Author Topic: PMC Niche Websites For Gold Members  (Read 8998 times)

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Re: PMC Niche Websites For Gold Members
« Reply #15 on: July 23, 2012, 11:28:05 AM »
I see your point Al. I haven't used PMC sites because of the fact that there are probably thousands doing the same. But like anything else, like PLR material, you change the graphics, give it a new title and change some of the content by either adding or deleting.


I see you can use the PMC niche websites for your own use - but would you be affected for duplicate content on google if other people use them as well?
Yes i never use it but i want to try to use and install as subdomain some of that sites are really interesting if you find good keywords.And i want to know if that could be made to install as subdomain, some of that sites.
Mark is my host. Some idea about that
Other question i have is only RRW  members use that sites or no. The content isunique or need to be changed.
May be google will not penalize you but that is not good in general to have dublicate content. I mean don't help.

These PMC sites can be used in so many ways.

You can put them on a main site, or a sub domain of their own, or even just create a directory on site and plug it in there.

You can extract the articles and use them as blog posts in Wordpress sites.

I have used some articles just as they are, edited and used different keyword phrases for others, and combined two articles together as a mixture. It is virtually unlimited how you can use the product and make original content.

Unless you have done something very wrong to get your site de-indexed, you will not get penalized for duplicate content unless you use the same articles over and over on the same site.

Google indexes 'pages' not 'sites', so not every article on your site has to be an original to drive traffic. But they should always be relevant to your site topic.

These sites are sold to others from The so others will be setting them up too.

That doesn't  matter.

As long as you revise some of the articles and promote them properly, you will come out ahead of 95 percent of people in this business. And you will realize increased traffic from the search engines for the articles that are now "original" because you optimized them for different keywords and revised content. And you don't have to make that many changes.

The different combinations of originality that can be realized is almost unlimited. Remember, no one else has your exact brain and personally revising these articles to your personal experiences makes them 'original'. The product can be a real "profit maker".   :)


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Re: PMC Niche Websites For Gold Members
« Reply #16 on: July 24, 2012, 09:41:48 AM »
Yes I never used pmc but have thought about. The Ideas here are great ideas to changing them to use them and not have the same as others. Thanks everyone your Great
Bill Brooks