually started to make some! So, in the interests of honesty, let me tell you the bad things about the plan before I tell you the rest of the good things:

1. It requires hard work
2. You will not make a million overnight

Okay, so that is clearly understood? Now the rest of the good news. This plan will generally start generating cash within the first month. Sometimes, I have seen it create $500, and at other times it has been $100. This has been money from the affiliate programs that I was promoting, and AdSense.

One big advantage that you now have as the owner of your own site is that you have access to a wide range of tatistics, such as being able to see how many people are visiting your site every day, and from where (look in the ‘Web/FTP Stats’ section of your domain cPanel). This allows you to check what is happening with your own site, which is always a crucial thing to do, so starting to get into this habit right now is a very good thing!

So, let us say that you have already had 300 visitors to your site, and made no affiliate sales, then you need to go back and alter your website copy, because it is simply not working, assuming that the affiliate product itself is a ‘seller’. This method also introduces you to the concept of ‘long tail keywords’ and ‘Bum Marketing’ (

The latter is a free course about a particular methodology for making money online that (whilst I do not necessarily agree with everything that is suggests) is still something that you should get your hands on, and read!

Okay, so to make this plan work, you need to write your ‘killer review’ of the affiliate product that you are promoting, and get it up on your own site, then link in the shorter ‘reviews’ as suggested earlier.

One tip for writing effective reviews ... Try to establish some credibility from the beginning of the review by setting out one or two things that you did not like about the program. So, maybe I would start a Jamorama review with something along the lines of:

‘Maybe the guy that created this program, Ben Edwards does know his stuff, but he sure does not look like any teacher that I have ever seen. From looking at him, I did not really expect him to be able to teach me anything at all, but be brutally honest!’

Then, you can go on to say that the more you looked, the more you became convinced, and so on. I’m also going to go from the point that we have already reached, that is, you have your own domain name in the guitar ‘niche’, with a ‘back-up’ free Blogger blog that points to that site (as well as Squidoo and HubPages too).

You’ve made some postings on your WP blog and the all-important name capture form that you created through your autoresponder account is already featured on your site. In fact, the only thing that I would suggest is that you feature it as prominently as possible, in order to try to attract as many people to sign up as possible too.

You’ve been writing articles too, and (if you remember) some are already featured on your WP site whilst others have been held back in reserve. Okay, that being said, here goes:

- You should start to submit the ‘reserve’ articles to the directories listed earlier. Between them, they will pretty much cover 90% of the market! Many article directories don't like it if you link straight from your articles to an affiliate program, so you just make sure that your Resource box sends readers to your WP blog site.

- Use your Blogger blog (and Squidoo/HubPages mini-sites) to link to your articles and boost the traffic as well as helping the major search engines to ‘find’ your site, by getting them indexed by the search spiders. (if this makes little sense, don’t worry – just do it)
- Use Feedburner ( to create RSS ‘feeds’ from your blog site out into the big world, and put a link on your WP blog (you can get a WP plugin ( that does this for you), to try to get people to subscribe to this feed.

- Write the articles that you are going to submit to the directories as advised in bum marketing, making sure you focus on one ‘long tail key phrase’ in each article, for your selected niche.

- Spend some time making sure that your Resources box works! That is, do not make it the normal boring stuff that you tend to see 99% of people using. Try to inject some personality and ‘pzazz!’ For example, something like this might work: “Joe Schmo is a recognized guitar expert and aficionado who recently developed an eCourse that details a step by step process for taking both your playing speed and accuracy up to warp factor 10, without increasing your mistakes at the same rate. If you are interested in learning more about his "5 Ways To Improve Your Guitar Speed And Accuracy " eCourse and maximizing the performance of your p3 player, please go here right now:"

- Submit your articles to the article directories listed earlier. A little tip -- change the title very slightly with every submission, to avoid being penalized for submitting what is known as “duplicate” content!

- Write a short post highlighting your articles on your blog - that'll get it picked up faster and higher by the search spiders. Also link to your own site from the Blogger blogroll if you have not already done so.

- Over a period of a month create at least one article each day for submission, focusing on a different long tail key phrase. If you can do more it's even better. Follow up to check that your articles are getting accepted.

- Create a five part mini-eCourse that is offered in your autoresponder reply form in exchange for the visitors name and address. Go to your WP site and create 5 new ‘pages’ from your wp-admin center. Add each of the lessons in your eCourse, one to each of these new WP pages, and add AdSense to them (do not do the ‘normal’ thing of sending out the lessons in email format – you cannot make money from AdSense this way!)

- About 1 week after you've started, you should start seeing SOME results - the 2 blogs will themselves generate traffic to the blogs and direct spiders to the articles. The articles ought to start driving more traffic to your site, as well as creating one way back links to raise your rating.

- As suggested, keep a close eye on your stats. If you have already had lots of visitors but still no sales through your affiliate programs, the chances are that you need to tweak either the choice of products, the way you have it on your page, or the sales pitch you're using - the links aren't getting seen or accepted.

- If you aren't getting enough traffic visiting, you need to improve your articles and posts themselves - they aren't catching any interest from the surfing community.

- You can get help and advice through forums - see more below.

- Once you've got the daily routine established and have free time, sign up on to 2 or 3 web business forums. These are good ones to consider:

Warrior Forum (
Sitepoint (
Digitalpoint (

- There are many more that you can find through or Internet search. Many of these also have an online marketplace, plus sub-forums where you can ask for reviews/advice and assistance.

- Be reasonable and sensible, observe forum etiquette, and you can get a great deal of help from forums. You can also find money making opportunities - services which other webmasters want, sites and domains for sale, freebies and low cost resources. Ask for help specific to what you need (improving traffic, improving clickthroughs – the people who actually click on your affiliate program links - or even improving the content.)

- After the first month, you should be seeing some money - depending on how good your articles and affiliate choices are, it might even hit $300 - $500 - but $100 is no bad start either.

- Continue with the first niche; the more you update, the more traffic and therefore your earnings will grow. When you are ready, that is, when you have the time and the ability to start your second niche, go for it! Your experience with the first will help you get everything working much faster, and you'll avoid the startup mistakes that plagued the first round.

- Or maybe the opportunities you spot on various forums will give you other ideas for your encore.

- Once you have an income stream and are comfortable, then you can start spending - smaller amounts initially, increasing as your income increases. Whether you spend on eBooks/ scripts, or even websites and domains - don't spend any money unless you're ready to act on it immediately, and can use it to earn back your spend in a short while.

So, that is a beginning to end (of stage 1) plan for going from having nothing more than the idea of starting to make money online to actually starting to do it! There is, as I hope I have demonstrated, no magic spell or secret formula to running an online business or making it big as an Internet marketer.

Just as with any other kind of business that you could ever care to mention, it’s a question of hard work, determination and your own commitment to making things happen. Armed with those attributes added to the guidelines and the action ‘plan’ laid out in this post, you have given yourself the maximum chances of enjoying success. Now it is entirely up to you to start making things happen!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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What a post. So much solid information to get my head round.

That is my weekend spoken for



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This really is a great topic, and just to add something to it.

People can make $$$ from just one page...But they often miss that information and make it too hard.  this is a true Bum marketing method:

Find a buyer keyword.  It does not matter what the search results are, even if it is 100 searches per month, it is worth the time invested:

So find the buyer keyword something such as "used product name" (yes physical products are better!) - make sure in title competition is less than 2K.

create an ad for it, such as posting on usfreeads and optimize the page for your keyword.  It does not have to be long such as 250 words.  once posted and indexed (usfreeads normally in 24-48 hours) add backlinks to it, and keep track of the rank.  Once you are on the first page, just maintain little bit of link building and you will have a page that generates $$$ for a long time to come.


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There can never be a better benefit of being a member of forum site than this. Thanks for the teaching.


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The topic has dealt step by step with the necessities of Internet Marketing including down to earth counselling. If a lot of newbies who become frustrated so soon had access to this kind of information early enough, they would not have fallen victim of "buy the latest syndrome". Thank you so much for sharing.

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Hi Olapeju and Tunde

Welcome to the forum!


“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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Hi Mark

I'm slowly getting through your "Forums" very interesting. They take a bit of reading time but are worth it.

Mark M


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It is fantastic and full of information.There usually are extremely couple of individuals who can write not simple posts that creatively.The way you describe creating own web site is really just awesome I am very impressed with your writing, and I will try to implement it,Must agree that you are one of the coolest writer I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful information. This was just what I was on looking for.. I actually do have a few questions for you personally though. Are you thinking about performing a follow-up article about this?


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Thanks for another comprehensive guide, Mark. I found this one most useful.