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There's no need to limit yourself to just PDF files or selling on Amazon.

There's no need to spend your own time formatting reports & ebooks yourself.

...time that could be better spent on promotion and building your business!

*Free & online converters usually just don't do a very good job

With your reports and ebooks in PDF, Mobi, and ePub you can publish them to most any
marketplace, and offer them in all 3 formats straight from your own website!

Make it easy for your visitors to download & read your reports and ebooks on the device of their choice:
  •     iPad
  •     Kindle for PC
  •     Kindle Device
  •     Calibre
  •     MobiPocket Reader
  •     Mobile Devices
  •     ePub Reader for FireFox
  •     FB Reader
  •     Cool Reader
  •     Sumatra
  •     Nook
  •     Others
Sell or distribute your ebooks in all of these marketplaces:
  •     Smashwords
  •     Tradebit
  •     iBookstore
  •     Barnes & Noble
  •     Free ebook distribution sites
Can you see how this could massively expand your reach?

Blast your list building efforts into the Exosphere?

EXPLODE your Profits? !!!

Download these samples & try them out to see the professional results...

Mediterranean Diet ePub version

Mediterranean Diet Mobi version

How much for this service?

$3 per report or ebook up to 20 pages in length
$5 per report or ebook 21 to 40 pages
$7 per report or ebook 41 to 60 pages
$10 for 61+ pages in length

What you'll need to send:

    Either PDF, Word .doc or .docx, Open Office .odt, or Text/Rich Text file
    Cover graphic (1200 x 1920 flat is ideal -- too small & it won't look good)
    Author information (required)
    Publisher information if desired
    Description (required)

What you'll receive:

    ePub version
    Mobi version

Professionally formatted & device-ready so that you can simply upload to your site and set your download links. You'll also be able to submit to various ebook distribution sites.

Please contact me via PM for instructions on sending your materials.

*** This is a limited time offer to introduce this service. ***


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WOW that sounds like a neat thing. I hope it works,
Bill Brooks

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I hope it works

It works exceptionally well for, Oreilly, SitePoint, etc.