Author Topic: I have many of WillR's excellent mobile business products, but have a ?!  (Read 5894 times)

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Hello everyone,

I have many of WillR's excellent Mobile Business Products from the Warrior Forum.  I have a question, for those who might have his products too.  These great tools came out a couple of years ago, and umm, since then,  many Wordpress themes now are geared for mobile devices, and also I have noticed by going to Yelp, that many small businesses have gotten the message, about their website having to look good on mobile devices.  You know in the internet marketing world, things move fast, and I was wondering what the members thoughts were about selling mobile pages, now, as a profitable business?   :help:

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Hi GabbyDeb,
I'm making an assumption that you mean directly to offline businesses vs. creating a product to sell to other IM'ers who wish to provide that service. That said ...

With Google's announcement that they will start dinging sites that do not have a mobile/mobile responsive site, I feel it's a very hot market. You obviously still have the traditional hurdles getting small business owners to realize what that means to their ranking.

If you're unfamiliar with this situation check this out ...

You'll see that the target date is April 21st ... 8 days away. Granted many will not really get it until their ranking is affected by this new ruling which could very well create a frenzy for small businesses to get it done. Positioning yourself to be in their face when they start searching for designers is something you don't want to drag your feet. Get moving now! PM me if you need more info on that and/or options for positioning for that.

I have a lot of WillR's products as well and I THINK they are pretty evergreen but have to be honest I have done much with them.

There are tons of options out there and many will work for all of us but keep in mind that mobile site design is getting "trendy" as well. I'm unsure how much value the traditional mobile design will have and for how much longer.

I'm still of the mindset that a mobile site needs to be basic ... more of a lead in that will generate customer contact or checking out a sellers main desktop site. However, the trend to multi-media, graphically appealing designs has been coming for a while. Granted most mobile users are using devices that can handle that look and will display it properly but are there still enough older phones being used that can't handle that ... that I don't know.

Mobile redirects have gotten pretty intuitive and it's easy enough to have a redirect that will detect the device and display the proper layout that will work for that pdevice. This very well could require two mobile sites ... a basic and a cool one. Can't say for sure if this is even a concern but I can see the possibility that it could be.

BUT, this also opens a marketing option ... pitch for a very inexpensive "basic" mobile site or even free. Use WillR's products to design those then attempt an upsell for the more trendy look. I don't recall Will having a builder or template for those but he might. If not ... there are MANY out there.

I hope you find this info helpful.

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Hello ASUService,

Thank you so much for taking the time, to answer my post, and to give me some great insights and info, about what's happening in the mobile page market.   You mentioned the fancy mobile pages. There are certainly a whole lot out there now, as I went to check Yelp out, to look for small locally owned businesses, and a great many had some really whiz bang mobile pages, that looked great, on my kindle, so I would imagine they would look great on a phone.  There are many Wordpress themes now, that are optimized for mobile pages.  I just might PM you!   :smiley:

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Yes this is a very import thing to have mobile site as search engines are using this to rank sites
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