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New Member Intros / Hello from the west end of Tennessee
« on: February 23, 2014, 04:52:39 PM »
Hello everyone,

My name is Dave Fullmer and I live in a small city about 100 miles northeast of Memphis, TENN.,  McKenzie is a town of about 6000 people and my bride of 55 years and I live on 45 acres of mostly wooded land about 6 miles out of town.  McKenzie is a 3 stoplight town and oft-times when we go to the grocery store, we may meet only 6 to ten cars on the new 5 lane highway the state built.

I am new to Resell rights but not totally unfamiliar.  I want to first use the products to offer to newbie marketers a good freebie to get their information into my autoresponder campaigns.  Any suggestions on just where to start would be great.

Thanks and hopefully, it won't be long when I can contribute some help to someone else.


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