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Needed-Blog & Article Writer
« on: September 01, 2011, 02:10:47 PM »
Here is a job listing that I have posted on oDesk. Thought I would post here to see if there were any takers. The budget I set for oDesk was $20 for the job. Here I would be willing to discuss other payment/ work arrangements as far as pay, author credit on blog, etc. If any questions/comments or interest just speak up below or pm me. Here is a chance for some of you that are not making money online to take that first step and get that first check!

We are looking for a writer that can offer our business owners practical and actionable advice on various online marketing topics. Our posts need to be in the Nonfiction, How-To format. This job posting is for 5 articles for our marketing blog=>

Topics will be given to you, the writer, to complete. The articles must be original works and must pass a Google search of duplicate content and copyscape. If articles submitted for job do not meet these guidelines  they will need to be rewritten and meet expectations before payment is made. Articles are expected to be in a length of 300-500 words, but if content is covered completely and helps our readers we can relax this requirement. 

When writing for our blog we like to refer to the 3 C's formula.

The first C is Clarity. Our writing must be clear. Small words, short sentences, short paragraphs are preferred over complicated words and fluff. Writing that breaks up long documents into sensibly organized sections, each with its own headings are desired.

The second C is Concise. Concise to us means telling the complete story in the fewest possible words.  No rambling, no redundancy, no needless repetition, no using three words when one will do.

The third C is Compelling. Ensuring the writing is easy to read is a non-negotiable. Our writing must be so interesting,engaging and informative that the reader is compelled to actually try to accomplish what we are discussing in the writing.

Our writers need to be fluent in English(American)and able to meet all the requirements listed in the job posting.

If you feel that you are the person to deliver five posts for our blog while complying with our requests above please let us know.

Thank you and good luck,
Paul Galbreath
Covale Media LLC.


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Re: Needed-Blog & Article Writer
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 01:46:12 PM »
Give me a subject matter, niche or keyword that you want your article written.  I will send you a sample article then send me your comment.