Why Was My Gold Subscription Canceled?


First let me assure you that I did not cancel your account. If your Gold subscription was canceled then you will want to read this ...

Making financial changes to your PayPal account such as updating your credit card or banking information will cause Paypal to cancel ALL of your monthly membership subscriptions ... including your subscription for your RRW Gold membership. Also, if your credit card on file with Paypal expires then PayPal will cancel all of your subscriptions.

Here’s an important tip that I've learned about Paypal: If you have to replace a credit card on Paypal, first add your new card and then make sure that you change all of your subscriptions over to the new card before you delete the old card. That way your subscriptions won't be canceled.

If your subscription does get canceled by Paypal, don't worry we can fix it. All you have to do is just  log into your RRW account and click on the upgrade tab.  (http://resell-rights-weekly.com/members/login.php)

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