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Marketing Talk / anybody uses
« on: March 02, 2011, 02:23:45 PM »

Does anybody use
Just found this one and it shows all the errors it finds on your homepage, could be shocking, at least for me....
Do you think that search engines don't rank you high if you have too many errors on the site?
Some of the shown errors don't seem too important to me, and some I don't even understand :-)
but at least it's an overview of how your site is built.


Marketing Talk / how to check if your new site will be profitable...
« on: February 13, 2011, 12:57:06 PM »

I was thinking about a way how you can check if your new site will be successfull or not...
Wouldn't it be annoying if you spend hours/even days and weeks for building backlinks, driving traffic, doing seo and
find out in the end that you don't sell your products on your page?

What do you think are good and fast ways to find out if your site will be profitable or not?

A possibility would maybe this one:
start a display ad on google adwords, there you still can get clicks for 1-2 cents! choose your keywords and create some banners.
invest let's say $10 and you will get maybe 800 clicks. What is an average rate selling a product on a salespage? let's say it's only 1%.
In this case you would sell 8 times (1% of your 800 clicks). If so, you have already made some profit and can keep going with the
If you don't sell anyting with those clicks, what would you do. Stop your site, or tweak it, completely change it, or anyway start with
backlinks and try to rank in the search engines?

curious about your feedack

Marketing Talk / backlink and rerouting
« on: February 04, 2011, 03:45:00 AM »

I have a webpage and start to create backlinks now. On my page I review some clickbank products. To have an overview of the clicks I have created sites like  /links2.html and so on (for the same product) and there is a clickbank
sub ID defined, so I see how a user came to the salespage. The site redirect to the salespage, that's the only thing.

Now I want to start with submitting articles to Web2.0 sites like squidoo, hubpages, weebly and so on. There I link to my articles on my homepage to get backlinks, but I also want to link "directly" to the clickbank salespage (with specific sub ID).
What would now make more sense:
- Link directly to the clickbank page with a sub ID
- or create a new html site on my homepage like and redirect it then to the clickbank page, but this
  way I get another backlink to my page.....

thanks for your feedback.

Technical Assistance / RSS converter
« on: February 04, 2011, 03:37:12 AM »
Hi, does anybody know a good site or tool where I can convert my "normal" site (not a blog) convert to an RSS Feed which
I can then submit to RSS sites?

I have seen some sites online, but some of them add own links..... and there are some tool in the gold download section. Has
anybody experience with a tool?

thanks a lot

Marketing Talk / Google Analytics
« on: January 14, 2011, 04:15:32 AM »

I started a project via commission elite (maybe someone knows it). There I have a special interface to change the content on my sites. It is actually pretty good, the only thing I cannot change is the HTML code of the header tag (only metas are changeable). As far as I know the google analytics code must be placed in the head tag....
One possibility I would have is download the html pages local and add the code and upload again, but as soon as I would upload it again from the interface this would be deleted again.
Does anybody know if there is a possibility to install the code somewhere else?

As an alternative I have found where I can install the code in the body tag.
Does anybody have experience whit that?

thanks for your feedback

Marketing Talk / Hostgator question
« on: January 13, 2011, 02:26:35 PM »

I have a "stupid" question.... but when I take the baby plan at hostgator, do I pay $9.95 per month for each domain I host with hostgator?
I thought it's unlimited amount of domains.... because domains allowed is mentioned unlimited....
So if I want to host 10 domains I pay almost $100 per month or can I pack all of them into this one account?

I am not at 1&1 and for example have 2 domains in the same package...

thanks a lot

Marketing Talk / internet explorer 6 and WP...
« on: December 21, 2010, 07:30:58 AM »

I have started a WP page where I have changed the theme a little bit, for my squeeze page and sales pages I leave the sidebar on the right side away. This works fine with Firefox, but with Internet Explorer 6 I just realised that the sidebar on the right is gone, but the text is cut, so it seems like the sidebar is still there but kinda hidden.... Only one picture is showing where the sidebar is, and the pic belongs to the normal page. This is really strange.
Also the footer picture is not showing, but the header is allright.

I have to check if this also happens with IE7 at home.

but did anybody also experience this with internet explorer?
What could I do that it also shows as it should in IE?


Marketing Talk / Question to license
« on: December 11, 2010, 05:43:42 PM »

How can I find out the author of a product in the membership area? I have a product where I'm not sure if I'm allowed to change the PDF, put my URL and name on it....
I found this info for other products but for this one it's not mentioned as allowed or not allowed.....

YES – You can sell the package.
YES – You can sell resale rights to the package.
YES – You can give the report away to build your list or use as a back-end offer, bonus product or other offers.
YES - You can include within a paid membership site, provided your monthly subscription is priced above $27.00

What You Can’t Do:
NO – You cannot add to free membership websites or auction sites.
NO – You cannot sell Master Resale Rights to the packages.

and another one is:
What You Can Do:
[YES] You can include the reports as bonuses to paid products.
[YES] You can distribute the PDF format of each report on your website, blog or within campaigns, training, coaching or membership sites.
[YES] You can include the product within a membership site provided your monthly
subscription is priced at $17 or above and no more than 10 is included within one bundle.
[YES] You can sell master resale rights.
[YES] You can sell resale rights.
[YES] You can sell personal use.

What You Cannot Do:
[NO] You cannot sell PLR (Private Label Rights)
[NO] You cannot add to free membership sites
You are responsible for customer service and you must use your own download location. You MUST NOT market this product in any immoral or unethical manner, including UCE -unsolicited commercial email, also known as SPAM.

Can I go ahead, change the PDF text, put in URL and my name in this case? I don't have a name for contacts for asking...


Marketing Talk / sales page with or without sidebar?
« on: December 08, 2010, 10:16:49 AM »

Another question regarding design in WP.
I want to start a page with WP where I have articles and recommend products for download (own and affiliate).
The typical sales page normally does not have any sidebars.
What would you recommend, let the sidebar away for pages where I promote an own product?
Review pages normally show the sidebar, so I'm not sure yet if I should show it or now....

best regards

Marketing Talk / WP squeeze page
« on: December 07, 2010, 02:54:29 PM »

I want to have a squeeze page on my WP page. Actually i want visitors to start directly on this squeeze page to get emails. So I would define this
page or post as sticky, so it shows up anytime a visitor comes to my main page (let's say But then the page shows only as
instead of for example which would help in a SEO perspective to rank better on google.
So what is better in your opinion, making the squeeze page sticky and have directly on the main page or having it with the name in the URL for ranking better?
Or can I kinda reroute the main page to the squeeze page which shows the full URL?

thanks for your sharings.

Marketing Talk / .html on PAGES Plugin for WP
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:08:26 AM »

I have just seen the .html on PAGES Plugin for WP somewhere. This just adds a .html at the end of the URL.
Do we have an advantage to have html at the end instead of just having the name (like postname)?
Is this good for SEO or something? Does anybody use this plugin?

thanks for your answers

Marketing Talk / research on your competition
« on: November 29, 2010, 07:24:18 AM »

What are your tactics to spy on your competition, or in an early status to check if a niche/product is
worth to go in at all?

some points are

- check if there are some ads on google/yahoo when you search for your keywords
- check if there are products to promote on clickbank and other affiliate networks
- check if there are CPA offers
- check on and other similar pages which keywords are used by your competitors
- check if there are forums and blogs to leave your comments and signature

what other tactics do you use?

thanks for your feedback

Marketing Talk / loosing backlinks....
« on: October 24, 2010, 07:39:44 AM »

I have installed the SEOQuake Add-on, where you always can check the amount of backlinks for yahoo for example.
About 2 days ago I realized that it showed me suddenly around 200 backlinks less... I had almost 500 backlinks (I know
not too much) to one site and now it only shows me about 250....
Any ideas why I lost that many? I know that some backlinks disappear in the net (forums, blogs whatever), but 200 in some


Marketing Talk / $7 Dollar secret / script
« on: October 18, 2010, 03:35:37 PM »

Does anybody know the $7 dollar script?
And has anybody used it with a product from here? Or would you say it makes much more sense to use
paypal directly, not with the script?


Hey guys
I'm really surprised about the average age of the regular forum users here. I expected a quite young community when I joined.
Please don't get me wrong, I find it really cool that not only young people try to do business in the internet. It's just when I look around
in my family and friends of them, they just know how to write an email and join facebook but don't want to do more  ;)
It's really impressing that other people in this age are willing to learn a lot in the internet and start the business.

When you normally see the famous sales letters, you always read like '18 year old cracks xxx system and earns 100k a month', always the youngsters.
Yes, why not 60 year old women gets 100k with affiliate programs or like that, would be really  :cool:

So let's keep going and show the youngsters that we can do this as well (well, I would say I'm in the middle with my age  :laugh:)

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