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Off Topic Forum / How Knowledgeable Everyone On This Site Is!
« on: September 23, 2018, 04:12:39 PM »
I'm amazed how knowlegeable everyone on this site is!  It amazes me!  In comparison, I feel computer illiterate but I also know my knowledge of how to use a computer, social media site or a smart phone is gradually increasing.  Still, for those who grew up before computers were invented, it's a steep learning curve that's hard to grasp entirely!

Off Topic Forum / Internet Access
« on: September 23, 2018, 04:09:39 PM »
Hi.  This is Palu Rainbow Song.  I've been absent from this site for a bit due to no internet access where I have been staying.  There is no internet access there, but I am back home now at my place where I do have internet access for now.  Sadly, I'm only here for a short time but when I come back here again, I hope to communicate once more!  Palu

Hope Mark gets better and the strain of caring for others manages itself better, too.

Sending Mark good vibes, plus thanks to the rest of his friends here on RRW who are taking over for him in the meantime!

Hi.  I want to make a calender to sell before Xmas and New Years.  I typed in Calendars in the product search and it came up with nothing.  Doesn't RRW have an app to create calendars with?

Off Topic Forum / New Website Builders Get My Hopes Up
« on: June 25, 2017, 07:17:51 AM »
My hopes get high when I here about new website builders, but every time I try to use them I still find it very confusing and then finally I find I can't do it.  Is there a Holy Grail of website buiders that are so easy a monkey can do it?  I think that's more what I need because having Autism and trying to do stuff on the internet sometimes is just too confusing and hard.  What is the simplest of simplest website builders or creators out there that anyone knows of?     Palu Rainbow Song

Product Requests / VideoRemix|SmartVideo
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:52:24 AM »
Hi everyone... How do I find out if VideoRemix|SmartVideo is a product that Mark can offer here?  I only just found out about it and it looks really good!  I'm trying to figure out in my mind some of the stuff I've seen before that are requirements for getting it on RRW, but I've forgotten what some of those are?  What are the minimum requirements for MARK to consider getting it for everyone on RRW? 

1) A product has to be able to _________?
2) A product has to be _______________?

(* Sorry, I've forgotten what any of the requirements happen to be)  Could you please remind me here or tell me where I go to find out what they are?)

Hi.  From my experience that I have, the Fantastico De Luxe app installer for Wordpress is still broken on my end.  Why is it broken?  Can't it be fixed?  This is the app I saw a training video with that I want to install my wordpress site with so I can add a plugin theme that I was shown and acquired.  Without Fantastico working, I don't know how to do that.  Please what must I do to get Fantastico fixed?  It doesn't even have an icon attached to it any more.

I've raised the issue before but I'm doing it again because it is still broken.  Thanks.

Palu Rainbow Song

Working with computers, website and hosting stuff is a vast wilderness in which I feel very alone and confused (even on RRW)!

Latest UPDATE, I changed Name Servers back to GoDaddy again for UniverseA-Z ( again because I thought the domain name was broken and perhaps if I could look at it myself, I could fix it?  Then GoDaddy told me if I just insert the hosting site its supposed to be on, then it will show up the same and be usable and I then have control to look at it more closely.  So that's an UPDATE.  (Or do you want me to point the nameservers back again?)  Can I only have one website?  That's not actually the website I wanted to insert the WordPress Plugin on, which happens to be another domain name I want to add.  But Add-on Domains on Pro-Hosting said you can only add "0" domains.  I'm getting nowhere by myself and have only had 2 messages form Mark I don't quite know how to answer back?  The communication just doesn't seem to be working so I will communicate here and just keep doing it from here until I can have a WordPress Site installed using Fantastico Deluxe and add the plugin theme onto it which I have on my computer that I've been given to use (but I only know how to install that if I can install WordPress using Fantastico De Luxe Installer).   I'm at a standstill because of error 403.  The error says a domain name shouldn't be capitalized yet on the C-Panel Login infor for me, the domain has capital letters.  I usually prefer capital letters where a new word begins, but am now finding this to be bad due to rejection errors and don't know how to correct that.  I'm getting tired of repeating the same thing over and over again as if no one is seeing it or hearing what I'm saying, and just want it to work.  I'm poorer monetarily than I've ever been this whole year (end of Winter), and can't pay anyone  to help me in anyway, shape or form.  Nevertheless, could someone help me or Mark help me?  Yet I've only seen 2 messages from Mark and don't know if he's seen my replies?  I will await any response from anyone (hopefully Mark).  PS - Mark... could you just email me at  That, I know how to do!  I am very confused and failing at trying to communicate on RRW (even though it's probably not confusing for other people, I'm totally confused by how to do messages with anyone on this site the way it's set up)!  I cannot do it!  A simple email in my Gmail inbox I know I can answer and see or find.  Thanks Mark, and thank anyone else!  (Please don't feel mad at me anyone, because I don't know how to do something?  I'm sorry if I "don't get it."  And please "don't put me down or make fun of  me or scold me" because I am showing an ineptness at knowing how to operate my Pro-Hosting account?").  I will probably eventually "give up" if this continues, but I haven't given up yet.

Off Topic Forum / When there is a lock icon, what does that mean?
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:43:46 PM »
When there is a lock icon, what does that mean?

Services Offered/Needed / Couldn't figure out how?
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:40:33 PM »
Hi.  In the 2 new topics Mark has created (the swap one) and the other one.... I could not figure out how to add topics within those (for instance, to say what I can offer or if I'd like to barter or trade something or offer services, etc.  How do you do that?

I think using PLR software can help heal the world if people who learn how to use it, can further their creativity and the creativity of others through its use.  For instance, learning software can further the fields of knowledge.  Software on how to create an ebook could further more ebooks about various subjects.  Graphic packages might help convey ideas better in more easy to understand format, etc.

The question I have, is do you think PLR Software can lend itself to planetary healing (especially of those using it use it as such, to promote good and to help advance human consciousness?  For instance, if some software makes redundant tasks easier, then it saves us more time.  With more time, we can work to understand our own predicament better and circumstances with which to advance our awareness!  (Perhaps here is even software for that!  Is there?)

What are your thoughts?  Does this interest anybody.  Give it up to Mark for creating such a wonderful website that offers those who use it, an opportunity to expand their lives in many ways on many facets!  Thanks, Mark!

Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song)

HI.  When I try using another computer to log in, sometimes it doesn't work.  Do you know why that could be?

Off Topic Forum / HELP!
« on: January 26, 2017, 09:21:10 AM »
My presence on the internet is not much.  This has become one of the few places where I do have a presence however.  Despite not knowing as much as most here, it has been my pleasure to communicate with others.  Even though I want to become a different type of "Internet Marketer" where I am not always thinking about money or how to get or make money, yet would like to have something coming in from sharing innovative marketing products with others such as we find here (and even though I still don't know how to fully access PLR's, etc. due to my Autism which I know I shouldn't use as a crutch why I can't... but I still haven't fully "gotten it yet" or done it successfully so I can).... nevertheless I am leaving a written record here because I regard the people who have given me positive feedback and answers as my closest thing to "friends" I have on the internet.

For the past 2 months even though Salt Spring is like the Hawaii of Canada, nevertheless it has been freezing here as well, with temperatures this Winter ever since Fall, the majority of the time below freezing.  I am already living in sub-standard housing ever since I was evicted from the last place I lived for complaining about 2nd hand cigarette smoke in the building.  I already had a workshop here I was renting for $100 a month, but when I became evicted and had no where else to go, they let me live in my workshop.  Suddenly I was paying $400 for the same place, but having to live here without any running water, no hot water, no real bathroom, no real kitchen, cracks in the walls and places near the ceiling where there were no walls anymore so cold air can come in, etc.  The landlord insulated the back room a bit, plus there is mice and rat infestation everywhere.  They did not want to pay higher electrical bills, so cautioned me I'd have to use my propane heater inside to stay warm with that I had.  This is how it's been for 3 years.

However, everybody has their pet peeves.  The landlord would periodically enter my place without permission and confiscate anything of mine I owned if he thought it used too much electricity in his mind.  He wouldn't tell me he had.  I'd have to figure out for myself if something went missing.  I asked him please not to do that anymore, be he hasn't listened to me.  Recently he added a computer room to their house I run a cord from 300 feet away, which unfortunately is drawing from the same breaker my power is coming from, so I now have less.  Ever since he did that, when my electricity goes out if it is my fault (running the toaster and microwave at the same time for instance), all I had to do was press the button on my power bar for my power to be restored.  No so anymore.  Their power goes off in his wife's computer room he made for her.  That only happened once or twice and recently I had to ask them to turn the power back on?

Saturday, I was told because their power "went off," I had to be "punished" so they were turning my power off for the day and perhaps longer to "teach me a lesson" (relayed to me by their daughter).  I have already been living in sub-standard housing for 3 years now.  This Winter has caused me to lose access to the internet the majority of the time, even though I've wanted my presence here to be more.  On a regular basis lately, the power has been going off and on for a flash, you never know when and I never know why?  Although it is not my fault because I am not doing anything different and not using any more power than I should for normal purposes, I am being suspected by the landlord of using an electric heater.  I have a counselor who gave me her electric heater to use in an emergency if my propane heater ran out of fuel or stopped working, that she insisted I take quite some time ago.  I've never used it, even though I get dizzy when I use my propane heater if I have it on for long and even though I've heard it is unhealthy to use indoors and I could die if I fell asleep with it on.  I obtained a wood stove for free sitting outside of my cabin, but my landlord refuses to help me take out the defunct wood stove here or to let me install my wood stove in here, even though he formerly said I could.  As a result, I am forced to use my propane heater inside, which is dangerous and my health feels already affected by due to constant burning in an enclosed space I have to breathe and it being made illegal by the landlord for me to use an electric heater to warm myself up with (which isn't dangerous to my health).

Yesterday my landlord barged in again without asking, insinuating I was using an electric heater.  I told him I hadn't, that I use my propane heater to keep warm with and he touched it.  It felt cold.  He was demanding to know where I was hiding my electric heater!  He snooped around in my place I'm living and didn't find what he was looking for, so said he would be coming to my place tomorrow and if he still suspected I am using an electric heater, he would turn my power off for good!  If he does that, I won't be able to see during the day very well and especially at night without any lights!  I won't have internet access anymore which is already slight due to the Winter Weather and inconsistency of my internet connection which is unstable at this time.  Any time now the weather will dip below freezing again and I'm already finding it difficult to survive.  I'm afraid if he cuts my power off for good, in which I'm already suffering due to lack of amenities most people have but I no longer do, my odds for survival may dip below what is normal and without power to rely on (not able to use my microwave or an electric heat pad to help me keep warm in my bed when blankets "don't cut it" when it is clearly below freezing.... life is going to become unbearable for me)!  I don't know what to do?  He insists I'm using an electric heater and yet I answered honestly I was not.  Is it abusive for a landlord to cut your power off in Winter when it is near or below freezing?  Can they legally do that because they want to?  Especially "to punish me?"  If he's not believing the truth I tell him (I've taken my counselor's heater and hid it inside my van even though I never used it, thinking if he found it, he would think he was "right" when he wasn't), that I'm not using an electric heater but only my propane heater (even though in my mind I would like to tell him I have the right to use an electric heater if I wanted to like most people do and there's not anything he could do about that and it's not a crime).... I feel I have to appease him and do what he says or he cold or might turn violent.  Nobody knows what is happening to me.  I won't be able to communicate with the outside world if he does that... (turns my power off) because I have no landline phone.... I use my gmail account with a microphone to make phone calls.  I won't even be able to call my mom in California anymore.  My propane heater (a Mr. Heater screwed on to a propane tank), doesn't heat up my place.... only me if I stand near it and I can't stand near it for long without becoming dizzy or shallow breathing).  I don't like using it.  Sometimes it is scary to use.  He cut a little hole out of the wall saying it is now safe to use inside (but the hole is the size of a mouse hole).  I don't want to keep using my propane heater for heat, but have no choice.  I want to use a woodstove but he won't let me put it in and it's rusting outside.  I want to use electric heat over propane, but he won't let me.  I do not believe in abuse, abusive relationships, etc. and haven't any money except my disability cheque.  $375 goes towards shelter and $25 for the internet.  If he won't believe me I'm not using an electric heater tomorrow and turns my power off because he "suspects" or is "suspicious" I am using electric heat and blames the power surges we are experiencing since his re-wiring of his wife's computer room using the same breaker my power comes from for my mis-use of the electrical load on my end when I am not doing anything different from before but I get the blame instead of his own re-wiring job.... does anyone have any advice?  If you do not hear from me again either because he might be violent and hurt me or because he turns off my power and thus my internet access, I appreciated communicating with everyone! 

Paul Beckman

Hi.  My question is does anybody have any New Years Resolutions for 2017?

(I was snowed in with little communication with the outside world for 2 weeks and have just returned to the internet.)

1) I'll start.  My 2017 New Years Resolution is to become a healthier and happier person.

Hi.  It occurred to me that RRW could be a substitute to Clickbank, because I thought they were similar to each other in what they do?  But is that really the case?

One Marketing App wanted me to choose between Clickbank or another choice where I can be an affiliate.  It wanted me to go on Clickbank and pick a product to attach a link to as an affiliate so when I get some marketing stuff created that talks about that, then I will get an affiliate commission.  At least that's how it's supposed to work, then I would find out if it is successful.  But if you didn't want to use clickbank, it let you put in another affiliate link.  So I thought, if I wanted to not be reliant only on Clickbank (for what that app offers), why not choose another affiliate link?  I inserted my affliate link on RRW, but then there was a discrepancy because I didn't know how to link the affiliate link to a chosen product to let this marketing app know that's what I was doing?  Whereas if people choose Clickbank (the marketing app's prefered choice), it let's you be an affiliate of the product and get commissions.  I only knew how to give the affiliate link of RRW (so I guess the product I would be selling is RRW), but I didn't know how to pick a product and give an affiliate link of that?  So I may not have done it right... the way they wanted me to do it if I chose a Clickbank alternative, and I wondered if RRW let's people sell products on RRW or do affiliates on RRW only share RRW to prospective people to join?  My question may have got a little mixed up in trying to expound my meaning, but the gist of it comes back to being... is RRW just like Clickbank only it's Mark's, or does it differ in a number of ways?  And did I give the right "affiliate link" if I chose OTHER, or could I have given an affiliate link to any  product besides just RRW?  I don't mind doing either, but what the marketing app really wanted of me was a product I chose amongst many that was supposed to reflect my chosen niche... and is that possible?  Can a RRW member become also an affiliate of products sold on RRW?

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