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If I understand correctly (I am not a programmer) each .exe file is specific to that application or product that it drives. Since these are pretty new products, the AV companies do not have these files in their databases as safe or otherwise. Therefore to be on the safe side, the software just quarantines them. Overkill? yes. But I understand the "why" of it.

I got them unzipped and ran a screen on the file just to be sure and they passed with flying colors. and I might mention, the products ran without a hitch.

I trust Jerome's products so I went ahead and opened them and they did fine for me. . But if I had of gotten those files from somewhere else, I would have "back burnered" them too.

Hi Alan and Jerome

I've had a similar notice from Avast.
The .exe files are quarantined during unzipping.

I did/do not believe Jerome would add a virus, his reputation would be at stake, but it does tend for the products to be put on my back burner.

Don't know if it is one of these 'false positives' we hear about.


You're quite welcome!

I just wanted to share that in case someone else had that problem....I can't believe Norton won't ask you what to do with the file in the first place. The only trigger for that flag is low number of users...



As the creator of the software I can assure you that there is no viruses/malware in this software.


I run Norton Internet Security 2015 on my machine and have had zero problems with any RRW problems until now.

The new PLR Software programs in the January 2015 downloads and Norton do not seem to get along. Norton keeps making the program and brander .exe files as a security risk and putting them in quarantine before you can click your mouse!  The risk is identified as WS.Reputation.1 which simply means a low number of current Norton users use these files. (At this time, the count was just 100 users).

After searching the Symantec forums, I ran across this suggested fix and so far it has worked:

1) Select the zip file and unzip it. DO NOT RUN THE EXE FILE YET!!

2) Right click the program exe file and choose to run Norton Insight

3) You will get a report that claims the file is a bad risk and identifies the risk as WS.Reputation.1. Look carefully on the right hand side and you will see an option for "Trust"   Click that. It will ask you to confirm. Agree.

Do this for both the program exe and the brander.exe files.

After completing these steps you will be able to run your new software.

I hope this helps those who run into this issue....and saves a little hair from being pulled out!



Technical Assistance / Re: Somebody is knocking
« on: July 19, 2014, 11:42:48 AM »
Your right there a lot of good things on here ti help secure your sites and I think people hack sites just so they say they can,

I think so too. I will agree there are some good information in the membership that really works to secure your site. If it weren't for these products and Mark's assistance he would have gotten in. I can't see a hacker putting in all that work to get access to my email server. The only thing I can figure is he is trying to get access through an account to get into the server as a whole.

Who knows? I will tell this story though:

My wife went to a hair color site once and picked up a bug. The hacker had altered the index file that tells the browser where to look to get information and images to put together the page that displays on the screen. He had inserted a covert download link that caused a behind the scenes file download that infected her computer. See? the common user with a weak antivirus would never know what hit them. This file was really nasty. It replicated and did more and more damage until it totally trashed her hard drive. As a final insult, it removed the files that would allow a boot and reinstall from the OEM disc. Her hard drive was now a fishing weight.

Why malicious minds do what they do, I have no idea. Some illegal action? A sense of accomplishment? Just plain boredom? Who knows..

Stay vigilent....and keep the powder dry!


Technical Assistance / Re: I need someone to explain these.
« on: July 18, 2014, 11:24:50 PM »
Hi guys, please explain to me what Cracked Softwares & Nulled Scripts are & How they are different from the Original Copy. Thanks.

In a nutshell..

Cracked software is a program that was on a try then buy basis, but someone bypassed that and now the program wont expire. It usually contains malware that will infect your computer and can either damage your computer or allow hackers access to your machine through a backdoor the malicious coding provides.

A nulled script is when somebody changes the script to remove the protection implemented by the author of the script.

Very often, nulled scripts also will have modified code inserted into them which allows the hackers access to your server. Very dangerous to use!

Not to mention illegal..

So, I am removing malware and adware from a customer's PC the other day and his phone rings. The caller is calling to tell him there is a problem with his PC and he needs to pay them to get online and fix his computer. He tells the caller he just happens to have a PC tech at his home right then and hands me the phone. Click! No one there.

Coincidence or is there something going on there? A lot of customers are getting phone calls saying the caller is from Microsoft (for example) and they are calling to fix their PC. Did I just happen to be there at the right (wrong) time?

Either a caller using the same con, or possible the same one you were on the call with hit a friend of mine a couple weeks ago. This caller told her he was a microsoft tech and her PC had been sending issue reports to them and he was calling to help her resolve them and make her machine run smoother.

She informed him she KNEW he was a scammer and telling untruths because she only owns a MAC! *click*

Yes there are predators out there that prey on unsuspecting people who don't know any better. If was very fortunate you were there to prevent another victim!

Technical Assistance / Re: Somebody is knocking
« on: June 08, 2014, 08:49:15 PM »
I don't know why anyone would be so dedicated to hacking my little site for. I will say, however, the measures I have learned from products available on RRW and putting them in practice so far has him butting his head against a brick wall. Reselling those info products or not..what you learn from them is priceless!

Thanks again for your assistance Mark!


Technical Assistance / Re: Somebody is knocking
« on: June 08, 2014, 10:14:54 AM »
well..gee whiz..

my hacker is at it again. I am getting site lockout notifications on him again

his host is

persistent fellow he is..


Technical Assistance / Re: Somebody is knocking
« on: May 27, 2014, 06:51:43 PM »
Hi Alan,

I just added that IP address to the "Deny" list on the server firewall.


Thanks Mark. :)

Technical Assistance / Somebody is knocking
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:40:23 AM »
The site I have hosted on the Pro Hosting is the target for a hacker once more.

THIS time, however, he is not been able to get into it. I have had a daily notice from the security measures I have in place notifying me of a log in lockout  because of too many failed attempts.

This character's ip is and has not changed in any of the attempt notifications.

The IP lookup for him is on this site

What needs to happen now??

Marketing Talk / Re: Search Term Results
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:10:58 AM »

I believe quotes before and after a phrase is for the exact match. got my curiosity up so I had to go see...


Off Topic Forum / Re: Well I got stupid all of a sudden
« on: May 23, 2014, 09:45:14 PM »
Hi Alan - I appreciate you helping Bill and the rest of us out with your timely response! -MM

'Tis my pleasure! I have been helped many times on here myself. I believe in paying it forward..

After all...that is what a community is, right?  :smiley:


Off Topic Forum / Re: Well I got stupid all of a sudden
« on: May 23, 2014, 01:45:19 AM »
I trying to set up a site that I need to let all the users add post I am using 3.9.1 and I now sure how to set it up so that the users can post to it can any one help me.



On your tools sidebar in your dashboard, choose settings..then the Default Article settings, tick the box that allows people to post comments on new articles.

In that window scan down and tick or uncheck any options you may or may not want to allow



The Freebie Forum / Re: Free, Lifetime Upgrade 4 U
« on: May 22, 2014, 11:43:02 PM »
Just sent you an email  ::P


Off Topic Forum / Re: I want to insert a video
« on: May 21, 2014, 10:02:32 PM »
  My suggestion, make the videos public and use them for content enhancement (i.e. embedding them on your blog).  If you have them embedded on your blog, they can still click the view on youtube button.  Also I dont believe you can embed a private video on your personal page, I know you can embed an unlisted one. When you put a video up on youtube you have a description section, that is where you would put any details (including links).  As I have said before youtube will pay you once you have 1 million total views on your channel so why not start getting views now?


Thanks for the input guys.

Yes..that was what I was wondering, Jerome..which would be the best way to do it. What do you think of this plan: host the videos on youtube as private and embed them on the page I want to use them on..then later possibly make them public as views increase. My thought was to use them as content enhancement primarily, then later some links in the description to the website to draw traffic.

I have never used youtube or videos before..trying to figure out how to implement them into my efforts.

Thanks again! Any thoughts or advice is most welcome!


Thanks Jerome

I think I will give it a shot and see what happens! Doesn't hurt to try something new..



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