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Feedback Requests / Re: introduction plus advice & guidance needed
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:46:31 AM »
hi Jerome
thats the kind of guidance I was hoping for. 1000 thanks

Feedback Requests / Re: introduction plus advice & guidance needed
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:57:59 AM »
hi Jerome
I had & have no idea, I was just reading and overloaded by the information I found on the internet; without digesting it I sucked in ebay, donations etc..

Can I outsource almost everything? I have to fill two shoes: a) getting "my girls" behind the laptops asap after I have learned it, that they can make their own 500 monthly, by doing what ? joining wealthy affiliates for example ?= plan A
b) making money by getting donations in for example to support the villagers with food, clothes and building water wells etc... = plan B.
Can I learn EVERYTHING within the gold membership that I find straight line(s) and don't have to jump from right to left?

Thank you!

Feedback Requests / Re: introduction plus advice & guidance needed
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:29:49 AM »
dear magicman
tnx for your response. There is nothing to be worried about:villagers are farmers, they get nothing from the governments and nothing is taken from them. In the townships is no difference but what happens: when  new
grants schemes are implemented the local politicians and members of the ruling party are the first to know about it and have a plan to get their share, they are the first around the table or sitting on the plates, "I eat first" is the slogan and the poor people who are supposed to benefit from the grants remain empty handed or left with crumbs.

Feedback Requests / introduction plus advice & guidance needed
« on: November 08, 2014, 07:33:10 AM »
My introduction for plus asking for advice & guidance for “making money online”

I am Peter from South Africa; I am geologist and was contracted within 30 years in almost all countries of southern Africa, I am close to retirement and want to devote myself to charity, I made and make a living, others don't: there are people in the rural areas of the countries I have visited who are poor, very poor and who need help to make their lives -with small things- just a little bit easier. Many of them are in rags, they are neglected by the well dressed, corrupt politicians in the capitals and neglected by the NGOs who only appear on the scene sometimes when there was a disaster; then they deliver 20 tv-friendly bags of rice to the nearest assembly point but disaster (= need, hunger) in the rural areas is there each & every day.
Most of the NGOs eat 50% or more of the donations for their admin i.e. put the backsides of their staff  in air-conditioned energy wasting offices and in fancy cars (a Toyota V8 is just good enough) while villagers don't  have or get a bicycle. The villagers don't know NGOs, they have never met their staff, the local kings/chiefs don't know them either, the same counts for me: in all my years being in the bush, I have never met somebody representing a NGO but they are there! Where ? You find their cars in the parking of the malls in the capitals and the staff in the fancy expensive eating places.
The churches neglect  the villagers as well; they get containers full of good quality second hand clothes which were donated from overseas. But after sorting, the clothes are not distributed among the poor, they are sold to whoever can afford them! This handling is not what the doctor ordered but I accept it because the clothes are very often  of better  quality and cheaper than those you find in the stores  in the  nearest  town.
When I travel to those areas, my pickup is always loaded with cooking oil, rice, sugar, anti malaria pills etc.., it is not even a drop in the ocean but for 1 or 2 villages where I arrive, its always like Xmas, even when its mid July.
My private wallet is not strong enough to finance traveling in a convoy but I want to bring my support with my team of 3 volunteers to that higher level, making money online and collecting donations should be the way:
As far as the computer & internet is concerned, I know how to write emails, write & store documents  and how to google, nothing more! Approximately 4 months ago I paid attention -for the first time- to some spam emails “making money online”; till then I didn't know that something like this exists, I haven't seen it till today in real ! I am just reading about it; the offers in the emails looked very promising (I didn't know about scammers ); I signed up with 5 or 6 programs/training courses because getting money in that way would help tremendously in my efforts to support the poor.
The programs I bought, I didn't understand, they were useless to me, but because I was refunded 100%, I was not discouraged ! I keep  on reading & rummaging the internet, improve my knowledge and hopefully will find the right tools with your advice and guidance, dear members of this impressive forum.
Before I describe the internet-path I want to use, I want to outline the budget for 2015 i.e. the funds I want to collect, earn via the internet (incl. Donations); second hand clothes, unforeseen costs & all transport costs will be to my own account, approx $12.000).

1500 plastic bags each containing  2 L cooking oil, 2kg rice
                                                        2 kg sugar, tea (80 bags/pack)                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                           $  8.5 x 1500                                    $    12.750
400  pairs of shoes                          $20 each                                         20  x   400                                           8.000

120  school uniforms incl. Shoes    $50 each                                        50  x   120                                            6.000

400  boxes anti malaria pills           $10 each                                        10  x   400                                            4.000
2 water shaft wells                          $7.000 each                                                                                              14.000
2 4x4 pickups                                    5.000 each                                                                                              10.000
equipment for kindergarten incl. toilets, & sun shelter                                                                                      6.500
                                                                                                                                                                    $    61.200
                                                                                                                                                                          =====The list is almost endless, there are hundreds of causes

Some of the positions above need explanation: many parents in Malawi and Zambia can't afford the uniforms for the kids, some don't  send the kids to school without uniform, some uniforms are passed on over 2 or even 3 age groups. Kids are growing fast but age group two covers very often group 1 & 3, we catch 3 birds with 1 stone and give the kids  the pride which comes with the uniforms, the shining eyes of the little ones is the best “thank you” you can ever get.
In eastern Zambia are two villages ,roughly 1200 inhabitants (nobody knows exactly),  without water since a borehole collapsed 2 years ago, the women walk 12 km to bring 20l of water to their huts from a pond which they have to share with pigs, cows and even wild animals, two 8 m water shaft wells would be a blessing. The local chief doesn't help, he pockets all the money he demands from visitors to his area for himself: $200 just to see him, but you have to sit down with him, he is talking BS to you (he calls it consulting) and charges you $1000.
The transport in the villages and surroundings is done by donkey-carts, nothing wrong with it, but: on a donkey cart the guy who was bitten by a poisonous snake doesn't make it to the nearest clinic 60 km away; the bananas
and veggies to be sold on the market of the nearest town are loaded to the cart in the evening to be available in the morning at  the market, in the late afternoon the bananas and veggies are almost rotten because to the heat; with a pickup on hand the villagers can harvest in the morning and offer their products fresh 2h later, a 4x4 will carry them through the mud during the rainy season. 10 to 12 year old pickups are available at around $5.000.
There is a kindergarten in the Namibian part of the Kalahari desert, the kids have nothing to play with, no swing, no see-saw, chute etc.. no benches, no toilets, no sun shelter, I want to change that: to get donations in, I  want to run crowd-funding campaigns for the kindergarten, the wells and the pickups.

What I have learned so far, its easier said than done; running a campaign as number 179, 371 or 583 on a crowd-funding site is only one side of the coin and brings nothing without publicity, actually publicity is the most important aspect  within all efforts to make any kind of money online, correct?
The overload of information is suffocating me; as I don't know and can't distinguish yet what is important and what is not, I jump from link to link with the result that I am more confused by the end of the day than I was before, I have to find a straight line -with your help please ( which  I have to follow without jumping via links from left to right and back again.
Here is my idea how I should do it !?: I'll join Wealthy Affiliates, if there isn't any other better option for me (?), and learn the basics. I will create 2 (free ?) websites, 1 will be about charities, the other about mineral exploration/prospecting (incl. Gold) in countries in southern Africa; that is my field, here I am an expert from a to z, I can give advice to all aspects of prospecting, can deliver turn-key prospecting licences and have the contacts in the ministries which is much more important than the best knowledge.
There will be links on the websites to various affiliate programs waiting to be clicked and initiating sales, the commissions for two months I want in my private paypal account, all the other following commissions will go directly to the charity account, the website about the charity should have a donation button as well but as I know  that donations is not every bodies baby, it seems to me easier and better to run on two tracks ie. commissions and donations.
Having the websites running (visitors), I can think about campaigning on crowd funding platforms.
How to start publicity campaigns? Somewhere I was reading about opening an ebay store to promote and sell ebooks, it would be a great source to collect addresses and start building a mail list; makes sense to me but it would make more sense to tap into groups of followers of someone on fb or “attack” groups of tens of thousands
there. If some body can tell me it can be done, I'll try to learn it.
I want to write an ebook about charity needed in southern Africa and give it away for free, just to get contacts fast. Can it be done on ebay? Related to ebooks you find a lot of information about kobo, apple, amazon (which doesn't give you the opportunity to build a list) but info about ebay is rather poor , why ? Is there a trap with ebay somewhere? In a second free ebook I want to outline the gold prospecting opportunities  in some of the southern African countries, where the reader can or should go and where not; then finally I can write two detailed books about exploration in Zambia and Madagascar. Its not only a lot of work to write the text but getting the technical part right seems to me the bigger hurdle right now.
Earlier on I mentioned that I want commissions for two months on my private account, why? That will be a proof to me and others that “making money online” actually works and it will be a path to another charity. (I want to make it very clear , I am not talking thousands of dollars here, although I wouldn't say no, I need
$500 twice and I know it will not fall from the sky):
Most of  the South African politicians are spitting out phrases “we will eradicate poverty” (it gives hope to the poor who grasp at any straw), they invent all kinds of nonsense & bs programs but they don't forget to fill their 
pockets first or those of their relatives or party members. If “making money online” works, I can make a small but effective relief to some families; in all townships are well educated young women with computer skills but they don't find jobs, up to 80% are unemployed. I would equip 20 handpicked girls with laptops and make them do the very same I did to make $500 a month; if each of the women can manage to make $300 – 500 per month, an entire township would be over the moon = $500 feed 8 heads easily for 1 months. With such a result I can get a snowball rolling ending  up with thousands making money online, no lying politician needed !!!
Please give me all the input I need. Thank you     


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