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The new Groupon
« on: June 15, 2017, 01:46:55 PM »
Hi Guys,

I do hope you are having a profitable week. I stopped by to give you the inside scoop on a new opportunity that could net you a great deal of income in a short amount of time.

It pays up to 3 ways. I won't waste your valuable time here trying to explain the opportunity.  It is a bit like Groupon in that it sells discounted items for businesses. I am goint to include a link to my affiliate site as well as a direct link to a video that will explain the opportunity.  This video & others is located on my affiliate site but to save you time I am including it here. I urge everyone that reads this post to view the video & if you see the valuable opportunity with this program please sign up under me. 

All income that I generate online goes to the non profit foundation that I established some time ago and I am now trying to raise the money (income) to reestablish it the right way this time. I tell you this so that you know where the income is going to go. I will include the foundation's website (a work in progress) so that you can read some information about the foundation.

Thank you so very much for reviewing this post and if you sign up & become active promoting this opportunity I double thank you for helping me reach out & help others who are desperately trying to survive.

Thom aka Mobear420

Thom Dickey, C.E.O. & Co Founder