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Off Topic Forum / Information, moral, ethics, responsibility etc..
« on: October 19, 2014, 03:21:22 PM »
I don't feel like Product Requests are good place to discuss this topic and I'd like to hear what you think about this, so I'm opening this (after reading this: My questions are not really about ebola but that's actual topic so I'll take it as example.

Ebola is hot topic. Like, really hot. People are searching for details, there are plenty of PLR materials ready to be used and with just a little effort it shouldn't be hard to make money from this. However, facts and statistics are boring and will not make people buy something. Manipulation using fear and drama, on the other side, will.

This weekend I went through some rewritten PLR articles about ebola, survival guides etc and most of them were all like - we are all going to die, nothing you hear in news is true, if you want to live, you'll buy this survival guide. And then, survival guide says - prepare your bags and be ready to leave the city as soon as you hear about ebola patient near your city  :shocked2:

I know I would never ever create that kind of product where sales depend on someones fears and I would feel responsible for acts of every single person who bought my survival guide, but want to hear - would you? How do you approach topics like this? Do you just skip these niches, use them with all drama included or risk to earn a bit less money and create product with as little drama as possible? Do you ever think about these moral and responsibility things while creating your product?

Marketing Talk / Any Twitter tips to share?
« on: September 06, 2014, 05:00:20 PM »
I was wondering - what would be the optimal posting frequency on Twitter? Also, any tips on how to keep followers engaged would be much appreciated.

Marketing Talk / How I made my first Fiverr gig
« on: February 23, 2014, 07:15:02 AM »
Everyone is talking about Fiverr, how hard it is to get first gig and everything, so I was curious to see how that thing works and how hard or easy it is to make money there. First gig is important and hardest to get, just as first ten are. Once first is done things get easier as you finally have some feedback. Once first ten are done, things are really simple - you can change your gigs to anything you want, add additional costs and actually make money out of it. Here's my experience with first ten gigs.

In case you still don't know, Fiverr is a place where you can buy or sell everything for $5. And by saying everything, I really mean it - it's almost like $5 ebay. 

Since this is all about selling, first thing I've done was to create a list of things I can sell there. Made a list of anything I could think about that could be sold. Then I went to Fiverr and looked at other's profiles and gigs to see what's popular and what's actually selling.

Things that goes best are funny, weird and creative gigs and time consuming tasks. Another thing I've noticed was that all people who are making money there have up to 6 active gigs, not more. Also, we're talking about $5 sales, so there's no point in selling complete website solutions or things that would take too much time.
Having all that on mind I managed to narrow my list to several items/services that are actually a part of my other projects or are already completed. I've marked the ones I enjoy the most, and that got me to 3 gigs I'll start with.

Next step was to set up the profile. I've chosen to go with more personal and fun and less professional approach. I've decided to take the same username I'm using on forums instead of company name or full name. I've completed my profile with real photo, and some simple info about what I'm doing for living and what I'd like to do on Fiverr.

Then I had to place my initial gigs. I know I could go up to 6 gigs, but as a new member decided to stay with only 3 - this is pure psychology - people can feel when someone is hungry for money and are avoiding  those persons as they are aware that money hungry people care less about customers and quality than those who are doing things for fun/pleasure/anything but making big money out of nothing.

Setting up gigs was easy. Important thing is to fix your title so it will fit nicely as a finish of the 'I will..' sentence. I've added custom made cover images, basic information about the service/product I'm offering, stating very clearly what buyer can expect and what can't, just as my terms what I expect from my buyers. Delivery time was set to maximum time I could need to deliver my gig + 24 hours just in case if gig was sold during non-working days.

That's it.

Two days later I checked the statistics to see click rates and if I should change something - numbers weren't too high, but were good for newbie. Impressions were around 50-100, clicks were about 30% of impressions and page views were bit higher than clicks. I also went to Fiverr forum and got involved in the community with few posts on different topics. Since I'm new and without any feedback and I didn't want to look desperate, I skipped advertising my gigs there.

Three more days and my first gig came. In total, it took me less than two hours to set up my Fiverr account and gigs, and less than a week before first order came. The same day it was delivered, came the second. I stayed involved in the community with post or two per day, and in less than 3 weeks from start first ten were done.

Off Topic Forum / Map Of The Internet
« on: January 31, 2014, 05:27:20 AM »
Some people really have too much free time  :smiley:

Since the map is way too big to fit in the forum post, here's the link: Map Of The Internet

Off Topic Forum / Very special holiday 'giveaway'
« on: December 22, 2013, 08:13:04 AM »
Members of one of my communities are organizing very nice, well, sort of giveaway, this holiday season, so I thought I'd share it with you. This is a really short notice, as campaign will finish in 24 hours or so, but you still have time to join if you want.

What is this about - for the first time they are organizing a massive energy transmission to all the people to whom you'll dedicate your intention. All you have to do is fill the form and write few words about the person you'd like to help.

This is not a list building thing or anything like that and you can enter as many people as you want, one by one, and you don't even have to use valid email address, but it would be really great if you could use real names.

Here's the link: Holiday Love Campaign

One of my Facebook pages got deleted by Facebook. Short story is that page is deleted due to copyright infringement issues.

Long story: we removed one of the admins on the page because he was breaking the posting rules continuously for several months. We really appreciate every contribution to the page, so we haven't removed him until he didn't respond to more than 10 friendly reminders that we'd like him to post by rules. He was wide awake the same moment he was removed and started b*tching how we can't do that.
His next move was to demand we remove every single post he posted on our page. We are talking about more than a year of posts on page with 40+ posts per day, so it was really hard and time consuming task, but we went through the posts and removed whatever was found.
His next move was to report the page to the Facebook. Facebook immediately removed the page not even bothering to check if the guy is telling the truth.

We've exchanged several letters and calls with him, his attorney (yes, he has one and is suing us for copyright infringement because he posted his commercial on our page). Facebook told us to either get a letter from him/his attorney giving the allowance for page to get up again or wait for eight days to see if there will be a lawsuit, and if not they will most likely get our page back - it's day 4 of that period.

Funny thing is that that same guy has stolen our copyrighted images, removed watermarks and used them on his own page. We still haven't decided if we'll take legal actions against him or not, but we took his FB page down thinking maybe he'll change his mind and 'swap page for page' - of course he didn't.

So, has anyone had any similar experiences? I'd love to hear some thoughts or advice what you guys would do. My team is doing a great job, but I'm afraid we are missing something and am not ready to let the page go.

New Member Intros / *waves hello*
« on: June 26, 2013, 07:33:51 AM »
Hi everyone!

I'm not really good in virtual introductions, but will try..
I am a full time web developer, specialized in social media and communities. I found this forum searching for some internet marketing tools and after few hours of reading decided to stay for a while.
(if you don't mind, I will skip the part about my hobbies and free time for now, as I doubt you'd be interested in reading books about animals and artsy things  :laugh:)

I'm hoping to learn something new here, and if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know  :smiley:

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