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Spike Your Income With A Firesale
« on: September 29, 2008, 02:02:23 PM »
Spike Your Income With A Firesale

It's now quite common to hear about firesales and blowout sales. However, a lot of people do not know exactly what firesales or blowout sales actually are. Firesales are one of the most popular things happening in Internet marketing and worldwide people are trying to fix up some way by which they could make a lot of money by having a firesale of their own.

What Is A Firesale?

A firesale is based on a very simple concept. It is essentially a kind of sales promotion where a thing is first sold at an extremely low price and then after every few days, the price of the thing is raised. This occurrence generally lasts for about seven days and then the offer is terminated forever.

For example, if you are having a firesale for some E-books, the sale will last for seven days. The price structure for the firesale of the E-books could be like this:

Day   Lowest Price Today
Days 1-2    $27
Days 4-5    $47
Days 5-6    $67
Sale Ends   $87
The idea of the firesale is such a hit all over the world because everyone wants to partake of the offer for the fear of losing out on such a great bargain. It is human nature to want things at a discounted price, and firesales target this instinct, making people buy things on an impulse even though the things might not be required immediately.

However, there is more about a firesale than the price increasing after every few days.
The firesale is somewhat like a sale to publicize or promote something. At firesales, some great digital info-products are usually sold at very cheap prices. This is done to increase the potential customer’s interest in the products which would indeed cost much higher than in the blowout sale or firesale.

When you buy the product, you will refer it to others through word-of-mouth, and once there is an interest for the product in the market, the seller will sell the product at a price which is suitable to the actually value of the product. Thus, a firesale really helps in creating a good market for info-products which will help to make the way for substantial profits which will come in a year or so.

Thus, now that you know what a firesale basically is, you can understand why it is such a major hit worldwide – people can get great products from such blowout sales for a price which is stunningly cheap. A high majority of the people who buy the products at firesales go into the business themselves because it makes perfect sense to do so.

The firesale will also instruct you on addition of private label rights and you will be able to create your own niche of profits by taking advantage of the platform given to you by the firesale.

A firesale would be successful if it was based on the successful publicity of the products in such a way that the products get the maximum visibility possible in the market and also attract buyers to test those products and then buy them when satisfied. The firesale products are a way in which one can entice the attention of the buyers of those products.

There is sure to be a lot of interest generated by the fact that those wonderful products are being sold at less than half price. In this way, the products get a lot of visibility and create awareness.

People buy products from the firesales due to the very low prices and when they realize that the products are every bit as good as promised, a very profitable niche market is created. The firesale will eventually lead to an increase in the price of the products to the price which it should actually be sold at. By that time, the interest and the market created in the product will be able to keep up the niche for some time.

The digital info-products which are to be sold in the firesale should be of perfect quality and content, and the marketing of the products should also be impeccable and powerful. The firesale will instruct the buyers on the way to use master resell rights and private label rights to be able to create the most possible sales out of that campaign.

A firesale is a great way to thrust your product into the limelight and help you to sustain a very profitable niche on the web. Understand the mechanics behind a firesale to make the most of it.
Notable Firesales Examples

Do you want to know more about firesales that you hear so often these days?
They are actually sales by promotion, where the digital-info product is sold at the cheapest price to the consumers. This attracts the attention of the consumers since outside the orbit of blowout or a firesale, the products cost a lot more.

Then as these products attain popularity in the market, prices tend to shift up and settle at the equilibrium. This helps set a base for digital-info products for the coming years.

Promotion of the product to a great extent is the cornerstone of firesales. The consumers must be made aware of the products and must be permitted to test them. They attract the attention of the buyers in the market.

Some Success Stories

When Willie Crawford was informed by his daughter that she had plans of marrying, his joy knew no bounds. However, he was taken aback when he had a look at the wedding plans which would cost a lot of money. His instincts suggested him to go for a Wedding firesale, to which he obliged as the biggest marketing ever witnessed on the Internet.
In his wedding firesale, Crawford offered some real great stuff at an unimaginable value. Some of the products that were included in his firesale were a software worth $4,588, with some unreleased versions and exclusive rights to resale, besides MP3’s, access to paid membership sites, courses, and E-books, all at a throwaway price.

However, all this was for a short span of time. This absolutely exceptional package gives you everything that you need to establish a successful strategy for Internet marketing. Here’s what you can avail of:
Dr. Mani, a heart surgeon from India, has a dream to cure all the kids born with a heart problem and for this purpose, a steady income in six figures is important. This, he wants to achieve through his online business as an information entrepreneur. He wants to fulfill this dream by helping others in establishing a firm online business.

To raise funds for his noble cause, he runs a firesale where he gives out various methods to get the winning edge, which includes samples, blueprints and insights into successful marketing.

It leaves you with a freedom to make money by saving time, which you can use for helping the poor kids. At Dr. Mani’s Children Heart Foundation in India, 19 children were operated successfully last year, and this became possible only because of the generous donations for the human purpose. Donation out of income earned from online business is very much appreciated.

In 2007, Gobala Krishnan, Vince Tan and Melvin Ng launched a firesale and the trio made about $69,000 in a week with the purpose to accumulate money to attend the US seminar in September’07. The sales included 100 Master Resell Rights Products, besides 118 PLR products. More than 140 Joint Venture partners tied up due to the big prizes on offer.

Early in January 2008, Mike Steup lost his bank card, but the loss was covered due to firesales and the $7,000 bank card did little harm to him. He used a very interesting solution that compelled his visitors to consider viewing his offers, before they could navigate away from his site and this solution was one of the major reasons for his firesale success.

PLRGold 1-4 by Edmund Loh ran his offers for a specific time frame only. It was for a week with additional products in every package at that time. The third edition made sales worth $42,000 in a week and the fourth made $48,000 in the same period.

These are some notable firesale examples of the recent times. However, beside these there are plenty of firesale success examples in the past as well.

Ron Plumfeet, whenever he needed to raise quick money, he used to do so with snazzy promotions of his products. He used to put together all his products of different price ranges and sell them for one price for a certain period of time.

Some years back, Mike Filsaime ran product sale for a certain period of time, which got him a lot of money. The same product was purchased by Jeremy Burns, who in fact used that same product in one of his sales and that is when he used the term “Fire sale” for the first time.

Another firesale example that is worth a mention here is the one that was put up by Russell Brunson during one Christmas a few years back – the very famous “The Marketing Grinch”, where he gave 10 products at one nominal cost. That was his firesale and he achieved humongous success with it.

Therefore, the bottom line is, if you plan to launch your own firesale- think of a valid reason for your firesale, sell high quality and uncommon products at a very attractive price. Don’t forget to implement unique ways to make your firesale a super hit.
How to Setup Your Own Firesale For Quick Cash Generation - Step-By-Step

The term ‘firesale’ originated because those households that were damaged due to fire tried to sell off their wares which were also damaged at highly discounted prices to get some value out of something that was already lost. But now, over time, this term has been come to use for any sale of goods that is at discounted prices.

People generally take this measure of selling their possessions so cheap is because they face a threat of impending bankruptcy, and can thus make do with any small amount of money that they can obtain by selling their goods.

A firesale is necessarily distinguished if it incorporates the following features:

•   Time Limited: A sale will be called a firesale only if it is bound by a time span, that is, for a short period of time, say, a week. A firesale cannot go on indefinitely.

•   Low Prices: Since the purpose of this sale is to get quick money and get rid of the goods quickly, these sales offer a discount which actually becomes an incentive for people to come and have a look and pick up something they like, for a discount.

•   Strong Purpose: Only if a sale is arranged with some end in mind, will it be categorized a firesale. For example, if you want to fund your children’s education, or if you want to add to your wedding budget, you could arrange for such a sale and get some extra cash.

A firesale necessarily passes through two important phases or cycles. There is no rule that this must happen, but this is generally the case:

•   First Phase: This is when the sellers do not become very rigid about the prices they have in mind at which to sell their wares. This is primarily because they want to attract more and more people so that over the next few days they get a solid customer base. At this stage, therefore, the prices are rather flexible, and at times the sellers are even willing to go lower than their estimated price just to get people to buy more.

•   Second Phase: Here is where the prices go up. Though they are still discounted, they are not throwaway prices. By this I mean that the prices actually get rigid because the sellers are now looking at a particular time frame of solid sales where they can make up for the losses they suffered earlier. So if you know how to time your visit to the sale, you can profit a great deal.

The concept of an online firesale is fast catching on these days. In case you still have not figured out what that is, then it is simple a firesale where the dealing happens online.

You provide your product description and the price you are looking at achieving for it, and people who view that description can respond via the online forums and get in touch with you. Here again timing plays an important part.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while trying to arrange for an online firesale for your wares:

•   Product awareness: You need to find out how widely the details about your sale or your products are known. By means of advertisement you can reach out to a number of people. You will also have to ascertain whether the people inquiring about your product are actually interested or are they just wasting your time

•   Pricing: The pricing if done cleverly can actually lead to a lot of gains. It is a clever marketing technique. A seller always tries to keep his prices low so that his products become popular and the demand for his products increases. Having gone on like this for a while, he increases a price in order to cash in on those people who would still buy the product even if the price has been increased a little. This is because the product is still being offered at a discount, slightly lower. After this the seller again lowers his price to get more new customer and the cycle repeats itself.

Therefore, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to profit from a firesale, just mere use of the common sense and the observation of the behavioral pattern of the people who are always on the lookout for such sales to happen are needed.
Inspiration And Ideas On Starting Unique Firesales For Your Own

Making quick bucks with the Internet business cannot get simpler. With the duration of firesales lasting just about a week, many renowned marketers online have earned a six-figure income just in a few days from exciting firesales.

Below are listed some ideas to achieve sure shot success with fire sales. Look for profitable joint ventures:

Being a joint effort by many marketers on the net, firesales are very easy to form. Also, being a combined effort of many marketers saves you from the time and the cost that you would have to devote to the business on your own for the creating firesales. In fact, many marketers view the creation of firesales as a one-time investment to get good returns in the future because of it.

But it cannot be denied that there are many other ways that can earn you money, other than the single-time investment as well. The reason behind the popularity of firesales among Joint Venture partners is the huge income potential on offer.

If they are aware that your offer will be too irresistible for people to leave out, they are assured of huge income by supporting you.

They know that they just need to promote your products by sending some emails to a few of their clients, and then just watch profits come in the form of commissions.

Offer Quality Products

The product that is being offered for sale is the driving force of the firesales. The product which you intend to sell must have utility in the market. It is obvious that if you are selling generic E-books which are mostly available free of cost, not even the best technology will help you effect sales.

Besides, if the product is general like at any other place, people won’t be compelled to buy the product within the firesales. So introducing gifts and discounts is the trick here.

The tempting offers that are not available elsewhere will make them buy from you. As a matter of fact, if you organize various promotional activities of your product like contests, coupons, games, prizes, and various other forms of such events which will involve the consumers as well, then you can surely expect a huge increase in the overall profitability of your business.

Inventory management

Having an overview of your inventory may not be a fruitful idea if you deal with a single product. Firesales tempt people to buy products in an environment that any rational person would jump to buy in.

The ones that succeed are those ones which offer a great combination of products at a throwaway price. But as said, if you have only a single product to list, mentioned below are steps to add to your inventory:

•   Purchase products that have a resale right
This may require you to invest a slightly more money to commence but is a great business option as regards future prospects. Spending about 500$-1,000$ is ideal here. Some products with rights of resale are listed on eBay as well, where they don’t cost much. So how does one make firesales appear bright?

Given that you are dealing with two categories of people whom your attempt to attract goes out, there are two parts to answer this question as well. The first is the prospects of your sales, i.e., the ultimate consumers whom you wish to sell your product, and second, the prospective Joint Ventures, the ones who will promote the firesales of your products by their means.

So why does firesales attract so much attention? Mainly due to the great bargain that are on the offer, and consumers always like to have as much bargain as possible. Also, if the bargains are attractive, scarcity will also be appreciated by consumers though they may state otherwise.

If they come across a good offer which will save them a hundred dollars, they will go for it irrespective of whether they need it or not. This will lead to further demand as those wanting the product might not be able to get it due to the increased purchases by those who even do not need it, so this invariably will lead to a further rise in the net sales.

These are some of the basic ideas that you can implement when you are ready to launch your own firesale. Remember, the more innovative you are with your firesales, the higher are you chances of achieving success with a blow out firesale!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
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Re: Spike Your Income With A Firesale
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 06:20:11 AM »
Hi Mark

Great post at the right time for me maybe. :-*

As a matter of interest I purchased from WCs firesale. Great value. Guess what? I have never used anything from the sale. I jumped in

at the lowest price because I thought it was a bargain and it was for a good cause. (Your post contains good info!!)

Why I thought Willie's daughter's wedding was a good cause I have still not worked that one out.

Will the same tactic work for me?

My 18 year old daughter Danielle is taking a 'gap year' commencing in the autumn/fall of 2009.

She needs to raise approx. $9500 for this charitable project.

The project is in Uganda where she will be looking after and teaching disabled Ugandan children.

Danielle is very independant and is organising events to help her raise the money.

I would of course like to do my best to help her. Hence when I read your post my mind starting going fast forward.

Do you think people would buy into this idea?



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Re: Spike Your Income With A Firesale
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2008, 10:25:41 AM »
Hey Jim,

Wow! I think that is an excellent idea. Especially since ...

The project is in Uganda where she will be looking after and teaching disabled Ugandan children.

I would be happy to help ... just let me know what you need.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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Re: Spike Your Income With A Firesale
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2008, 05:29:41 PM »
Thank you much Mark. I have been looking at a way to increase sales without causing to much damage to myself financially. I think this method will really work for me. I will let you know how the sale goes and how much of a difference it made for my sales. thanks again.