Author Topic: Wanted--Script Writer for 3-5 min long videos on different subjects.  (Read 1560 times)

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If anyone is interested I have a job that needs to be completed.

I am looking for someone to take the topic of my choice(pm me for topics) and write a video script for 4 to 5 separate 3 to 5 min how-to videos on the same subject.

Each video will have an outline of what I want covered, but the writer will need to do the research to fill in the info. These videos are part of a series that I am putting together to focus on online marketing, and I know many of you here have experience with the subjects I want to cover.

The videos are introductory videos that are not too detailed but rather they focus on an overall explanation of what, why, and how of the subject.

I simply do not have the time to do this myself with work,school, and family life all vying for the limited time I have.

If interested you can ask questions here or pm me. I would like to move on this quickly and would rather work with someone here as opposed to odesk or another site.