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Getting Grant Money For Your Business
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Getting Grant Money For Your Business

How would you like free money that you will never have to pay back, from the federal government? Sounds great doesn't it? Well, the simple truth is that you can get it if the government decides to award you a federal grant.

But what is a federal grant? Basically it is financial assistance given from one of the 26 federal agencies. When it is given, it is suppose to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States government.

There are two types of federal grants. Project grants and formula grants.

Project grants are aimed for the arts, education, health care, scientific research, social services and technology development.

Formula grants on the other hand are mandated by law and there are various levels for this type of grant including; categorical, block and earmark grants.

Categorical grants have a narrowly defined purpose and recipients must have the same amount of money needed to take part of this program. They also carry more strict and specific provisions on the way the grant money is to be spent.

A block grant on the other hand is a large sum of money granted by the national government to a regional government with only general provisions as to the way it is to be spent. To get a block grant, you don’t need to produce a certain amount of capital.

Of the three, earmarks grants are the most controversial, because lobbyists not ordinary people are the ones involved in securing it. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) defines earmarks as "namely specified funds for projects, activities, or institutions not requested by the executive, or add-ons to requested funds which Congress directs for specific activities." Basically meaning that an earmark is simply any spending on any project that is not explicitly in the president’s budget

But how do you apply for a federal grant?

Just like with anything else. If you want a grant you have to apply for it and it isn't always an easy process. But if you win the grant your efforts will be well rewarded.

To apply for any grant you have to fill out an application form and then attach specified documents to it. The most important of which happens to be your proposal. Your proposal should not only have a nice cover letter. It must have something worth reading from beginning to end.

While introductions are nice, those reviewing your proposal want to know more specifically about the problems your proposal plans to address, your objectives, how you propose to reach your goals, how much money you will need, the length of time of the project will take and a summary of what you are proposing.

When it comes to applying for a grant there is a bit of a learning curve and you must be prepared to do you research and submit a good proposal.

Before you send out your proposal for the grant, write it one or two times and then have this checked by an outside party. If you are not happy with the proposal, rewrite it again because everything should be clear and concise.

When the final draft has been made, bind everything together using either clamps or hard covers. To insure that your proposal gets the attention it deserves it is a good idea to contact the Federal agency you are writing to and ask them which type of binding they prefer. You will also want to send your proposal by registered mail.

Aside from federal grants, there are grants offered by private non- profit organizations such as foundations, not-for-profit corporations or charitable trusts which are all collectively referred to as charities. So don’t lose hope if your application for a federal grant was given to someone else.

Federal grants are one way that the government gives back some of the money that it gets from taxpayers and if after careful review the grant committee sees that your proposal will benefit your community or even a greater number of its citizens, there is little doubt that you will be awarded the money for your project.

As I mentioned earlier there is a learning curve when it comes to applying for grants, but don't let that stop you. There is plenty of help available and even people that will write your proposal for you. So, if you really want a grant or you need funding for a special project don't get discouraged. Sometimes you will have to go through the same process several times before you see results.

Are you eligible to apply for federal grant money?

The simple fact is that almost everyone is eligible for a federal grant as long as this it is not used for your own personal gain. Through the years, organizations that have a vision are usually the ones that are awarded the funding they need.

On a government level, this usually includes city or township governments, local governments, Native American tribal governments, special district governments and state governments. Various federal agencies are at work here and may include the Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce just to name a few.

For schools, these consist of public and state controlled institutions of higher education, independent school districts and private institutions of higher education that are under the Department of Education.

For housing, a federal grant is usually given to public and Indian housing authorities that fall under the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Non-profit organizations may also get a federal grants. Regardless of weather or not the organization does or does not have 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.

Small businesses
may also be eligible for a federal grant as long as it meets the size standards that are set by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

To give you a basic idea, this includes most manufacturing and mining industries that have 500 employees, wholesale trade industries that have 100 employees, retail and service industries that make $6 million, general & heavy construction industries that make $28.5 million, special trade contractors that make $12 million and agricultural industries that make $0.75 million.

If your organization is not within the standards set the by the SBA, you can check their website to find out if there is another way to get a federal grant.

Individuals may also apply for a federal grant as long as it is not used for their own personal gain. To do this, you simply submit your application together with your proposal as we discussed in the last issue in your own behalf and not on the behalf of a company, organization, institution, or government. You can also apply for a grant proposal that is catered to organizations and vice versa.

Now let's talk about finding grants that you, your business or organization will qualify for. The first place to start looking for federal grants is to go online to As you explore the site, you will be able to see what grants you qualify for and what are the requirements are.

You can even complete the application form and submit it online. You will also have the option to download everything needed to apply, so that you can complete your application and proposal and send it in as we discussed before.

After visiting the website, you will notice that just about anyone is eligible for the Federal Grant. Since there are not that many programs issues every year and this is divided into the different federal agencies, you should write a very good proposal detailing what you want to achieve.

Another nice thing about using the website is that you will be able to monitor and update your application as needed. Once you begin the process you will be given a CFDA Number, Funding Opportunity Number, Competition ID or Tracking Number. Keep these numbers safe. They will be very useful to you throughout the entire process.

Remember if you apply for a grant and don’t get it this year, don’t be discouraged and try again the following year or whenever it is open again. Another important thing to remember is the make sure that you submit all the documents on or before the deadline, so whichever agency is handling your application will have ample time to review your proposal.

I know this may sound like a lot of work and the grant process can be very confusing at times, but it's important to stick with it. Once you receive your federal grant you will be able to use it to make your dreams come true!

The Different Types Of Federal Grants

Federal grants are financial aids given and authorized by the United States federal government to non-government and non- profit organizations to assist projects and programs for the benefit of the public and the community. There are about 1,000 programs which can be sponsored or subsidized by federal agencies.

When receiving a federal grant, it is required for the recipient to use the money provided to fulfill the projects they proposed when they applied for the grant. The money should be spent on the project and keep in mind that it is audited yearly. Upon the completion of the project, the unspent money is to be returned to the government.

In certain fields, like in the arts or in education, being the recipient of a grant is prestigious and highly regarded award. As we have discussed before the application process and getting the grant can be lengthy and very difficult. Simply because there are a lot of applications submitted every year for federal grants. Which is why getting the grant itself can be very important. The good thing about getting a grant is that it would help you and your organization complete the project that you proposed.

How do you know if your project can be covered or can be granted by federal financial aid? Let's quickly go over the different types of federal grants. They can be divided into different categories.

Here are 20 distinct categories:

• Agriculture
• Arts
• Business and commerce
• Community development
• Disaster prevention and relief
• Education
• Employment
• Labor and training
• Energy
• Environmental quality
• Food and nutrition
• Health
• Housing
• Humanities
• Information and statistics
• Law, justice and legal services
• Natural resources
• Regional development
• Science and technology
• Social services and income security
• Transportation

There are also different types of federal grants based on how you acquired the federal grant:

• Direct grants

Direct federal grants are grants which you can apply directly from the federal government. The good thing about applying directly to the federal government is that there are no middle men. Less people involved means less red tape. You get to apply directly to the program officer overseeing the management of funds. You can easily get straight-forward information from the federal agency about the grant and will be informed about the entire process and requirements.

But on the other hand, applying directly means more competition. There are a lot of grant applicants who apply directly to the federal government. Since there are 50 states, think about competing with different organizations from all of the different states. It is also more difficult to get grants through this process.

• Pass-trough grants

Pass through grants are grants won by your state and then passed through to different organizations. But since you only compete with organizations and groups from your own state there is a better chance of getting one.

But in terms of amount, direct grants are considerably lower. The state also deducts a certain amount from each federal grant awarded to an organization. This is to cover the administration costs.

As we talked about in the last issue there are also grants that can be classified into the following:

• Project grants - this is the most common form of grants. Most of it goes to science and technology, arts, education, social services and health care projects.

• Formula grants - this is a grant as stated by the law and based on the preset standard formula created by the state agency.

• Block grants- these are grants also considered to be formula grants.

• Earmark grants- these federal grants stated in the appropriations made by the Congress. They tend to be very controversial since there would be issues of paid political lobbyists who work to have the grant approved.

Now that you know the different types of federal grants you will be able to narrow down your choices and have a better idea of how to get the money you need from the government. Remember you can apply for more than one grant at the same time and if your efforts are not successful the first time keep trying until you get the results you desire. It's a long process but it will be worth it!

How To Identify And Apply For Federal Grants

Every year the government provides a lot of money and financial assistance which can be taken advantage by just about anyone willing to go through the process of applying for a grant. They have dedicated agencies that do nothing else but review and award grant money. Around a 1000 grants are made available to different organizations each year.

Grants are provided by the federal government so that different organizations would be able to continue the services they render to the public, whether it is an art, education or research institution. Contrary to what people usually think, federal grants are not free money. It is a financial obligation that the recipient should fulfill or risk facing legal issues.

If you think that you and your organization are eligible for a grant then you can start the process of applying for one. Applying for a grant is completely different once you're granted one. There are responsibilities that come with the grant. So you have to be prepared and ready to handle the obligations if your application is approved and you receive the grant money.

Once a federal grant is already awarded, you will have to have the ability to monitor the funds allocation and expenditure. Rest assured that the federal agency that awarded you the grant will be conducting auditing and monitoring progress on a regular basis. Any changes to the program, may it be the phasing of the project requires you to inform the agency at once.

As we discussed in a previous issue after you have decided that you are ready to apply for a grant, then it's time to do your research and look for grants that you, your business or organization will qualify for. There are different resources you can use to look for grants including using the website.

You can also go to your public library, which will have books full of listings for grants, these books are updated yearly. You will want to be prepared to make copies of the grant listings that you are interested in because these books cannot be taken out of the library.

After you have compiled a list of grants that you find suitable for your project it's time to identify which one is the best match for your needs. Rank your chosen possibilities according to the most suitable to the least. The idea here is to identify the ones that will have the highest possibility of approval.

When identifying grants you will want to consider the following factors:

• A grant is an obligation. It is important to fulfill this obligation without sacrificing the goal of your institution or organization.

• Is the grant covering the program or project that need the financial assistance.

• Is your organization able to meet the requirements asked by the deferral agency.

You also have to be careful to follow the application process closely. When completing the paperwork be sure to follow the guidelines exactly. Be concise and to the point when answering the application questions. It is also a good idea to provide additional information as attachments for reference.

When you have finished you will want to ask someone you trust to proofread the application to be sure that it is easy to understand and that it is informative. They can also help you identify any spelling, grammar or other errors that you will want to fix before you submit your proposal for review.

If you are having a hard time writing your grant papers, there are many books and articles which can help you learn how to write a good grant application. If you find the task to difficult you may want to consider hiring a grant writer to make sure that your grant application will be written properly in a professional manner that closely follows the agency guidelines.

Before you begin the application process you will want to check the application deadline date. As I have said many times before this is a long process and you don't want to spend too much effort on a proposal that you can't finish and submit on time. If you aren't sure or you have questions, usually there are contact numbers where you can call and ask questions.

How To Write Your Federal Grant Proposal

Winning a federal grant is not easy especially when you consider that people from all across the country apply for the limited amounts of available grants each year.

When it comes to writing your grant papers it is important to keep in mind that the proposal is made of many parts and when it is put together, it should be able to give the reader an idea of what you want, how your goals are to be achieved, how much will it cost and what your short and long term objectives are.

Before you apply for a federal grant, you must already have an idea as to what you are proposing. This will help you figure out what your need statement is.

The need statement is the starting point of writing your grant proposal because this is what the funders will be looking at when they decide whether or not to award you the grant. When you are writing this, focus on the people that you serve and not your organization, use statistical facts, expert testimony and keep it easy for the reader to understand.

After the need statement is finished it's time to write down what your goals and objectives are. Do your best to give the reader an overview of who in the community will be best served and what your organization hopes to accomplish if they are awarded the grant money.

For the reader to be convinced that such goals and objectives can be met, you will have to show them what methods you will be using to make this happen. When this section is being written, you will have to explain why certain methods were chosen and that the activities proposed are feasible.

In the end, the big question will be how much are you asking for in your proposal. If you are applying for a direct federal grant, you may be able to get a huge sum of money. On the other hand if you are applying for a pass through grant you will only get a small slice of the pie.

In every grant proposal, you must never forget to talk about your organization and what it does exactly. This is what distinguishes you from other organizations out there and if you have had successful accomplishments in the past, be sure to bring them up. These are plus points in the eyes of the reader.

Once you are finished writing the most important parts of the grant proposal, it is time to put it together. If it consist of a lot of pages, include a table of contents.

Remember that it is a good idea to have your proposal reviewed by someone else before it is submitted, so that you will have time to make any needed changes to it. When it is ready, send it through registered mail and hope that after all your hard work, you will be able to win your federal grant.

Should You Hire A Professional Grant Writer?

As we have discussed before the application form and the proposal are the two of the most important things that the Federal Government reviews before they decide whether or not to give you a grant. Since writing it is a time consuming process, you may have to ask yourself if it would be better a better option to hire a professional writer to put your proposal down on paper for you.

Of course the answer to that question is completely up to you. If You have the skills required to write the grant proposal yourself then it will save you some out of pocket money. However if you are unsure of the process and you want to increase your chances of success then a professional grant writer may be your best option.

If you do decide to hire a professional writer, this person can sit down at once and begin writing your proposal as long as all the information he or she needs is available. You will also want to make ensure that they have ample time to complete the project before the deadline date.

Throughout the process you will want to monitor their progress and review what they have done so far. It is common for revisions to be made several times before you see the finished product.

Be sure that you screen several writers before you make the decision to hire one. If they have done this type of work before and have successfully helped other organizations get a grant, so much the better. You will also want to look for someone that is familiar with the type of project that your organization is currently working on. Check out their references and ask for samples of their prior work. Make sure that they are willing to do the needed research that goes along with writing your proposal and if additional fees will apply.

Usually grant writers are paid a set amount to complete the project. Make sure that their fee is reasonable and fits within the allotted budget of your project. Be aware that some writes will request a percentage based fee on the amount of grant money you could win. If this is the case I suggest that you forget about them and look for someone else.

But before you make a decision, it would be a good idea to see if someone within your organization can do the job. If someone on staff can do the job just as good as hiring a professional, there will be no need to spend the extra money.

If all else fails, then you should consider hiring someone from the outside. If you need help you try checking with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), American Association of Grant Professionals or the Philanthropy News Digest that has a list of qualified people based on their areas of expertise.

The bottom line, is to win a federal grant, you have to write a proposal that is much better than what the other organizations are submitting. This can be very easy if your organization has been doing this for a very long time, but if the one you are working for is just starting out, don’t take chances and get help.

Now, I know I've said this before, but don’t forget to review and review again before sending your proposal to the federal agency where you are applying. You want to have plenty of time and opportunity to make any needed revisions. Because once it goes to the mail, there is nothing you can do except wait.

Federal Grants For Education

Education trains our mind and prepares our body, mind and spirit for the opportunity to put our skills to good use. But not everyone is able to get the education they desire and successfully graduate from college. There are a lot of students facing financial difficulties that want nothing more than to pursue their education. This where federal grants provided to different colleges come into the picture.

As with other grants that are different types of grant programs that you students can apply for:

• The Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant provides financial aid to those students who have low-income so that they would be able to pay their tuition fees. Unlike the a loan, students would not be paying the money given. This grant is considered to be the foundation of federal financial aid.

Who is qualified to apply for this grant?

Applicants should be United States citizens who are studying. Applicants should have at least graduated from high school and are pursuing a undergraduate degree. Male students should register first with the Selective Service.

Pell Grants are only awarded to students once a year. For the year 2008-2009, the highest amount given by the Pell Grant was $4,371. While for the year 2009-2010, the grant’s maximum amount would reach to $5,350. the amount that you would receive depends not only on your need, but also the cost of pursuing your studies, if you are a full-time or part-time student and plans to continue your education for the next year.

To apply for the Pell Grant, the students can get the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from their school’s scholarship and financial aid office. The students would be informed of the application results within two to four weeks.

• The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Another federal aid offered to students having financial difficulties would be the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). Students who are qualified for the Pell Grant are actually also qualified to get the FSEOG. This kind of program is campus-based and the amount is limited between $100 and $4,000. Since it is campus-based, its sources are limited.

Students with low expected family contributions are the top priority and those who have already the Pell Grant. Students should also complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA), they would be later on informed by the amount of financial aid they would need.

• The Academic Competitiveness Grant

This federal grant is just a new financial aid and became available for first-time students during annual year of 2006-2007. Students would only receive the financial aid during the first and second years of the student’s college life.

Usually, students would be getting $750 for the first year and $1,300 for the second year. This grant can also be awarded to students who already have the Pell Grant. Once getting the grant, they should also maintain 3.0 average of their grade on their second year of college.

• The SMART Grant

The SMART grant is also known as the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant or the National Smart Grant. This is made available for students who were already in their third and fourth years of undergraduate education. There are courses that are qualified for the SMART grant, and also they should have 3.0 GPA for their major. They should be US citizens and received the Pell grant during the academic year and should also be enrolled full time.

The National SMART Grant could provide up to $4,000 for each year of the third and fourth years or $1333 every term.

Federal grants are government budgets which are reviewed and approved by the House and Senate annually. Since they come from the people’s money and taxes, they should also be able to provide service to the people. Federal grants and financial aids exist to assist those who are unable to finance their education but are willing to make sacrifices for it.

Federal Grants For Small Business

Contrary to what most people think, there are no small business grants offered by the federal government. What the United States government has is a Small Business Association whose responsibility is to provide assistance to small businesses.

In the midst of the great economic crisis effecting the country, small business owners are looking for more ways to keep their businesses up and thriving. The Small Business administration (SBA) offers loan programs which small businesses can take advantage and get needed help from. You can find out more about the SBA by visiting

It is true that the U.S. government offers federal grants, but these grants are geared towards public services. Which is why most grant recipients have projects geared towards the improvement and development of the public’s interest and services received. Federal grant recipients are often non-profit, non-government institutions and organization, local and state governments, not personal businesses.

It is clearly stated in federal grants regulations, that the grants received cannot be used for personal expenditures or cover expenses to acquire property or pay for any service like salary. But the U.S. government does reward grants in the field of research and other specific services. This could be a big benefit for small companies or industries who are trying to improve their services. Federal grants can also help those business owned by the minorities, like women and the disabled.

An example of this research funding is called Small Business Innovation Research program. This program provides financial assistance to cover the research and development, sales, marketing and other start-up costs. This program was established by Congress in 1982. It started with the goal of inviting more participation from small scale businesses.

SBIR intends provides capital to small scale business owners to develop product concepts, promoting competition and into more sales in the market. But the good thing about this program is that they do not require the grants to be paid or any position or partaking in the company.

Private grants or loans done by private institutions to small scale businesses often require the intellectual property rights (IPR) to be transferred to their names. But the SBIR does not require the IPR to be transferred to their ownership.

Currently, there are still no direct business grants provided by the federal government. But there are state agencies that offer small business grants in the their respective states. Aside from grants, they also offer other kinds of financial aids which encourage business owners to start or expand their businesses.

Another grant is the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program. This only encourages small businesses to conduct more product research to improve their market shares. The difference with SBIR is that under the STTR, the small business should work or collaborate with another institution, preferably with anon-profit institution like a university.

Federal grants can also provide grants for expanding or creating a child care center, creating energy efficient technology and developing campaigns that would promote tourism. There would be times that the money received from the grant to match the fund or sometimes get the matching fund from a loan.

When applying for a grant for your business:

• Write a good business plan, this would make sure that you business looks deserving for the group that would provide funding. Show how your business can benefit from the funding, so make sure to show how relevant the grant is to your business objectives.

• Always provide the correct information when filling out the grant application. Review the application to make sure that you have not missed anything and that you have provided the accurate information.

• Don’t hesitate to ask somebody to check the plan for you. You can ask for assistance from a financial consultant or a certified accountant.

• Grant approval will take time, do not lose hope and also be visible. Maintain communication with the people behind the federal grant in a very professional way.

Federal Grants For Housing And Development

The United States has been facing an economic slowdown, the economy is in the midst of a huge crisis which is in fact affecting a lot of other countries. Because of this crisis, there are times for all of us that we hoped that we could have something, like our own home, but many people have no idea how they can possibly afford one. If you are one of the many that would like to have your own home but circumstances prove to be difficult for you, then federal housing grants could be an option.

There are two types of federal grants that you can apply for:

• Urban Development Grants – this federal housing grant is to help low-income families to own their own home. But there are certain qualifications that you would have to meet before you are approved to have a federal grant. To apply for this grant, you would need to have a steady employment that would enable you to earn enough to pay the mortgage. The house should also qualify in the quality standards set and relatively less below the value cap.

• Rural Development Grant – this type of grant is for moderate- income earners in a rural area. The home should be in a rural area and should also meet the standards and requirements set. The same with the urban development grant, you are also required to have steady source of income, good credit history and should have enough money to pay the remaining costs.

The government is taking this a step in further by improving the possibilities and increasing the number of people living in their own homes. In 2009 about $11.5 billion is allocated by the government to federal grant money to help those who would need allocations.

Federal grant money allows the recipient to make a down payment immediately to the house that they want to buy. Aside from this, federal grants can also provide financing to those who would need home renovations. There are also block grants which allow the grant recipient do home repairs to better protect and insulate their homes against severe weather conditions. This grant is formally known as the Community Development Block Grant Program which extends support to both low and medium earners.

This fund can be used for community development activities, construction of school buildings, starting job creation, retention activities, restoration and preservation of historic properties in some depressed neighborhoods.

Federal grants for housing are available for businesses, non-profit and non-government organizations and even to individuals and their families. Information about the federal housing grants can be acquired first-hand by contacting the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), they also have a website where housing grants can be checked. . The Catalogue for Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) also offers a information about the housing grants.

Upon getting information about the federal housing grants, there are application forms readily available in the Internet, or you can get the forms directly from the HUD office. Make sure to read the application thoroughly and complete it in the same way.

Follow the structure and format requested. Also provide the necessary information and documents required to make sure that it would be processed accordingly. There are grants which require the applicant to show up personally to complete the process. Make sure that you attend to the appointment and bring all the documents that you were instructed to bring.

If you are a tenant, they you can also ask if are legible for tenant assistance. There are grants that would provide you an allowance that would cover your household expenses. Your landlord needs to agree with you so that you would be able participate in the program and get the grant.

When applying for a federal grant, you would have to remember though, that it does not come “free” at all times. It also follows a set or rules and requirements that you would have to abide to, so that you would be able to receive the grant. Since not everybody is eligible to get the grant, it is important to know if you are qualified before you even apply.

Federal housing grants are made available to the public so that people would benefit from them, so start asking around and processing the application!

Federal Grants To Assist Women

As we know federal grants have always been available for non- profit organizations and institutions to help the public improve the services they provide. Federal grants have also helped those who are on the brink of a business disaster, low-income families, students, and especially those in low income areas.

It is a fairly well know fact that through the years women have been affected by discrimination based only on their gender, even though there have been many changes in today's society, women still experience difficulty especially when venturing into the business world. The purpose of federal grants designed to help women is to make sure that they are able to get off to a good start.

There are small business grants that can be given to women who wants to start their own business. As with any grant you just have to comply with the necessary requirements. There are few grants that may have limiting requirements making the grants only available to some, there are grants that require the applicant not to be younger than 65 years old and others that require that the applicant is handicapped in some way.

The government can offer federal financial aid for minority women who would like to start their own business. These grants could cover equipment, rent, and the overhead expenses. Single mothers can also get special assistance that can be used to start over. Government grants for women could also include physical and mental health care and retirement assistance.

If you are interested in acquiring or applying for this type of grant, then a good place to start is by asking other women who have already been awarded with grants. They can share valuable information with you on how they were able to get their grant.

Another way of knowing about the federal grants for women is by checking the Internet and performing a simple online search. There are many websites where you can get free information about grants being offered to women including They provide you with information on how you can find the right grant to fit your needs, what the requirements are and how you can apply for a grant.

There are over 5,000 federal grants just for women. Every year, statistics show that two out every three businesses are started by a woman. Did you know that women have more than a 75% success rate in business compared to men?

In a research compiled by the Center For Women’s Business Research and Entrepreneur magazine, women are said to be the most progressive species. They have a higher possibility of finishing their education, starting and their own business and even to fund or launch a non-profit institution or organization.

There are several organizations and institutions that have used grant money to educate women about violence and to help victims of abuse. Women can also get a federal grant by pursuing something that they totally love, like writing or continuing their studies.

More and more women are getting federal grants because they have shown that they are a good investment. With their creativity, intelligence and determination in many different fields they have continued to perform well. This show of confidence by the government towards women will help make relative changes on the American culture and how women are perceived.

These types of federal grants will hopefully help empower women and eventually brake down the barriers that discriminate and narrow the opportunities for them. Which is why every year, more and more women are applying for grants.

Federal Grants For Debt Relief

I'm sure you have seen it on the news or read about it in the newspaper. Every year the government offers federal grant money and financial assistant to those who are having problems recovering from debt.

Because of the economic crisis affecting the country, there are a millions of people who are facing debts that they simply cannot pay. Let’s say for instance that Mother Nature showed her bad side and hit your area with a hurricane that caused destruction to your home and property, how would you be able to recover from expenses incurred for repairs? The answer is, you can try getting federal grant.

The government can also offer debt relief grants to those who have incurred excess debt because of health problems. For those who have incurred debts by pursuing business projects and ventures. There are small businesses associations that offer debt relief loans that have a lower interest rate compared to other money-lending institutions.

This kind of federal grant ensures that individuals and businesses will recover from being buried in debt. The government actually has helped some home owners stop impeding foreclosure by providing debt grants. The downside of this type of grant is that most people know about them. Of course, not too many people knowing abut the grant means a lower number of applicants and recipients, leaving unspent funds that can be used for other projects.

This money is often used to help the low-income families and most of the time it comes from families in a high income bracket. These people donate money to foundations and charitable institutions. It is then used to help low-wage earners and address their needs, in this case, their debts.

As with any type of grant you must apply for a debt relief grant and following the guidelines closely.

• Identify how big the money problem is, how much you owe and compare it with how much you earn and how much you are spending. Debt relief grants are there to help out get rid of debt problems, but if the situation arises again the problem can be because you spend too much than what you earn.

• Based on your current situation, check what debt grants are available for you. You can check the debt grants offered by the government by going to the city hall, or you can inquire about private institutions that offer debt grants.

• Know the application procedure and follow it. There are debt relief grants with just very simple application process, while there are others which require you to write a grant proposal. Some grantors would even require you to provide your financial records like your monthly expenses, income and also number of dependents.

• History would also have an impact on the result of your debt grant application. It is important to provide information like previous grant applications, this makes sure that everybody is given a fair chance to get the grant. If you just had a grant previously, there would be less chances that you will get the grant again.

• Remember that not everybody would be able to receive a grant to ease of the debts. Social Services would be there to identify if you are really qualified for the grant application. Income, the incurred debt and the monthly debt payment is considered.

The government has grants that can help people bail themselves out of debt. You just have to be willing to do your research and be willing to go through the grant process.

Federal Grants In The Health Care Industry

According to, a website that promotes transparency, stated that so far in 2009, the United States government has spent $388,345 billion dollars for federal grants.

The federal government, state and even city governments award health grants. Aside from federal grants, there are also big private foundations and organizations that award health grants and health care aids.

Unfortunately, weakened by the resent economic crisis, more Americans are unable to hold on to their health insurance and continue with private health care. There are more people turning to health centers for care. Health care grants can be provided to health centers to provide care and services to those who are continually suffering due to economic crisis.

Aside from health centers, health grants also enable some hospitals and medical professionals to:

• Expand people’s knowledge on certain diseases and its prevention, like HIV/AIDS or diabetes.
• Provide screening and tests to those who cannot afford to obtain necessary medical tests.
• Provide health care to minorities.
• Provide health care education and services to culturally diverse populations.
• Build or improve health care facilities.
• Provide assistance health care staff and organizations.

Federal grants also provide support to health education. There are health education projects throughout the United States with the objectives of teaching students about good health and healthy lifestyle. Not only will these project equip the students with the knowledge, but also aims to teach and train school administrators, teachers, and school staff about health, fitness, disease and drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Health education grants are not only course and seminar oriented, there are also grant programs which focus on the financial need of the students. Here are some of the health grants that provide assistance to health course students.

• Advanced Education Nursing Trainees – this grant is geared towards providing financial assistance to registered nurses who are undergoing advanced training or education programs.

• Health Administration Trainees and Special Projects Program – this grant is to support students in graduate health programs like health administration or hospital administration. This programs helps the students to be prepared for employment with public or non-profit institutions.

Health grants would also include funding research and training programs. Here are two health grants that focuses on research and health improvement:

• National Research Service Awards- health Services Research Training – this is a project which focuses mainly on health services research. This grant is actually awarded to provide opportunities for those who are taking pre doctoral and postdoctoral training. The objective of this grant is to provide trainees with the ability to understand research methods and analyze/evaluate health care services and provide means to improve it.

• Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcomes – this is also a project grant which concentrates on research, information dissemination and actual delivery based on the research. This aims to evaluate the effectives, quality, cost-effectiveness, health care technology used, health statistics and medical liability. Research is directed towards low-income groups and minority groups with the intention of better providing health care services for these groups.

There are many federal health grants that can be taken advantage of, so that organizations and institutions can give people the health care that they need especially during this current economic crisis. As it continues to reek havoc in people’s lives, more and more Americans will be forced sacrifice health care for themselves and their families. But federal grants and assistance programs are there to provide assistance and we should take do our best advantage of them.

Helpful Grant Tools

National Grant Writing Software: Click here
Scholarship & Grant Guide: Click here
Ultimate Grant Directory: Click here

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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Hey Jim

Do we have anything like this over on this, the better side of the pond ??     :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ???


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Enormous amount of Great Info there Mark!!  :::tu

I had no clue about the process, until now.    Thanks!!


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Re: Getting Grant Money For Your Business
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Thanks for this great report, Mark.

In my "other life" (in the office setting), as part of my duties I wrote quite a few grants for the agency (we were funded by the Federal government) to get funding for the agency for rental assistance and self-sufficiency programs for the tenants.

It's a bit like deja vu to see this again...and all in one place.



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This information might just come in extremely handy for something I've had on the backburner for a while now.
Thanks Mark.

Cheers o::)


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How I wish that somehow even my country can offer such huge amount of grant to start-up business. What we in us is only seminars...seminars...seminars about business but our government has no plan to create such projects.

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Hey Jim

Do we have anything like this over on this, the better side of the pond ??     :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ???

Where have I been, yet again.

I appear to have missed a lot of the posts on the 'in depth marketing reports' forum since it changed format.

Dom, there are grants available for start up businesses in the UK, I do know that.

Established businesses? There are also grants available too. It is just knowing where to look.

Research time I feel.


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Enormous amount of Great Info there Mark!!  :::tu

I had no clue about the process, until now.    Thanks!!



Great reply to Mark's report.


Great in depth marketing report, as usual.

Thanks for sharing with the forum.

It never ceases to amaze me how much great content we have on the RRW Forum.

And it is free.