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Submitting Press Releases....Whew!
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:50:20 PM »
So I've spent some time re-acquainting myself with the fine art of writing and submitting press releases for my new product.

What an ordeal! The only reason I didn't outsource it is: a) I wanted to see what the state of the submission industry might be, b) I wanted to set the accounts up correctly, and, c) basically, after paying for two years of development on the project, I'm broke!

Working through lists of supposedly "free" press releases distribution sites, I've found precious few that are free, allow enough information to make an impact, and actually allow "live" URLs. The rest are thinly disguised fronts for fee-based services. Not that I have a problem with paying for service, but if I have to pay $10-500 to each site to distribute one press release, I'll have a deficit like the U.S. government by next week. Not that I was planning to pay any way.

Here's the result of the last week's work:

Checked 109 sites
Created accounts with 29 sites
Submitted press releases to 16 sites

Total time over three days: 14 hours

I'll put in another few hours and see if I can get up to 25 postings, then sit back and watch the server logs to see if I get any traffic.

Now, it's on to some article posting, backlinking and other things to drive some good ol' organic search traffic, with maybe a few AdWords ads to use up some Google credits.

BTW: When I get finished working through the list of press release submission sites the REAL free ones I'll post a link so my good buddies here at RRW can benefit. If anyone has a similar list and would like to contribute it, I'll add it to mine, purge the dupes and put the combined list up for download.

Back to submitting....


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