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Off Topic Forum / Well, I'm back.... did you miss me?
« on: October 29, 2010, 08:39:34 PM »
I've been pretty inactive for the last month, not really participating much in some ongoing threads. Just been feeling poorly, until by the end of last week I gained 30 pounds of water weight and went to the emergency room Friday morning. By 8 p.m. that evening I had been pronounced in kidney failure, wheeled into surgery to attach an "access port" and then found myself on dialysis.

Talk about a whirlwind day!

A week later, after five days in the hospital and five more sessions on the dialysis machine, I'm just now getting used to the changes that have occurred that will affect the rest of my life. Overall, it's a good thing, as I feel better than I have for a year, although tired.

However, a good thing that has come out of this (other than making me feel better) is that I will have lots of time to work on content products while I sit for four hours at a time hooked up to the machine. I've already started mining the vault for products I can add value to, and have many ideas for new ones. Now I'll have the time to actually do them and launch all the PLR websites that have been languishing because I felt too bad to work on them!

Oh, and I'll have time to check in on the forum a little more often.

Thanks for listening. I value this community and just wanted to let you know I had not disappeared.


Product Requests / SEOPressor Plugin
« on: July 02, 2010, 09:03:35 AM »
How 'bout this one?

Didn't see anything about resale rights, but perhaps on the $1 menu at a discount? They originally offered it at $8, but I missed out on it.


Product/Service Reviews / New Outsourcing Resource
« on: June 05, 2010, 03:13:57 PM »
I've discovered a new web resource for sending out those tedious tasks that we all face, and some not-so-tedious ones we just may not have time to do.

Check out

This is a site that lets people offer some service for $5.00. It could range from setting up backlinks to  your site, setting up social media site accounts, posting articles, submitting to directories, installing Wordpress, etc. And that's just in the "Social Marketing" category. There are many others.

In the last two days I've ordered backlinks, account creation, email account creation, SEO review of a site, directory submissions, and blasts to Twitters lists totally 120,000 followers (these are actually promoting a couple of RRW PLR sites I put up to test and try and build a list). In total, about 8 tasks, for about $100 (I ordered extra backlinks from one super-effective provider).

So far, two of the tasks have been completed to my satisfaction. One Twitter blast is already resulting in clicks.

You can also propose tasks for someone to do.

I'll post back more results as they come in.


Product/Service Reviews / Wordpress 3.0 First Look
« on: May 17, 2010, 09:41:49 PM »
Well, I finally got a few minutes this evening to download and install Wordpress 3.0 Beta 2. Thought I'd scribble down some thoughts, and I'll try an keep them updated as I go along...

1. Very easy install, except you must create the database before beginning the process, and make a note of database name, user and password. This will probably be fixed once Fantastic starts doing auto-installs from within CPanel hosting accounts. Initially I tried to migrate a Wordpress MU installation to WP 3, but that turned out to be more complicated than just re-installing. As I had no content loaded on this particular site, it wasn't a painful decision to just dump the whole site. The good news is that you don't have to upload a new wp-content folder, which can take a while if you use, as I do, a lot of plugins and keep a lot of themes handy.

2. My primary interest in WP3 was the "multi-blogging" capability, that is, running many blogs from one WP front end. WP is capable of running other blogs in subdomains or subdirectories, and supposedly, in completely different domains (although I'm still trying to figure that one out!). A line of code needs to be added to the wp-config file, and more code to the htaccess, in order for this to work. There's a trick to the htaccess file addition; miss it and  you'll get a 500 server error. Just post a reply here if you're trying this version out and I'll post the "trick."

3. Once enabled, the multi-blog, or network, function works well, with many common settings that apply across the network. I haven't worked a lot with it lately, but will focus on that in the coming days.

4. There are more cool goodies I can see buried here and there, including a built-in menu management scheme that looks interesting. More on that later.

So far, my "standard" theme (FlexSqueeze) works with WP3. I haven't tested all my favorite plugins yet; that's still to come. All in all, a promising start.

WP3 may be useful to RRWers who, like me, want to build a network of niche sites, without the expense of a lot of domains, but still use the WP platform for better control of content. I will use a standard theme to replace the HTML structure of niche sites I download from RRW, and the various SEO and autocontent plugins to keep content fresh after the initial article loads.



Mastering PLR & MRR Products / First PLR Site Launched!
« on: April 30, 2010, 08:57:11 PM »
I finally came back around to the WordPress MU site I was building before I got sidetracked reworking my commerce site (, and then my company site ( into WordPress.

My intention is to build a generic portal for a sub-network of niche sites, based on PLR products. However, managing the sub-blogs is rather a hassle in MU, so I ditched it, installed standard WP, and imported all the data I had built to date. So there's a duplicate install of WP in one of the niche directories, at least until a stable version of WP 3.0 with multi-blogging is released next month. Then I'll replace the portal and use it to administer the niches.

Here it is: the first niche is the aerobics niche, based on the aerobics PLR site and articles from RRW. I've trashed the site files and moved the articles into WP with a different header graphic. Some of the code in the PLR site is making it's way into WP as well.

I hope to eventually have an entire "library" of these niches. I'm using subdirectories instead of sub-domains for SEO reasons, and since this is a test to see if this niche approach will actually make some money, to avoid the expense of a lot of domain names.

As I build, I'm also installing some plugins which will pull content from various article directories, specifically AutoBlogPoster from a WarriorForum WSO, and Slick Article poster. I've tried a couple of autoposters from the RRW vault but have not been happy with the results.

It's still a work in progress, especially the portal page. I'm not promoting it yet, until it "ages" a bit and I have more spun content loaded.

Take a look, if you like. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Product/Service Reviews / WP Quote Broken...
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:44:35 AM »
I've been mulling how to use WP Quote since I first noticed it a while ago, so when it was added to the vault, I decided to try it, and just finally got around to it.

Very disappointing:

1. Bare bones instructions, simply, copy to plugins directory and install.
2. No instructions on usage. In fact, I couldn't find a "settings" panel for any sort of adjustments. It places the quote at the bottom of the post by default. As advertised, I guess, but by now, most self-respecting plugins boast the ability to set some preferences, such as horizontal placement, placement about the post, styles, etc.
3. After I installed, it showed a "NOT FOUND" message in my posts. I dug unto the code and found a very simple couple of lines and an iframe, which seems to call from a fil on the wp quotes website, which isn't there. As there is a "quotes.html" file with the download containing many quotes, I thought it would use that file as a database, but even after I replaced the existing URL with the path to the quotes.html file, it didn't work. In fact, the iframe showed a slice from my header graphic! Go figure.
4. There is absolutely no document/support online that I can find. I suppose a plug in that's part of this site's membership wouldn't come with a great deal of support, but a forum would be nice.

Thing is written by Ken Reno, which convinces me to never purchase any of his offerings, especially those for which he writes the code.

Don't waste you time with this one, unless someone has managed to get it working, then I'd like to know, as I still like the idea. Or if you know something that will do the same thing, I'd appreciate knowing.

Just my $.02.



Product Requests / Cleaning/Organizing PLR Articles Needed
« on: April 25, 2010, 11:27:51 PM »
We met today with a friend who's starting a new business: deep cleaning of homes/offices and organizing services. I need to build a web site for her, but am finding it hard to locate decent content (she doesn't have the budget to have a lot written... so I'll seed it with a few original keyword articles, but need PLR to spin and populate the rest of the site.

Anyone have any good sources (Mark?) for these types of articles: deep "spring cleaning", natural cleaning aids, effective techniques for deep cleaning, advantages of hiring a professional cleaner, organizing tips and principles, etc. She's not offering regular cleaning services, but move-in/moveout cleaning, foreclosure cleanup, helping people cleanout houses/room and organize the mess in closets/garages/bedrooms, etc..

I'm willing to pay for packages of these items at PLR prices, if there are some good ones out there.



After reading all the great information on RRW about article marketing, including Mar's guides, I got my first article accepted by EzineArticles. My wife wrote and I submitted, and she was granted "expert writer" status after the first article, and has been/will be posted on the home page. Sounds pretty good -- is it?

Here it is:

So, of course, hoards of visitors will read this article instantly and come bounding over to my site! Right? Right???? (Just kidding. I know it's a long process, and I need a lot more articles posted and in many different directories -- but it's a start!

Just had to brag...



Product Requests / Squeeze Page Package
« on: April 06, 2010, 09:41:28 AM »
Well, Mark did, you did it again. No sooner had I purchased "Easy Autoreponder Cash" you added it to the Gold library.

So, before I purchase something I'll have access to here, how about this one?

I saw no information on rights. It will be a pubic offering eventually.


Product Requests / New Niche Site Training Package
« on: March 24, 2010, 09:23:52 AM »
Always looking for new training in niche websites, and this looks interesting. Any chance of adding it?



Services Offered/Needed / Writer Needed for News Articles
« on: March 17, 2010, 11:49:16 AM »
Hey all,

To all the writers/editor out there who may want a regular writing gig working with me.... I thought I'd offer this here, where a lot of entrepreneurial writers hang out, before posting at e-lance or somewhere else.

One of my clients is an industry association for martial arts school owners, mostly in the United States, but with a smattering of schools on other countries. I'm responsible for editorial, design and manufacturing of the monthly member materials and a magazine.

I need someone who can write a series of short news articles (200-400 words) for the "Industry Insider" department in the magazine. These articles focus on news, blog posts, articles and announcements about martial arts teachers, martial arts celebrities (Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, etc.), other celebrities who are "into" martial arts (business, entertainment, etc.), and general martial arts news ("martial artist fights off mugger", that sort of thing). This is not "kick and punch" stuff, but more business oriented, except for the occasional fight news. I can give more guidelines and sample issues.

Depending on the length, we've generally used 10-15 of these articles each month. However, I'm introducing a new tabloid format in May, which will require more articles. Not yet sure how many, but will know soon.

Topics for the articles have been generated primarily through the use of Google Alerts for martial arts-related keywords. I'd love someone who would develop more "inside" sources for this type of writing, though. The previous writer "saved"  up the Alerts and spent one marathon session selecting possible topics, and upon approval, writing them. I believe it took him a few days, but he was somewhat slow.... A fast writer could probably do this in a couple of hours of reviewing and selection, and a day of writing.

It's a regular monthly gig starting immediately. I'd prefer to pay by the article with a minimum number of articles monthly, and an option for more to fill space. My client pays monthly directly to  you upon an invoice. I've been doing business with the CEO for 10 years, and with the association for more than two, and although they've been hit hard by the recession, they've survived and are in good shape for a rebound. I just signed a contract for another two years with them, so I'll be around, as well.

Are you interested? I need someone who is imaginative in re-writing/quoting these Alerts, in digging up new sources, and who can write for a professional market of smart and capable, ranked (meaning high-rank black belts) businessmen and women in martial arts education. You should be able to write quickly (so you can make a decent rate), to a  high quality, and be VERY conscious of deadlines (this is the magazine industry, after all!). Doesn't matter where you live; I work with people around the world on this project.

There is a possibility of additional work: assigned features, large and small, and research/writing for fillers, blurbs, etc.

Thanks for your responses. Just PM me your details if interested. If you can't PM, email at garysmith AT wells-smith DOT com.

Thanks for reading this long post!


Editorial and Creative Director
Martial Arts Professional Magazine
National Association of Professional Martial Artists

P.S. I will probably be leaving town for a few days to attend a funeral (sad....), so don't be alarmed if I don't respond right away after today.

I've submerged myself in web development for the last two weeks, neglecting body and other projects, including a few clients, to revamp my money site, and I've finally gotten it to the point where I feel comfortable switching from the old site to the new.

I'm inviting RRW members to take a look and give me your thoughts. I'm not looking for compliments (but they will be gladly accepted), but rather your opinion on appearance, functionality, how you proceed through the site, and copy (although I'm still working on all these things). The wealth of knowledge and experience represented by members here is too valuable to not take advantage of, especially when I'm slaving away in my office and find I need human contact!

Basics: Wordpress with Flexsqueeze theme, somewhat hacked, and many plugins giving functionality (Aweber integration, e-junkie commerce, Contact 7 for other forms, Support Ticket for help function, various SEO plugs and enhancements, VSlider for the cool moving pictures on the home page, and navigation widgets like Collapsing Categories and Collapsing Pages, and a little heavily edited auto-posting to fill in the corners). Along the way, I raised the price to what I think reflects the true value of the package.

Additionally, I hired an editor to write blog posts based on Google alerts and drop then 1-2x/day. Still to do: move the Reference Library (lots of articles) from the old site; finish setting up the auto-member process tied to e-junkie; add the member-restricted content and download pages; and continue to spruce up the copy and add tasty, not cheesy, graphics; install pages/links to the Spanish editions (translations currently being updated) and port six satellite sites (like

My biggest challenges: increase traffic, increase backlinks, increase page rank to the "money" pages, increase our first-page display in SER more consistently.

So it you please, here it is, the new and improved (I hope!)...



Product Requests / 21 Ways to Raise Cash
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:05:25 AM »
This might be a nice addition, unless the creator is serious about quantity limitations...


After years of building static sites and only venturing into dynamic sites with Postnuke, I've lately explored WordPressLand, and built a variety of sites using that platform. After enduring snickers from my little web developer/designer friends, I've found I can put up an extremely functional WordPress site within an hour and have it fully loaded in a day or two (and that's working in and around regular clients). I can even have, and have designed, very custom themes that make WordPress look like a hand-coded site.

So they can just snicker all they want...

My latest idea has been to gather up all the PLR products I want to promote, and put them together in one domain, using subdomains. Easy enough, until I decided to use WordPress MU (multi-user), which allows me to set up many, many blogs and control them from one location and one WP install.

This will take advantage of Google's well-known love for blogs and content that gets refreshed everyday. It also allows me to set up autoblogs with affiliate and data feeds, and use plugins to schedule article postings until next year, while I go to the beach.

I'll take some of the nicely down websites offered here, port them into wordpress (or use the provided theme) and I'm off to the races.

So I started building my network tonight.... oh my aching head.

WordPress MU cannot be installed through Fantastico, but fortunately the installer works fine, once you get all the settings right. Then figuring out how to handle the subdomains, individual blog setup, and all the rest is a nice challenge.

Sorry for the long post, but I got the darned thing running and at least one sub-blog set up, so I'm pretty happy with the night's work and had to tell some folks who would understand. My wife just gets glassy-eyed and says, "that's nice, dear"....

The sites are ugly, so I have to apply my "standard theme" and "standard plugins" I've compiled, plus load some content. But once I get that done, I'll unveil them to anyone who wants to take a peek.

Then I'm going to do it again on my other hosting account...heh heh


Product Requests / Best Offer Generator
« on: February 18, 2010, 12:03:32 PM »
This looks interesting and I may want to buy it to try it out, if it's not already in the library: a script that allows the buyer to "make an offer".

Is something like this already part of RRW?


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