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Technical Assistance / Fixed Term Membership
« on: July 22, 2016, 11:04:57 AM »
I want to start a fixed term membership, but feel a little stuck, lol.  I'd eventually like to have several so it's really important that I do it on my own and not have someone do it for me.  However, if I can't figure it out I will be happy to pay someone.  As far as I understand I won't need any type of membership scripts for this.  So here's one of the things I am confused on: Am I just cutting and pasting my lesson in the autoresponder or are the people that sign up for my course supposed to get a pdf version of the lesson to their email?  And if so, how do i get the pdf to them? And then my next question is am I cutting and pasting the welcome email, capture page and download page?  Please don't judge me, cthu.  I know i sound like a nut. :)
I am going to  have more questions so that I can connect the dots, I just can't think of them at this time.

Thanks for any help you can provide me.  i really appreciate it.


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