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Let Me Submit Your Article To 845 Article Directories!
« on: April 24, 2011, 02:08:11 PM »
Article Rewriting Service will assist website owners with advertising their business with writing their articles for them.

How Does Our Article Writing  Work?
1-4 Articles:each 12$
5-9 Articles:each $11
$10-19 Articles:each $10
$20-49 Articles:each $9
$50+ Articles:each $8
$100+Article each $7

Article Submission Services Will Be
1 Article To Be Submitted To 845 Article Directories  $ 20.00

The primary focus will be getting articles written for clients on any topic between 350-500 words. Over 500 Words Will Be Extra Fee.

The topics will include: health care, weight loss, mortgages, finance, real estate, energy, politics, religion, community events and many other subjects.

Ray Gollis, the owner of the company states, “My clients, will be very satisfied with my writers, and I guarantee that each of my writers will meet the deadline that my client gives them”.

In a very short time span my providers will write articles and get them back to our clients in timely fashion. We will succeed in evolving as a premium article service provider.

We will be happy to provide article writing service to our new clients and well as providing repeating order from our clients who are already satisfied with our services.

Article Rewriting Service launch is September 24, 2010 and will become an article rewriting service that clients will be able to go to promote their websites and service through effective article marketing campaigns. In the near future

 Article Rewriting Service primary concerns itself with ghostwriting content for articles, books, novels, screenplays, novels and press releases. The prices of the articles will be on my website Article Rewriting Service

Article Rewriting Service will greatly benefit entrepreneurs that want to save time on writing all their articles themselves and will help to market their websites and services. Anybody in the world can hire Article Rewriting Service to write or rewrite their articles for the promotion of the client’s website.

We will even write a press release for them which they will get added exposure to the website’s owner website. Doing some keyword research on the internet finds that e-books are one of the most downloadable products that people use in their every day affairs. Now you have Amazon Kindle where everyone can look at their e-books in the palm of their hand.

We have a talented pool of writers that will write on any topic that the clients wants written for them. Our writers have proof reading and editorial skills with an extensive background of a great array of subjects to pick from. So to find a match with a writer and the client should be no problem. Ray Gollis, the owner of the company states, “Take any topic that you can think of from thin air and I will have an expert write about it and send it back to you for your approval. It can be any topic from money and finance to mortgages, weight loss, real estate or personal development.

Apart from the article writing services, I will also offer word press templates for sale. These templates will be for any client that wants to promote their website through a Word Press Blog. If anybody doesn’t already know, blogs are a very effective method of advertising any website. What you would do is put your article that was written and insert the article into your blog. Word press has a ping service so you would get instant exposure to your website through your blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Ray Gollis


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Re: Let Me Submit Your Article To 845 Article Directories!
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I need a reliable article spinner, can you help me with that.


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Re: Let Me Submit Your Article To 845 Article Directories!
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Article spinners are never reliable.