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Technical Assistance / Re: How to contact Mark?
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:08:08 PM »
By the Way I have tried to contact Mark but no answer. Is he still working the site here or is someone else doing the work? Please advise.
Is there something I can do to help out while he is gone if in fact he is gone.
Hope and Pray COVID didn't get him.
Please let me know.
have a great day one and all.
God bless.

 Hello, I have been in a whirl wind of changes with health and business and completing the loose ends here in New York and the move to Kansas. I have had to literally pray my way out of that mess and endeavor to get my focus back and pointed in the right direction. I am sure glad that period is over. I am back on track now and endeavoring to move forward.

Concerning this thread It is still open and now I am considering prospects and want to work on building relationships with those possibilities. Business is like an extended family to me and should not ever be woe is me its Monday.

I believe in having passion about what I do and have a deep sense of wanting to do things for the right reasons with people of like mind. I believe that relationships are work and must always be considered in light of the other person and not selfish.

I genuinely care about people overall and want to see the very best for them. I am 71 years of age and feel like I am twenty one all over again. Its like that second wind or someone in a foot race when you know where the goal is but you have to keep on until you cross the finish line.

Anyway sometimes I just get in a sharing mode and get talkative. Just to think once upon a time I was what some call an introvert.

I am very interested in building a first class team of people who are going for the Gold. Top Fortune 100 kind of Gold as a privately owned company. When it comes to my business mindset it is this.

Customers come first, business associates (employees) come second and administration comes last. My business motto would be efficiency, effectiveness and excellence.

I want every client or customer to know that we are giving 110 percent of all that we are to serving them and do it before the deadline with the spirit of excellence.

The needs are basically the same as above or below, not sure where this post will sit but that is it for now.

By the way my Resell Rights Weekly profile is there since I joined for the second time and my forum profile is there now too.  God bless one and all and thanks once again Mark for the privilege of being here. Thanks Jim Burney for reminding me.

Best Regards.
Dean aka exousia,

P.S. I will be checking back every couple of days to see what is happening.

Hello Mr. Johnson

I have been interested in your product up above and when I clicked the link this is what I got.:

Not Found
The requested URL /blog/softwarecreation.html was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Please send me a working link. Thank youl


Marketing Talk / Expert Marketer Shares Ethical Marketing Formula.
« on: January 24, 2016, 11:46:24 PM »
A fellow marketer sent this to me and shared this opportunity and I wanted to share
it with those of you here or to whom so ever will take advantage of it. Enjoy it and I
earnestly hope it helps you succeed even more.

Dean aka exousia

Message Below:

Frank Kern
January 20 at 12:09am ·

Want To Get New Customers Without Being “All Weird and Salesy”?

Here’s the thing: Your prospects DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

Nope, they don’t care about your credentials, your “social proof” …or any of that stuff.

As marketers, we tend to believe that our past credentials matter to other people…that our past accomplishments will somehow have an effect on what we sell today.

But here’s the truth:

* People DO NOT buy your past…

* People DO buy your ability to help their FUTURE…

* And the best way to show them you can help their FUTURE is…


They need help NOW. And if you simply deliver real benefit to them, most of your “selling” is already done for you.

But HOW exactly do you do this?

How do you do it so you actually help their future by helping their present?

It's pretty hard to do selling door to door...

Or on a cold call...

Tough to do through advertising...

Fairly impossible to do through direct mail...

You could invite them to a live seminar where you'd teach them...if only you could get them to show up...

That's why by far, the easiest, fastest way to help their future by helping their present is with an easy-to-learn and inexpensive online training known as…

...“Content-Rich Webinars”

Content-Rich Webinars are not just simple to run and simple to get your prospects to attend, but unlike other “not-so-smart” marketing strategies, Content-Rich Webinars:

* Attract new customers to YOU...instead of you chasing them

* Establish INSTANT authority for you and your business...

*Create genuine goodwill and rapport...which turns qualified leads into SALES

And they are extremely flexible. In fact, they work incredibly well for selling all kinds of things…no matter your industry.

I’ve held Content-Rich Webinars to sell “how-to” courses, to attract estate planners to a financial advisory firm, and to even sell houses. (Yes. Actual houses. From Facebook Ads no less.
smile emoticon

But the problem is that most people struggle mightily when it comes to making webinars work.

Here’s why...

The typical way people run webinars looks something like this:

10% Hyped-up intro
50% Long-winded personal story
15% Thin content
25% Hard, awkward pitch

…And here’s the deal: NOBODY LIKES THAT!

It delivers ZERO value to the audience, and usually leaves them feeling like you’ve wasted their time.

And that causes a bad closing rates, but the long term effects of it are even worse…you lose credibility and goodwill with your market.

And you DON’T want that…do you?

Here’s the RIGHT way to do it with Content-Rich Webinars:

5% The Confirmation

5% The Difference

10% The Bond

65% The Helpful Content

1% The Transition

14% The Offer

And when you run Content-Rich Webinars using the 6-Step Template above, you'll be able to:

* Get people to register for your webinar in DROVES...

* Ensure that your webinar registrants ACTUALLY show up...

* Make sales even BEFORE the webinar even starts...

*And when they show up, they'll actually BUY your stuff!

(I like #4 above best of all...don't you?) learn exactly how to run Content-Rich Webinars, then simply register for my free webclass where you'll learn exactly how to create goodwill, educate and most importantly SELL...without any of the typical sleazy sales shenanigans nobody likes...

To register, simply click the link here to reserve your spot on the next page:

Look forward to seeing you there!

Hello Jerome
I am trying to check out your product but you have not responded to my question. You link up above does not resolve correctly at the proper destination. Please send or share working link.

Hello Jerome

"If you are looking to build a list, promote ANY offer (affiliate, CPA or your own) and educate your members check out this link  Where you will find information on all 5 volumes and affiliate programs."

I clicked on the link that you gave above and it went 404 on me. Do you have another so I can check it out more closely. Video is something I am very interested in. I buy up everything that is not rehashed just to learn more and get some insight into marketing skills. Please let me know oh, and High five and congratulations to you on jVZOO.   :::tu   :wav:

Dean aka: exousia

Hi Mark
thanks for the comment. Frank has been around for a while however he was not as ethical as he is today. He started off the way most marketers do. However he has come a long way and is very grounded in his thoughts about advertising. I have made his email list and try to stay on top of things with him. Unfortunately I don't get to the meetings however all of his stuff is available online through him and a couple of other avenues.

I am praying that there will be people hopefully in the US that get where I am coming from and we can cohesively work together and pull this off. I believe they are out there and kind of believe some are sitting right here. However that is up to each individual. I am just giving an opportunity to those who see the potential.

I appreciate all that you have done Mark truly and have gotten a lot of resources from this membership. Many of which I will have to scrub and get up to date.  Anyway thanks for the reply. Have a great day.  :::tu

Dean aka: exousia

Copywriting & Salesletters / Re: Effective Buying Triggers
« on: January 20, 2016, 10:56:11 PM »
Hello Mark,

I just got around to reading this thread and I must admit this is very well done. Each point is targeted and yet not arm twisting.  :cool:

Services Offered/Needed / Building a Team of People to build a business.
« on: January 20, 2016, 09:47:54 PM »

:help:  My name is Dean Moore I go by the handle "exousia." I have been around this community since about 2009 approximately. I have had an idea to do something but finding the right people to help execute it has been a task. The reason is I believe in excellence and doing things with honor and respect for the people we serve.

What I would like to propose is this. I would like to build a team of people that cohesive and flow well with each other. I have a vision and believe if others can believe in that vision in principle can work together to achieve that vision.

I have read many of the threads on this forum and know some as acquaintances. I have spoken with some of you on the forum but I have been away for awhile endeavoring to achieve this vision by outsourcing only to find out that those who I hired no matter how well I screened them wound up not having that spirit of excellence and did mediocre work.

After spending thousands on filling their pockets and giving me absolutely nothing I made a decision that I would either do joint ventures or hire American workers who had the passion and spirit of excellence so that we could make the kind of income that would help all of us and be able to help those who truly want change.

A little about me while I don't like having to speak about myself I am an ordained minister, entrepreneur, life coach and auto enthusiast. I race cars like working on tech and mechanical things. I have a wife whom I love and minister to over five thousand people to love Christ and serve him.

I have avenues for work and could get jobs anytime of the day or night. Those avenues would make any business who cares for their clients very prosperous. I am on the verge of 70 years of age and feel like I am twenty. Sitting in a chair for nine years has taken it toll on me so now I am doing something about the weight I have gained to return to my youthful years so I can not only feel young but look younger. So enough said there.

I love people and have owned businesses for many years I understand the purpose for business is to serve those who need what we offer. Success is a matter of meeting the needs of those we serve. Prosperity is the root cause of serving. When we keep that in mind we will always prosper and be successful.

So if there are people here that want to join together and create an joint venture that will benefit all of us and you are a very passionate person about the way you work and the purpose you work I would like to know you and possibly bring you into my inner circle of trust and see if we are equally passionate about the vision I have .

I have been around the Internet since 1991 and have bookmarks for thousands if not ten thousand avenues of resources and ways of getting business. I am certified in building computers and troubleshooting them. I have well over eight terabyte of resources and developer rights on most of it even software.

One personal note here. I just want to thank Mark for being here and for the service he has worked hard to provide. I have deep respect for Mark and for all he has done. Thank Mark for your years of service and help to hose looking for it. God bless you my friend.

When it comes to getting clients I have a gift for the social aspect of that. I can write HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. I have worked with Wordpress but I know how that can be hacked and it is so easy it is pathetic. Unfortunate for most of us the possibility of being hacked is very possible. Who can you trust really. While the developers know how easily it can be hacked they don't do anything to make it otherwise and on the other hand it requires a person with deeper area of programming to stop it.

If you use Wordpress as your CMS you use plugins to attempt to secure it. The best of plugins come short of truly doing it and yet many do not set them right nor keep them up to date. and hence the major reason for most hacks.

When it comes to themes and there are critical updates on the back end of the them those must be transfered to the child theme but does that happen. Anyway enough of that.

Now here is a list of those areas of need I have. I can do most of this myself however I am not looking to master them all. I have a gift for certain things and would like to stay in those vanes for now.

I am needing the following talented people.

1) Graphic designer
2) front end and back end developer
3) Social media manager
4) Content writers who can writer killer sales letters that get a high ROI. If your not able to do that yet and are willing to learn yet have a passion to write don't pass this up. If you have heard of Frank Kern then you know his marketing strategies pay off. I have Mass Control  and his latest study is a man named David Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Mather a New York City marketing firm and was highly respected in ad copy and advertising. David was chief back in the early 1900's and was the best at writing ad copy in newspapers and magazines. He was known for getting some of the highest ROI's in the industry. If you go to amazon you can find books about Ogilvies strategies.
5) Researchers and data miners
6) SEO expert who follow traditional and non traditional whitehat practices
7) Video / Audio marketer
8) Client liaison
9) project manager

I have some what an aversion to those marketers who use emotional and deceptive triggers to get people to buy from them. Sarcity is used a lot to provoke those things. While I can be used when done with the proper motivation most of the time it is used to make sales and create a false sense of loss if one does not buy now. I believe in ethical marketing. A good example of that is Mark here on Resell Rights Weekly and then there is one other that comes to mind and that is : Eric Hohlman.

Anyway if you are interested in pursuing a dialogue with me about this venture please contact me via my email here [a123marketing
  •] and place in the subject line Business venture on RSRW. You can also respond here and I will answer. I have notification turned on. God bless I truly hope to hear from you.

For more information about me you can look me up on Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and so on. Just look for Dean Moore.

Advertising / Re: How To Write Killer Ads
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:33:27 AM »
Hi Mark my Friend

This is the first time I read this and it appears you nailed this topic right on the head squarely. Cudos to you.  :::tu :::tu :::tu :::tu :::tu


Marketing Talk / CPA Marketing
« on: January 04, 2016, 09:05:08 AM »
Hello does anyone here have experience with CPA marketing and what can you tell me about that experience? How profitable was it? How did you go about beginning? Thanks for the feedback, this is a new venture for me.

Best Regards
Dean (aka exousia)

Technical Assistance / Super Quick Video series
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:41:48 AM »
I was searching for some things and I found this set of videos called "Super Quick Videos" and I went ahead and downloaded them but found something that was missed. The series goes from Super Quick Videos to Super Quick Videos #11. What I found is that volume 10 is missing. What can we find out about this. I did a onsite search for product and used the keyword "Super." Please advise. Thanks

Off Topic Forum / Are there any car guys here?
« on: December 26, 2015, 12:04:00 AM »
I am just curious about this. Please leave your favorite pic if you have one.

Off Topic Forum / Re: Merry Christmas Everyone
« on: December 25, 2015, 11:49:42 PM »
I know it showed up as new member not sure whats up with that beings how i have been a member of the community for six year just about must have dropped off the server when I was inactive. Have a great happy New Year.


Off Topic Forum / Merry Christmas Everyone
« on: December 25, 2015, 02:43:10 PM »

Its been awhile since I posted here been very busy keeping myself out of troubles. Wishing you all of the best this Merry Christmas day.

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