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I'm currently only a free member and looking into joining a premium (aka paid) PLR/MRR membership site.  RRW is on of 3 in my sights.

But the problem is, with the other sites I'm looking at, I can search their database of available PLR and MRR products before I even pay for a membership.  I'm looking around here at RRW and I don't see the ability to do that.  Am I just not seeing it or can you only know what products are available by paying for a membership?

Off Topic Forum / HEADS UP: Footer Link Leads to Escort Blog
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:58:34 PM »
Just a little heads up (well actually a big one come to think of it). 

On the footer links of this forum there is a link to "DzinerStudio Theme", the makers of the theme for this forum.  And it appears they have gone out of business sometime in 2017 and let their domain expire. 

:  The new owner of the domain name is now hosting a scammy/spammy blog that has post, links and pictures that promote a pimping site where you can "rent" girls in Las Vegas.   :-[   Might want to do something about that.   :smiley:

And come to think of it, y'all might want to look into changing your theme.  If the theme is no longer sold and supported, that means security updates are no longer available either.  Something to think a BIG way.

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