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Marketing Talk / Page 1 of Google in 5 Hours
« on: June 12, 2012, 07:42:08 PM »
I was checking in on one of my old posts that had an answer and while I was here I thought I'd describe how I ranked a brand new site on Google in just five hours, and dominated the first page within a week.  Of course, this will probably be applicable to anyone who wants to rank a PLR site.

For grins and giggles, I decided to build and try to rank a "lead generation" video and website. You can see the site here: You'll note that it's a very long-tail keyword with low competition. There are enough local monthly searches that it is probably worth a trial.

Here's the Google SERP: The video is #1 after PPC; website pages from the site fill most of the remaining slots.

Here's the process:

1. Built a slide presentation using Mac Keynote, although any presentation software should work. Exported to web video format.
2. Uploaded video to YouTube. Wrote a title with the keyword embedded. Then a description with URL first, then site name, then keyword-rich description.
3. Whipped up a logo header and page banner using photos from my collection and a few from Can't use Flickr, as most of these photos are poor quality and not licensed for commercial use.
4. Wrote some home page copy focusing on benefits, then a few articles. Scheduled them to post over a week-long period.
5. Uploaded and tested. Made sure "privacy" is off, pinging is on, and the sitemaps loaded and Goog/eBing knew where to find it.
6. Checked that site is indexed. Good to go.
7. Ordered three gigs. Two SENuke blasts (one for website main keyword) and one for comments posted to the YouTube video.

What's next>? I'll post a few more articles to drip over the next two month, then schedule some fiverr gigs for specific page/keywords. This time I'll experience with some link pyramids, social site linking and other techniques.

That's it. It's been about three weeks, so I'm still waiting to see if the site "dances" in the SERPs while Google contemplates the content, but it should hold up well, as the articles are about 80% unique.

I'm applying the same process to other sites I'm building.

Just my $.02. Hope it helps someone.


The Freebie Forum / Free Press Release Submission Sites List
« on: July 29, 2011, 02:51:05 AM »
One of the things I worked on this spring while sitting around was to gather up all the URLs for press release submission sites I could find, paid and free. I got the URLs mainly from links on the very active I then visited all the free sites, and many of the paid sites (I was mostly interested in seeing how effect the free sites were), and open accounts where I could.m

I'm making the results available to everyone at RRW who has ever wanted to try news release distribution marketing. Here's a clean list, with this sites that are NOT good choices marked in red. Good ones are green, and yellow ones are OK. That just as far as getting onto the site and submitting.

As far as getting into Google, only a few actually let the spiders into their listings for free. For that service, there are various charges.

My opinion is that the free services are not worth the time it takes to go to each site and work through the laborious submission screens. Go with one paid service, like PRWire. It'll be slightly costly, but your announcement will get out on the web, rather than be trapped on a server somewhere. I've been pretty lazy about tracking each and ever subsmission, which I wold need to do.

Of course, this list has probably changed a little by now. And you'll note I did not get to the social sharing or video sites; those are next up.

More than $.02; probably $.45.


P.S. The forum won't let me attach a ZIP or Word file so I'll put it on my server. If it goes over well here, I'll probably complete it as a WSO, so let me know if it would be valuable finished with more ore detail and screen shots etc.

Off Topic Forum / Checking back in....and some good news
« on: July 26, 2011, 02:30:17 PM »
It's been a while since I've been here in the forum even managed to let my Gold membership lapse.

I've been preoccupied:

1. Final production, website, marketing and very soft launch of our new product.
2. Revamping my main ecommerce site.
3. Developing some new services to sell to local businesses
4. Planning new products to create.

Most of all, I've been adjusting to my new status as a dialysis patient as in, NOT A PATIENT! Apparently, after almost 9 months on dialysis, my kidneys have rebounded and function came back. So my doctor took me OFF dialysis. Yay! No more 3 days a week (18 hours with travel) mostly sitting still in a chair hooked up to a machine to filter my blood. This doesn't happen very often. So far I feel great; I hope it will last.

I'll be signing back up as a Gold member, as I usually found some gems to use and inspire.

Just thought I'd pop back in to say hello.


Off Topic Forum / What Did You Do for the End of the World?
« on: May 21, 2011, 07:13:20 PM »
I did dialysis this morning and wrote some for a new product, came home and fixed my Mac (latest OS update broke my Office 2004 and I'm too cheap to upgrade Office), then dinner. Now I'm going to celebrate the end of the world by watching the movie "2012".

How about you?


Product/Service Reviews / Recommendation for Article Submitter
« on: May 19, 2011, 07:53:11 AM »
I'm gearing up an article marketing campaign for our new product and dispair at the idea of submitting to the directories. I don't want to outsource this task right now.

Can anyone recommend a good(!) article submission program available here at RRW. (Windows software is OK; I have a lonely Vista machine sitting here in the midst of a Mac network that would love something to do...).

Failing something available here, any suggestions for other programs (paid or not) for a one-time cost.

I know Unique Article Wizard is probably the best solution, but I don't want to incur another monthly fee after 18 months of money going out for development at least until cash flow starts up with the new product.



Off Topic Forum / Submitting Press Releases....Whew!
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:50:20 PM »
So I've spent some time re-acquainting myself with the fine art of writing and submitting press releases for my new product.

What an ordeal! The only reason I didn't outsource it is: a) I wanted to see what the state of the submission industry might be, b) I wanted to set the accounts up correctly, and, c) basically, after paying for two years of development on the project, I'm broke!

Working through lists of supposedly "free" press releases distribution sites, I've found precious few that are free, allow enough information to make an impact, and actually allow "live" URLs. The rest are thinly disguised fronts for fee-based services. Not that I have a problem with paying for service, but if I have to pay $10-500 to each site to distribute one press release, I'll have a deficit like the U.S. government by next week. Not that I was planning to pay any way.

Here's the result of the last week's work:

Checked 109 sites
Created accounts with 29 sites
Submitted press releases to 16 sites

Total time over three days: 14 hours

I'll put in another few hours and see if I can get up to 25 postings, then sit back and watch the server logs to see if I get any traffic.

Now, it's on to some article posting, backlinking and other things to drive some good ol' organic search traffic, with maybe a few AdWords ads to use up some Google credits.

BTW: When I get finished working through the list of press release submission sites the REAL free ones I'll post a link so my good buddies here at RRW can benefit. If anyone has a similar list and would like to contribute it, I'll add it to mine, purge the dupes and put the combined list up for download.

Back to submitting....


Off Topic Forum / Bots in the Network?
« on: May 11, 2011, 01:31:38 PM »
Got an automated phone call from Comcast about "bot" on my computer. After checking it out, I decided they really hadn't investigated my machines specifically, but had found some viruses in the IP blocks assigned to my network (and thousands of others).

I went to the Comcast site and discovered they offer a version of Norton Internet Protector and Anti-Virus to customers at no charge. I downloaded it, isolated my machine from the network, and tested it out, and it seems to be genuine and running well.

No doubt, there may by a subscription charge that eventually pops up for updates to virus definitions, but as I've been meaning to install anti-virus software, that's OK. Don't need the firewall, since my network sits behind not one, but two, routers, but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything.

My Macs are generally pretty resistant to these types of infections, but you never know when a hacker is going to decide to take out a few thousand of Steve Job's pride and joy just for the fun of it! Better safe than well, you know the rest.

Just wanted to throw that out here, in case you want to check with your various ISPs about a similar deal.


Technical Assistance / "Guru" Posting
« on: May 11, 2011, 12:21:01 PM »
I checked RRW quickly yesterday and noticed a post about volunteering to be a resource to other members on certain topics, but I can't find the post now that I've had time to think about it and decide to volunteer a little time.

Anyone know where that puppy was located so I can add my modest talents to the lineup?



Off Topic Forum / Adding the "Bass" Back to "GraphicBass"
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:36:23 PM »
Many of you know I started dialysis last October. In April of last year, I had to quit playing bass in my beloved swing band due to the increasing ill effects of end-stage kidney failure (fatigue, memory loss, weakness). After three botched gigs where I had music out of order, delaying the gigs, and several times literally forgetting how to read the music, it was time to hang up the bass. It was a bad time from then on to the end of the year.

But I've been on dialysis for six months and am doing excellently. I lost 45 pounds of fluid, my blood work has been normal since the beginning of the year, and my energy levels are back to what they once were. I even drove a 12-hour trip from Atlanta to Northern Virginia and back and still have energy to be posting.

Life is good again, with the only downside being the 18 hours a week I spend involved with dialysis. Well worth it, in my opinion, for what I receive in return (and I even get work done on my laptop during that time).

So on the way back from Virginia today, we drove past a large music store off I-85 in South Carolina that I always wanted to explore, and this time, we stopped for a visit.

While browsing the bass guitar section, I noticed a nice little practice bass amp (I sold my amps last year when it appeared I wouldn't be playing any more). My wife, bless her soul, commented, "Don't you think you should start practicing again, for when you want to find a new band?"

She knows me well, and knows I've missed playing (37 years, not counting last year). So we bought that little amp and I now have a shiny new piece of electronics in the living room. Did one practice session for about 15 minutes before both hands gave out, but I'll get my "chops" back soon enough.

So if you hear a low rumbling notice anywhere in the world, that just me, GraphicBass, and I'm back to making grooves!

Just wanted to share....


Product Requests / WP "Best Offer" Plugin
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:18:38 PM »

This is a new Warrior Forum offering, but I didn't see anything about rights. Before I go off spending more money, can you see if it can be added to RRW?



Off Topic Forum / Do You Skype?
« on: May 04, 2011, 09:11:41 AM »
I've looked at this from time to time and always resisted getting on the "Skype train" for the same reason I don't like instant messaging: Sometimes I don't want to be interrupted in my work to take a call.

One of my clients wants me to do more with Skype and loves showing his screen shots, etc.

I am dubious. It's cool, but does it make me money? That said, I may need to embrace it just to satisfy my client.

I'd appreciate comments, good and bad. (BTW, I'm on a Mac, and I've heard the Skype client for Macs is terrible).


Mastering PLR & MRR Products / PLR On
« on: April 22, 2011, 12:32:18 PM »
You may already know that a "hot" use of PLR is to convert it to Kindle format and get it listed in the Kindle Marketplace on Within a day or so of PLR being released, it usually shows up in the listings; most of them exactly as they were released. The result is many, many listings with the same title, text, descriptive blurb and cover. The only difference will be the "author," although it seems kind of strange to see eight listings for the same book with different authors. A dead give-away to PLR content.

I'm experimenting with the model (not my original idea; lots of WSOs addressing this) of repurposing selected PLR and listing on Amazon, both in the Kindle Marketplace and as a print book a great deal as listing on Kindle and on Amazon print listings is free. The only cost is about $40 for if you want a higher royalty and lower costs for printing. The difference is I re-write the PLR extensively (that's why it's "selected"; I choose the PLR that's written at a bit higher level to make for easier re-writes.) and write a new title, along with creating a brand new cover and new description.

My time investment is about three hours to re-write most content, plus another 30 minutes to design the cover and generate 3D and flat versions. It takes about 20 minutes to enter the information and upload to Kindle Direct Publishing. Then 1-2 days for it to go "live" and be available for sale. (Note: Since I do these books during my time in dialysis, it's a good, productive use of time that is not otherwise available for normal client work, and, because the effects of dialysis hinder great levels of concentration, I don't like to work on my original product creation during this time.) Converting to createspace print format takes a little longer about an hour due to the more precise specifications, but it's good to have dual formats.

If this works, I'll extend it to the Nook. won't accept PLR content, even re-written, so I can't take advantage of their automatic formatting and distribution to more reader outlets.

Here's my latest upload (hint: it's a pen name I got using

I priced it low as it is very general information and I didn't want to research the topic for more content to add.

I have two more titles almost ready to upload in the next few days, then I'll choose a few more to work on. My plan is to convert about 50 PLR items so I can have a good test of this as a passive income generator after I drive a bit of traffic to the listings. If any become a reasonable seller, I'll throw up an autoblog with a commerce plugin and sell directly from the website as well. I can also outsource a lot of this, if it generates sufficient aggregate income.

I know I'm probably germinating some competition here, but the marketplace is so vast, there's room for all!

Just my $.02.


Technical Assistance / Color Choice Resource
« on: April 20, 2011, 07:53:49 PM »
Was poking around for some help in creating a color scheme for a new site (yes, even designers get a "creative block" from time to time!) and ran across this site:

I had discovered it a year or so ago, but it wasn't very well along in development. Now it's a nice resource for color schemes contributed by the community.

Free. Offered by Adobe.


Mastering PLR & MRR Products / Good WSO Released Today about PLR
« on: April 20, 2011, 05:19:11 PM »
Brad Spencer at the Warrior Forum released an interview with Mike Cowles, a "PLR Master". I don't know if Mark can add this to the Vault, so I went ahead and bought it while it was only $6.00.

It contains the interview (audio and video), a mindmap (with a link to free mindmap software) and a transcript (still to come).

I looked at the mindmap briefly (will listen to the audio tomorrow) and it looks as if it has some really, really good ideas on using PLR to really make some money that you may not have considered. I know I haven't, so these are ideas I intend to use. (Although I'm in the product creation business and do a lot of it, I can create everything!, which is why I'm a member, in part, of RRW).

Here's the link:


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