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Help Offered
« on: November 17, 2016, 04:38:45 AM »
Hi there RRW members!

This is Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song) here and I would like to offer my services to help you with whatever you are doing if you need a hand?

I may not know how to do much or any of this marketing stuff that goes on here and can hardly even wrap my understanding around it, even though it can't be too complicated but it does seem like that for me!

Therefore whatever you might need help with, I will help you "free of charge" if I can, in hopes that I might learn a little bit more about Internet Marketing and how to do things.

Therefore if you have a task you need done (even if it's repetitive), I'm your man!!!!!!

I will help anyone with anything they want done.  If you are launching and internet marketing campaign of sorts and need help or would like to delineate some work for me to do even to help let me experience what aspects of it are about so by doing something I will better understand it afterwards plus be able to see the results of my work by helping you and seeing the finished product... please don't hesitate to help me ease your load and to help teach me on your part what it is you think I can benefit by learning through the process of doing.

The next move is yours.... I have put out the desire to be of service and to help others in a friendly manner... now all you need do is to contact me and tell me what you need help with or would like me to do?

Thank you.

PS - My strong suit is in "making songs."  So if you would llike me to make you a song, we could start with that!