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New Member Intros / Greetings from Atlanta, GA
« on: February 13, 2010, 05:05:42 PM »
Just joined RRW as a result of an email promo I received and figure, "It's free; why not take a look?"

All I can say is: "WOW!" I immediately upgraded to Gold, and said "WOW!" again. What a wealth of information at an incredible price!

As to myself, I guess I'm sort of a ringer in that I've been involved in website design, production and marketing since 1996 (with my first site for an employer) and been a graphic designer/art director/creative director in print for more than 35 years. I produce and publish (with my wife) a niche product that's done very well online for 10 years, generating a good online income (and we're getting a new product ready for launch in about a month). My day job of 10 years as an independent creative director for magazines and marketing materials pays the bills well enough.

But all that client work takes time and hours. It's hard to substantially increase income, but expenses are up and up and ....

The publishing products do (and should do) well, but they're small niches, and you reach the point of diminishing returns in promoting to a limited market, no matter how well you do with it. We need more sources of income that don't involve a corresponding increase in hours or staffing up (need there, done that, never again!).

So I've been studying Internet Marketing intensely for the last year, spending way too much money on "guru" programs, trying out various approached to converting my client-based income into product-based income.

Since my career has been in publishing, I've come to the conclusion, belatedly, that I need to stay IN publishing. So I plan to not only create original products, but since they take so long and are so costly, I need to be able acquire and market smaller, already-done products.

RRW seems to be the answer to finding good content to market, and I'm very happy to have found it, and especially a community of like-minded folks.

So I plan on working through the training, examining the products, reading the forums, and launching more than a few websites. Hope y'all (that's Georgian for "you") don't mind me hanging around. And perhaps I can contribute a little from time to time.

gary (GraphicBass)

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