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Product Requests / Also would like Steve Dougherty's PLR Videos...
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:28:45 PM »
Hello Mark and Fellow Marketers,

Please excuse me if I post my request in the wrong area. Been a lifetime gold member for a while however using the Forum is pretty much new territory for me. First time actually requesting a product.

Awesome Membership site EVER!! Thank you so much Mark for all the hard work you do on our behalf!

I did see an earlier topic posted. However, I would also like to add a request for some of the newer Video PLR from Steve Dougherty's PLR Video Site.

There is a couple of new videos - Auto-responders - Online Security - Graphics Tools

Auto-responders -

Thank you kindly,

New Member Intros / Great to be here - My First Ever Forum Site
« on: July 17, 2014, 06:49:23 AM »
Hello to all Fellow Members,

My name is Beverley from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada.

Lets see here I have two grown children - Stephen age 25 - Jessica age 20 - Gesh I am getting old lol - I have my little Pomeranian Tobi age 3 years old now - Great Little Fellow!!

I only began "Trying" to learn about the Online Marketing / Business since May 2014

Thus I am pretty much the Newbie. You know the kind - the one who has bought all those "Great Wonderful Shiny Products" that do not work and have nothing to show for it - only stupidity to spend so much money in the first place!!  lol Oh well have to learn from our mistakes!!

My goal is to learn how to begin an Online Business in the Personal Development Field.

Basically due to the fact I have been a Registered Nurse for many years up until my car accident a couple years back which sadly to say ended my Nursing career.- I choose this area of Personal Development as I believe in the Holistic Nursing Care Model - "Mind - Body - Soul" and I dearly so miss helping others.

Nursing was my whole life since I started as a Volunteer at the age of 13 in the ER Department. As a result I feel like my whole soul has been ripped out because I can not do what I love - Helping others in anyway possible.

As they say though when one door closes another door opens. Reason why I wish to start my business in the Personal Care, Development, Growth Field.

Maybe this area is not profitable enough I have not really researched the area as I am trying to find different tools and ideas to aid in my research. However, the almighty dollar is not the be all end all - helping others is my main goal and intentions!

It would be a pleasure to get to know fellow members - feeling alone out in the World Wide Web is rather Lonely at times. Especially when I have no clue what I am doing lol Technicality is not my strong suit lol

Please do not hesitate to message me at anytime - Love to make some new friends online and get to know new people from all over the world.

Chat Soon,

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