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As I am not certain where to post this I am posting it as a new topic also!

On June 30th I cancelled my GOLD account it was the day I was charged and I requested a refund, I HAVE HEARD NOTHING! NO REFUND and no response saying things might be going on that will take a little more time to respond.

I believe I have been more than patient so PLEASE REFUND MY PAYMENT! TODAY!


New Member Intros / Hello!
« on: June 24, 2017, 02:17:36 PM »
Figured I should & would say hi. So HI!!

This is all new to me and I plan to be sponge like in this forum and learn all I can from all I can read!

Any suggestions are welcome AND APPRECIATED, if I seem not to notice a swift kick in the shins normally remedies that, so you have my permission, go ahead and kick!

I do have one question I have just signed up for the Gold Membership 7 Day Trial and was looking forward to see how that was set up with my new domain. I have sent a message to support with hosting info and have yet to hear back. I'm thinking there are other concerns for RRW owner AT THE MOMENT preventing timely responses, and I get that! My question is should I cancel the trial and wait until there is a better time? That hosting set up was a big deal for me because when it comes "behind the screen" stuff... I'm a DUMMY!

THANKS and I am really happy to be here!

2 days ago I signed up for the 7 day trial of RRW Gold Membership (after years of just looking) and anticipate moving to a Lifetime Membership soon.

My concern is that after registering for the 7 Day Gold trial I am unable to get a response to ANY support request! I'm guessing that when those 7 days are up there won't be a problem taking the first monthly charge for a service I have not been able to truly evaluate.

I have got a domain name, sent in the hosting request and not a peep now for 2 days now. And in all honesty I have sent in support tickets that are nearly a month old now that are still waiting on a response...

I'm REALLY NOT trying to be a snit, and I realize things happen that are out of control of people, but can anyone tell me what's going on, is this kind of service normal and should I cancel my 7 day trial until things are straightened out?

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