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Your RRW Membership / Graphic Design Simplified With GIMP no longer works
« on: September 05, 2013, 01:41:50 AM »
I searched RRW for GIMP.  I found two products: Graphic Design Simplified With Gimp (8/25/2009) and Create Web 2.0 Graphics With GIMP (6/26/2009).  Graphic Design Simplified With Gimp does not appear to be a functional product any longer.  I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it.  The exe appears to be an e-book compiled with Activ E-Book Compiler.  I click at the bottom where it says "Click Here To Continue" which brings up "This program cannot display this webpage."  It seems to me as if the URL in this e-book is no longer valid.

Thanks Mark.  Been doing lots of reading on the RRW member section.

I figured it was iCurator just from the look of it. But what I was speaking of was what iCurator was possibly created with.  From the looks of it iCurator was created with a RDE as well.  Not trying to push this convo in the lines of a reverse engineering convo.  Just something I happened to notice.

I'm developing content and software.  I want an all-in-one solution. At first I was going to use Wordpress with InstaBuilder and DLGuard.  I've discovered a tool that might be able to do what all three of those together can do.  It's called Rapid Residual Pro.

From what I've seen I love the features on InstaBuilder such as people being able to get downloads after they have shared the page on FB, etc.  Not sure if RRP has such IM type features.  I'm quite familiar with WP. Have been using both WP and Joomla for over 7 years to develop websites.  The reason for DL Guard is to create protection sections of my site as well as to handle software purchases.  DL Guard seems to have the capability to handle serial distribution.  I just sent off an e-mail on the RRP website to see if it can handle serials as well.

What has been the experience of those that use InstaBuilder, DL Guard, and RPP?

I'm so glad I joined these forums.  Not really learning as much reading as I am by tinkering.  I'm a tinkerer by nature.  Analyzed the EXE to figure out how you created that app which turned me on to reading more about the program you used to create it.  The more I read up the more I'm starting to see the financial viability of branders and so forth.  Trying to get my head AWAY from the locked-down mentality and more in to the mentality of developing and selling something to let people expand/customize it.

Just read up on UBot.  Seems to me more of a scraping and web form automation tool than things I'm looking to develop.

I looked at the default app that can be downloaded from your site.  For the most part that could easily be created in about an hour or so in MMF.  Only part I haven't messed much with on MM2 in regards to what you have would be a brander.. But would be possible to create a brander using the binary object to read from the settings in the INI file. But like you said, it all depends on what a person knows.  From what I've seen most want something they can easily create with minimal technical effort on their part.

I admit MMF has a learning curve but once you learn it you can create some awesome stuff quickly.  For the real geek it does support use of .NET, Lua, and Python.  But I've created encryption apps and such without ever using any of those languages or writing a single line of code.

I'm new to these forums and recently upgraded to Gold on RRW.  Def was worth the small investment.  I'm new to the IM scene in regards to knowing all the ins and outs of IM.  I'm the technical/geek type.  It's my goal to use my technical skills to create some money-making products (info and software).  In regards to time it takes I find there's two main factors: complexity of software and dev tool used.  I've read up on some of the RDE's (Rapid Development Environments) such as TSB, MYOS, ISB, iCurator, and Software Product Magic.  There's other RDEs out there as well.  One could also dev using .NET.

My personal preference is Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.  Not as easy as MYOS, ISB, iCurator, or SPM but I find gives me more flexibility.  For me it's a hybrid between .NET and one of these other software mentioned.  While time is relevant one shouldn't focus on the quickest time always.  Rushing can cause issues down the road.  Better to spend a little more time getting all the kinks out than to rush a product out that will affect your reputation.

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