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Off Topic Forum / Re: What would you like to see here in the forum?
« on: December 29, 2019, 10:44:26 PM »
I'm not gonna read all of that mumbo jumbo. If you're working on a new product congrats. I really don't care, but it's (probably) good for you :)

As for my negativity... again I'm not gonna read all of that, either. Too many links to go through, and my time is limited, especially for such meaningless things. If you'll piss me off more, though, I will go through each and every single one of your posts and prove to you how full of negativity you, and everyone else on this god darn planet is, as well. You just chose to see other people's negativity (mine) instead of focusing on yours. The hardest fights in life are against yourself (not my quote, but one in which I believe nonetheless)

Last but not least, yes, I am still newb after 5.5 because I've stayed away from IM since 2014 until this week, when I finally could find some spare time and cash for me and my hobbies. Life do gets in the way of people, so judge me all you want but unless I tell you what's happened to me you're just speculating.

Off Topic Forum / Re: What would you like to see here in the forum?
« on: December 28, 2019, 01:11:10 PM »
I will do that

Off Topic Forum / Re: What would you like to see here in the forum?
« on: December 28, 2019, 03:17:18 AM »
If you are going to talk about the forum, make sure you understand the forum
I do understand the forum. And it's DEAD. A forum in which only a few people reply to all topics and the topics haven't been updated in years is a DEAD forum, no matter how much you hate to admit it?

if you dont know who the moderators are how well do you actually know the forum?
if by "you know the forum" you mean that I should be familiar with every single member of this forum, then sorry to disappoint you, but I'll never do that. I go to forums for help, and that's it. Sure, when other people need help and I can help I always do it (happily, too, because it's in my nature to enjoy helping people). But that's about where my getting familiar with the forum stops. I have other priorities in life than being friends with all strangers online. And you should be glad that I'm telling you this harsh truth instead of lying to you. It means that I respect you and don't want to take you for a fool.

being a positive contributor is better than doing nothing at all
of course that it's better. But still won't change anything because we would still be too few people. And again, I'm not accusing anyone for letting this forum die (everyone has their own problems), I was merely noticing and responding to your question. I have no idea how you've come to be so vehement in your response for just giving my honest opinion. We're living strange times indeed...

If you're not contributing to the forum, you're part of the "this community is dead" problem
theoretically, yes. Practically, I don't see myself a part of any problem regarding RRW and its forum. When I have something to contribute I do it, when I don't have anything to stay I just mind my own business. Besides, I'm a newbie so I rarely have something valuable to say, and it makes sense not to contribute to the forum when I know so little in comparison to others. Don't you think that this is the right attitude?

Why should you be paid?
because I'm doing my job (being a moderator).

Looking back at the majority of your posts, they have been of a negative nature
Where's the negativity in my posts?!? I honestly fail to see it. Care to point it out?

Hence the reason I told you to work on your mindset
you should work on yours, too, though. You're not perfect, you know?

BTW, why are you just now responding to a post I made a year ago?
I wasn't paying attention to how old the thread was because my mind was somewhere else. I can't tell you what I was thinking at because I genuinely don't remember, but I was looking for something and was too busy shuffling through the threads to check their liveliness, and your post caught my attention and since I'm a helpful guy (talking about contributions, huh?) I thought I should give my honest opinion about what this forum was lacking. Which I did... and apparently it pissed you off badly

To be honest, this forum is about sharing information and helping people, it's not meant to get people to sign up for the membership site.
of course that this is the purpose of a forum (duh!), but how do you expect beginners to continue paying their RRW fee if they can't find the help they need to make use of their membership? Personally, I'm not a big fan of forums (I mostly use google and/or youtube for my issues), but having an active community helps a good chunk of newbies, and if I was to promote RRW mentioning how active this forum (was supposed to be) would have been a big selling point, along with the high quality products. Which is why I deemed unintentionally reviving the thread as an important thing to do.

Off Topic Forum / Re: What would you like to see here in the forum?
« on: December 27, 2019, 02:45:14 PM »
That was your best reply to my observation? K! Anyway, you and Jim alone (whoever that guy is) is not enough to make for an active community. Hell, even if I made a post every day it still wouldn't change much because 3 people is hardly a community.

Also, nobody has hired me to be active in this forum. Pay me 3k a month and I'll post every day in every god darn subforum of RRW. Otherwise, what reasons do I have to be active?

But anyway, I'm gonna stop here with the mild accusations cause I don't want to cause any troubles. Believe it or not, despite of this dead community, I still like RRW.... A LOT! Which means, I want it to continue existing. I was just noting that a dead community wont attract too many new signups. That's all I had to say.


Hmmm.....well you might want to look at your own activity before talking about others.  Prior to today, you havent made a post in almost 3 years!  If you want activity on this forum, you should do your part and participate in the forum.

Both Jim and I are on here on an almost daily basis removing tons of spam accounts.  I remove on average 20 accounts a day.

activity. I was just about to buy the gold membership so I can promote this site as a "start an online business" type of offer, and one of the benefits that I would have mentioned in my promotions would have been "a very helpful community". Now, while the community might he helpful it doesn't help if it's not active to begin with. Ok, there might be several people who are here day and night (but I don't think this is the case), but that's not enough for me to label the community as "active". Wealthy affiliate, on the other hand... hundreds of people active every day, which is why I'll promote that offer instead, even if it is more expensive than RRW. I am really sorry that this website has been left unattended because I've got many great products from it, but... people change, times change, too so we have to change with them or else we stale until we close our eyes... forever.

I doubt that whoever needs to see this message will actually see it (much less do something about it), but I had to speak my mind :)


Off Topic Forum / Re: What would you like to see here in the forum?
« on: December 27, 2019, 04:24:54 AM »
activity. I was just about to buy the gold membership so I can promote this site as a "start an online business" type of offer, and one of the benefits that I would have mentioned in my promotions would have been "a very helpful community". Now, while the community might he helpful it doesn't help if it's not active to begin with. Ok, there might be several people who are here day and night (but I don't think this is the case), but that's not enough for me to label the community as "active". Wealthy affiliate, on the other hand... hundreds of people active every day, which is why I'll promote that offer instead, even if it is more expensive than RRW. I am really sorry that this website has been left unattended because I've got many great products from it, but... people change, times change, too so we have to change with them or else we stale until we close our eyes... forever.

I doubt that whoever needs to see this message will actually see it (much less do something about it), but I had to speak my mind :)


Off Topic Forum / Re: Merry Christmas
« on: December 27, 2019, 04:07:20 AM »
Snow is falling... all around me
Children playing, having fun
It's the season, love and understaaanding...

Hehe, no problem :)

Ooops! My apologies no I didn't notice that post... Tired eyes

Sorry for wasting time, will read deeper next time


Your RRW Membership / Re: when new PMC sites?
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:29:43 AM »
No problem :)

But, can you say what "soon" means? Just give a rough estimate, like for example: one week, one month, one year, etc.


I apologize guys. I hope to have these added soon.


Your RRW Membership / when new PMC sites?
« on: February 08, 2017, 01:24:24 PM »
Does anybody know when new PMC will be added?

Interesting... Thanks!

No it doesnt because of the nature of sites like jvzoo and w+.  Every person who buys products from those platforms gets an account and your downloads are listed on your purchases page.  (In other words, these platforms act as membership areas) In order to access your purchases you have to log in, go to your purchases page and then to the individual purchase page of the product you are interested in downloading. At that point you will click a button to either download your product directly from jvzoo or w+ (the process is exactly the same) or be sent to a download page or membership page. 

There is nothing for google to crawl because they dont have access.

I use Wordpress a lot too, for anything else. But, even though I like, and I'm confident with WP, I secretly like HTML-based sites more  :smiley: ... They're so simple (I like simple stuff), so fast, and so cute (to each their own I guess lol)

So, with that being said, I'm not using either JVZoo and/or W+ simply because these 2 networks are alien to me. I don't know what the matter with them is, other than the fact that they act as affiliate networks where people can promote their products in exchange for affiliate commissions. I honestly didn't know they allow us to host files with them, but... I think 128 MB is too low of a limit for what I intent to do (actually, the product I'm working on right now is 140 MB, so... I don't think those 2 networks can help).

As for not having to worry about hiding anything... doesn't Google crawl and index the download pages? If so, a decently experienced marketer / programmer / SEOer / whatever could easily locate these pages with a simple search, therefore bypassing my sales funnel and stealing my goodies.

But, thanks for your input. I'll wait for a few more opinions while still searching for a solution to this issue.


Personally I use a wordpress plugin for security. 

If you are looking to go the free route, why not use either jvzoo or w+ to host your download file?  I think the current file limit is 128 MB

You also dont have to worry about hiding anything.



What are you people using to protect and hide your report/ebook/whatever download pages from search engines, and people trying to bypass your purchase page?

I remember some many years ago (6-7, maybe more) there were some neat little scripts that could do that, but I've lost touch with IM in the last few years, so I'm not sure what to use anymore, or where to find such a script (if it even exists anymore).

Also, I'm talking about simple HTML pages, not Wordpress, Joomla or the alikes. I only need to protect and hide the HTML pages I downloaded from RRW, so you most likely know what I'm talking about.

Last but not least, I expect this tool to be free. I can't afford paying for such a basic tool, even if it only costs a measly dollar. Sorry.


Technical Assistance / Re: support ticket unanswered
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:48:04 AM »
Been having autoresponder and hosting and domain names for years, so I don't need to invest in any of these anymore.

I did get random subscribers every now and then to whatever list I had created, but out of the thousands of subscribers that subscribed to my lists over the years not even one has ever joined any program (free, or not, didn't matter), not even one of them has ever purchased anything from me, despite of my creating those lists by the rules. No comment.

JvZoo and Warrior+ ..... last year I went to W+ and applied for promoting the most popular products of the last 7 weeks, and 30 days respectively. I applied for each product separately, I received a whopping ZERO accepts. Actually, even now I have applications pending in my W+ account, so I'm not sure what you're talking about being put on delayed commissions and whatever, but I'm telling you that you're wrong. Then, I went to JVZoo and tried doing the same, and with JvZoo I did have slightly better results, in the way that I did get accepted by a few vendors to promote their products, but the products were so bad (poor grammar, poor salespages, etc.) that you could see the vendors were newbies and trying desperately to get whoever to promote their products. To prove this even further, I placed their codes on one of my websites and 2 weeks later the banner stopped displaying, and when I looked into the matter the vendors have taken the products down, even though the products had been up for less than a month. So again, I'm not sure what your experience with these 2 networks is but I'm telling you from first-hand experience that they don't like newbies. Ok, you and a few others might be more willing to help newbies, but then again, you can't compete with all the big names of these networks that crank product after product each month and which get thousands of sales in days. If you could, you would probably be on the list of the most popular vendors/products, in which case I would have applied to promote your products, in which case you would have probably approved me since you're so willing to work with newbies. But this never happened.

About traffic generation... when you drive (supposedly) targeted traffic to your websites by following a (supposedly) failproof plan that promises instant traffic that converts, well I'd better make sales right out of the bat. I don't need to waste months on generating traffic without seeing a bloody sale just because I need to be consistent with a plan. I need (and I will) be consistent IF the plan proves it's working, otherwise I'm sure you agree it's bad business to continue following a plan that promises something but delivers something different, or nothing at all. My point is that you are not right in advising to follow a plan. If the plan is crap you just need to quit following it (duh!)

About the rr/plr/mr business... does anybody in their right mind still buy PLR products? I mean, I did buy such products myself, but that was years ago when I actually ranked websites in Google and made money with Adsense without re-writing a single word. Yeah, PLR products worked well in 2009-2010, but since then (and with all the Pulitzer-pulling, academic type of quality content that Google demands) these products have lost their value. So, who in their right mind pays $10 for PLR products that they have to spend more money/time on rewriting, when they can just buy $4-5 articles that are 100% unique? I just don't get it, and I need to ask this because I will be getting 100s of such products each month with the RRW upgrade, so either these products are total crap (should PLR products not work anymore like I think), or they're a real goldmine and I'm missing something here on how to make money with them. Can you please explain where you are selling these products? Who is stupid enough to buy them just to spend more money on rewriting all of the content since duplicate content is bad nowadays?

Technical Assistance / Re: support ticket unanswered
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:33:20 AM »
It's not about changing any mindset, as there is about finding something that works, which is what my problem is these days. As I said previously, everything that seems to work nowadays require a lot of money (niche research requires good software, which costs money; quality content costs money, and quite a lot of it considering the gazillion of words that Google wants to see on your page to get you ranked; traffic generation costs money, either in the form of advertising on social media, getting backlinks to your website, or simply promoting your website wherever. Everything just freakin costs money, and I'm not talking about $10-20 that I'd gladly pay. No, you need upwards of $100s to get a simple website ranked in Google and keep there)

You might be right that I have narrowed myself into how I can make money online, but I've narrowed myself based on my current situation (lack of money to invest in my online biz, as well as lack of affiliate networks that I can make money with). Speaking of affiliate networks...

I got kicked out of Adsense because I purchased clicks, and I'm waiting to get kicked out of Amazon because I have a WP Robot 4 autoblog that I have created over an year ago and which I haven't touched at all. That autoblog gets me random sales now and then, and the reason I think I will get into troubles for this is because I recently read somewhere that Amazon doesn't like copying/pasting their content on your website without providing value to your customer. Some bullshit along these lines, similar to what Google does (the bigger a company gets, the easier will f..k you without hesitation or remorse). That's what I'm thinking that it's probably a matter of time before Amazon closes my account, but I don't even care. That autoblog is the only website that makes me money, even if it's $1-2 per month, and I won't waste years of my life manually going through the 100s of products that the plugin is auto-posting to turn them into Pulitzer-winning content just cause Amazon doesn't like it. As I said in my previous message, I've wasted enough of my life (more than 6 years) trying to dance how Google and other shameless companies sing, without seeing anything in return because I didn't have deep enough pockets to keep the gods happy. Not going to do this anymore...

As for JvZoo and Warrior+ ... have you tried being accepted into promoting their products as a newbie? Probably you haven't, cause if you had you'd know that those guys don't like new marketers. They only want f..king sales machines to promote their products. I have applied to dozens of marketers, both in JvZoo, and W+ last year, trying to get affiliate links to promote their products. And how many accepts did I get? Yep, a whopping ZERO accepts. The reason? I haven't made any sales previously to convince them that I'm good at it. Bulls..t always attracts more bulls..t so, yeah....

As for WarriorForum... isn't that Warrior+?? And Zaxaa.... I should probably check this out, as I've heard about it before, but never looked into it. Also on affiliate networks, I just got approved by Share-a-sale 2 days ago, which is the only good f..king news I've received lately. So, in case all other networks fail I will probably resort to this one.

You said "SEO and PPC arent the only ways to drive traffic to a websites".... Well, you are only half right. They're not the only ways to drive traffic, but they're the only solid ways, cause I'm not going to waste years of my life on forums, hunting random sales. That's so dumb! I have tried the forums, too in the past, but unless you're wasting your life each day on the forum and become a VIP there, you won't make consistent money with this method. And you also know my take on social media. The only thing about generating traffic on social media that appeals to me is Facebook ads, but even those need money, which is one of my issues right now.

Last but not least, I know there's tons of training inside of this website, and probably even more training comes with the GOLD membership. I know this, I really do, but I don't need training, as much as I need a step-by-step plan on how to make money online without breaking the bank.

There's training everywhere, but all of the so called training leaves you figuring the important stuff all by yourself, or hiding the real costs (both in time, and money) from you. I have followed so much training over the 6-7 years I've been trying to make money online (I even paid handsomely for this training when I had money to waste left and right) that one would only assume that I should be retired by now. Yet, I'm still broke as always, so training is not the issue, and as hard it is for you to believe my mindset is not the issue, either. Truly the problem is the lack of money, and the lack of a solid plan of action. Which brings me to the conclusion that making money online is probably not for me, and I should quit it altogether.

Or, maybe you are right, and I should stay away from SEO and ranking websites for a while, and look into other stuff. I wish I knew what freakin works, though...

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply to all this writing. I guess that I need to figure out on my own where I'm heading towards with online biz...

Technical Assistance / Re: support ticket unanswered
« on: January 05, 2017, 06:40:16 AM »
I know all these, but my questions were more specific. Like for example...

1) I got kicked out of Adsense, and soon will probably be kicked out of Amazon, as well. Clickbank steals commissions from its affiliates, and ebay is too complicated to use. On top of all these, I am NOT American, therefore the affiliate networks I have available to make money with are very limited, where you also add the fact that local marketing is dumb because my country (Romania) doesn't spend much money online, not at the extent of what Americans are spending anyway.

So, like I said, with so many limited options I am wondering how I am going to monetize the PMC websites I'll get as a GOLD member. That was one of the questions for Mark (or whoever was responsible with the support tickets)

2) the second issue (which is what has been keeping me for years from making money online) is the god darn traffic. I never get enough traffic, and the traffic I get never converts. So again, will the GOLD upgrade deliver traffic (therefore sales) to my PMC websites out of the blue sky, or do I have to work for that, as well?

3) since I'm NOT social media type of guy (I hate social media with all of my power) the only valid options to drive traffic to my websites are SEO and/or PPC. Now, the issue with PPC is that it's darn expensive, and the issue with SEO is that it's darn expensive, and changing all the time. I'm tired of keeping up with Google's retarded algo changes, I'm tired of staying glued to the screen to watch the latest and greatest algo changes just to see my websites rank NOWHERE after having wasted months building them with great content, but getting no backlinks to them because Google says so, and if Google says so we must all lick Google's ass cause they're Google and we must dance however they sing.

So, point #3 that I'm trying to make is that social media is out of the question (because I don't like it), while SEO, and PPC are out of the questions (because I can't afford them). So, in this circumstance how do I get traffic to my PMC websites, and how do I make sales with them, also considering the lack of affiliate networks I have available to me?

4) will the PMC websites rank on their own (as they're delivered), or must we also spend money on content re-writing, as well? Probably we will need to rewrite all content, which means even more money and/or time wasted with re-writing, and I wouldn't mind taking the time to re-write the content manually, had I known for a fact that....

5) I then wouldn't need backlinks in order to rank the websites. But there's also this problem of backlinking. I have built 3-4 websites over the last 2 years, and while using top-notch software to do keyword research (LongTailPro Platinum for example) I have still failed to do keyword research because the software said that my keywords were easy to rank for, but few months later when updates came in my keywords were all of a sudden extremely hard to rank for. LOL, just f..cking LOL. There went my time, and money wasted with creating high quality websites that will rank nowhere because of stupid software.

Anyway... the reason I'm mentioning all these (and what I was actually asking in the support ticket) is if the RRW upgrade will help me solve these issues by:

a) granting me access to monetization options that are available to me (so, NO Adsense, NO Amazon, NO Clickbank, and NO Ebay)
b) deliver traffic AND sales to my PMC websites without me having to spend money on SEO and/or content re-writing (which probably are still paramount for the success of an online business)
c) provide a step-by-step plan on how to get to... $300 per month in 3 months (just an example) just using the GOLD upgrade tools, and not having to spend money on SEO, traffic, content rewriting, or whatever.

As you can see, I'm not even demanding. I think $300 per month in 3 months (hell, even $150 per month would be good at this point) should not be that hard to achieve had I had a good, solid plan of action (which I currently don't have, because I don't know what works anymore, and what seems to work is freakin' expensive). I have earned over $200 per month back in 2009-2010 when Google was not such a slut (sleeping with all big companies) and when little guys like me could rank websites just by submitting articles to article directories, and placing some Adsense code on their websites. But, things have changed, and sadly for me, not for the good.

So anyway, since you are an upgraded member you already know if the GOLD membership can help me with points a), b), and c). And if that's the case feel free to answer my questions. Otherwise I will probably wait for Mark to answer (or whoever is qualified)

So yeah, that's how specific my questions were about the GOLD upgrade. I'm currently contacting all of the niche marketing providers I have used in the past (you, Wealthy Affiliate, and sitebildz), and gather all responses, and depending on what each one of you says, and what the costs involved in getting me to $300 per month in the fastest time possible are, I will either upgrade here, or at other places. I just hope I'll get an honest, and accurate answer, other than the typical "go get a job so that you have money to give us" (yeah, I've done that, too, and the results were the same: poor, that is. So, getting a job to have money to poor into the bottomless sack of SEO is not the answer to how to make money online...)

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