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Domain Flipping - the Easy and Most Lucrative Way
« on: November 16, 2011, 04:24:16 PM »
Hi -

I have found a method whereby you and I can flip domains and make lots of money for peanuts.  One deal of these babies can reimburse a few months of your RRW membership.

I am offering this to you on a subscription basis for only $25.00 per month.  Each month you will get from me a list of searchable and potential domain names that you can register with top listed domains such as .com, .net and .org.  My registrar for several years now is  Right now they are offering $4.99 to register a .com domain name and .99 cents for an .info domain name.

What you will get is list of domains pertaining to an offline business in your home town whether you are in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and/or Australia. The list will identify those that are available for registration and those that are already taken. You provide the type of business and the name of the town for me to research on. The list that you will get is non-duplicative and I'll try to ensure it that way.  Out of my head, the list should contain approximately 50 domains or more unless the population of your hometown is less than 500 people.

You may choose any town and offline business that you wish, even if it is not your hometown.  The only problem with this is - the list may be duplicative.  In this case I will notify both the requestors.

Once you register the domain name, it becomes your property and you can sell it to the affected business in your home (to include a website) or wait for 2 months then flip it with the big boys.

I am sure that most of you will doubt this offer - so what I am willing to do is send you five of these domain names affecting a offline business in your home town for FREE. 

All you have to do is IM me with with the type of business, your hometown or anytown and your email address so I can email them to you.

When you receive it, immediately check for its availability, and if it is available register it immediately.  Otherwise, someone somewhere will register them for you.  To register it or not would be your decision.

At this time you can let me know if you wish to subscribe for the monthly listing of prospective domain names based on the type of business and city or town of your choice.

Because of the high demand of this type of information, I plan to offer this for only three (3) months.  After that I will re-evaluate to see if there is a demand because it is really labor intensive as far as research is concerned.

Any questions? IM me.