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Searchable Domain Names Services
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Not very many businesses knew that the domain name that they use in their websites must and should be highly searchable. Searchable means that the domain name has to include a "seed keyword" that searchers normally use to search.  If not the website is like an offline business that has a P. O. Box but not a street address.  It is impossible for the prospective customers to find them.  Not many webmasters or website creators abide to this fact.  You'll be surprised how many offline businesses have a website that has a domain that is searchable.

I can provide the research to identify searchable domain names. I am not only identifying the domain name that is available for registration in all 3 areas (.com, .net and .org) but I will also provide the competition level, global and local searches per month, search trends (high, medium, and low), the daily traffic, SEO Score and Cost Per Click that can be used to monetize the website.

It's not an easy process believe me - I have all my 3 PCs running at the same time, with 5 external drives, feeding the data, but, at the end I have a product in Excel format.

I am referring to a report that I made with 566 domain names all available for registration taken from the seed keyword "Public Speaking".  To control the value of these domain names, I will give the report to only 10 RRW buyers for only $10 each.  PM me if interested.