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Feedback Requests / Re: introduction plus advice & guidance needed
« on: April 06, 2015, 06:13:46 PM »
The stories here are great. Thanks for the help…. I have traveled to over 100 countries and experienced different cultures. While traveling I have been fortunate to work in business and put my daughter through UC Berkeley while living inexpensively in every country in Latin America. I gained a sense of perspective that electrifies people with great stories, but some stories are not so pleasant.

I have great things to say about every country. I lived in Central America for 5 years and down all the way to Chile for 2 years. I loved Chile but the earthquakes rattled my nerves.

Originally from San Francisco, I found my spot in this world in Patagonia, Argentina, I thought, until the end of the world that I thought was my dream turned sour.   This country is in trouble with no damage control to its economy. Utilities went up 130% last week. They double the prices on everything and if you are from the US, they want your US dollars. They steal from you in the stores, over charge you, double charge your credit card on the airlines (behind smokey colored glass), the stores and scam you for a sale, etc. Paypal has been great to me and they have me tagged for when I call. It’s been 10 years. …..I don’t like it here. Patagonia is beautiful, but not the people.…..back to Europe in 6 months to see if my spot is there. I guess I can save this for a blog.

Anyway, does Mark exist? Is he a real guy? I have written several support tickets, question tabs and emails, but no response in 6 days……he can take my $ due in 2 days, no worries. Great info here, but I do write reviews myself……..

Nice to meet y’all……   

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