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"Never Give Up On Your Dreams"
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Long Island, NY
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February 15, 2016, 02:26:29 PM
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About Me

Grew up in Queens, NY before moving to the burbs which is short
for the suburbs of NYC (Long Island, NY) which includes two counties,
Nassau County & Suffolk County each having their own police depts.

My dream growing up in Queens was to someday buy a large house in
the suburbs of NYC.  That dream did come dream with a large six room
colonial.  This is not to brag in any shape or form.  I worked my butt
to make that dream come dream.

Entrepreneur:  Over the many years have been in some business before
there was even the internet.  Some of my ventures included a small
coffee and soup vending route,  hot dog vendor,  Ice Cream & Candy
Mobile Route,  Dry Cleaning Retail Business and finally the internet
which I love with so many opportunities to apply.  

I am focused and loyal to what I am currently doing.  Love to write and
share what I write on a info blog with the affiliate niche.

Just rescued two amazing kitties.  These two cats basically adopted me.
Friendly affectionate kitties that transitioned from outdoor ferals to nice
indoor friendly felines that adjusted with no problem.  Excellent companions.

That's about the basic stuff I can share with you.  That's A Ten Four

My Interests


Music:  Diversified as long as it's good, but partial to dowop for the
50's and motown from the sixties before the UK invasion of the Beatles
which changed music forever.

Movies:  Just like music, diversified as long as it's good.  Do enjoy the
oldie movies which I think or know are alot better then some of what is
being produced today.

Sports:  NY Basketball Teams are all good here.  

Hobbies:  Just enjoy doing research online about everything and anything I don't know about or just curious to know more.  At one time
I did enjoy breeding and raising tropical fish (fancy guppies).  Enjoy
doing simple home cooking.  Just recently learned how to make my own
healthier chocolate candy bars using basic ingredients within five minutes.  Enjoy doing the basic home repairs in the house.  That's All
Folks, That's A Ten Four Over And Out :)
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