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Hi Bob

This response is a little late so not sure how helpful it will be - hopefully you haven't gone with Mad Bee Tech.

I am a current client of theirs and my experience has been horrible. They were really helpful in the lead up to my purchase so I was relaxed about going with them but once they had my money, nothing. They hardly reply to emails and the last query I sent 6 weeks ago only got a response today. That was after sending 6 emails, mind - and it only answered half my question. Customer service is non-existent, mostly I get nothing but silence in response to my queries.

In terms of the website etc, I haven't found it too bad (we sell downloadable products also) but if you will ever need help, or you're looking for any kind of acknowledgement that you exist as a paying client, avoid Mad Bee Tech like the plague. You won't hear from them once they have your money.

Good luck!

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