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Quick Ways To Boost Your Profits
« on: September 18, 2008, 11:51:43 AM »
Quick Ways To Boost Your Profits

Did you know that there are many little things that you can do to your website, blog, sales letter or product that can drastically affect the size of your Paypal account?

You see, there are a zillion and one products available on the Internet – and so is the Internet population! Making money online is all about the numbers. Because an Internet marketer can have hundreds to thousands of visitors visiting his website everyday, even the smallest changes can increase their profits dramatically.

Just take a look at the math.

A small tweak in a marketer’s email headline will cause an additional 2% to open the E-mail (Let’s assume the list size is about 50,000). If his ‘open rate’ used to be about 10%, an additional 2% would get at least an extra 1,000 pairs of new eyeballs reading your E-mail!

But that is just the E-mail marketing aspect. What we want to do is to make our website convert like crazy! Imagine if among that additional 1,000 people, you are able to sell at least a thousand extra dollars worth of E-products to them by making minor tweaks to your website?

Imagine… if you are doing this OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

Don’t Be Afraid To Blow Your Horn!

You can’t afford to be too modest when you are trying to market your products on the Internet. Your product and your website on the Internet are like a small drop in a very large ocean. People’s attention span is divided amongst millions of websites on the Internet screaming for their attention.

Take for example, the resell rights industry. Online, everyone is selling the same products all over the net. Some price those normally while others sell the products for what someone would pay for a bag of peanuts.

It really seem as though every Tom, hotdog and Harry are all resellers online. So what makes you different from the others?

If you want to skyrocket your online profits, you MUST be a branded product!
You see, the online world is slightly different compared to the real world. Some people might be afraid to blow their horn in public (or to tell others how much money they are making online). But online, you can write (almost) whatever you want on your sales copy or your profile page.

The most important thing you must do is you must stand out from the rest of the crowd!

If you’ve achieved success in sales, make sure you ‘flaunt’ your Paypal screen shots before others. Do whatever it takes to let others know what’s so good about you. Let them know that you are different. If you do things that are extraordinary, chances are, people will take notice and spread the word.

Laser Targeted Focus

One of the things you must remember about branding is that you must let others out there know what you specialize in.

Take for example – Internet marketing blogs. If you search throughout the blogosphere, you will see a hundreds of blogs out there titled Internet marketing with __________ or __________’s blog on making money online.

There are too many blogs with the theme make money online or Internet marketing so the best way to stand out from the rest is to focus on a particular niche.

Let’s say you are an expert at network marketing and you want to market your products online. Even network marketing is so competitive and broad that you have to go ‘sub-niche’.

You can let others know that in the network marketing world, you are the guy who turns words into profitable copy that attracts downlines like a vacuum cleaner.

You can probably call yourself the networking copy king! (I know this might sound a bit corny, but it sure got your attention now, didn’t it?)

If you are in to SEO and you are good at long-tail niches, you should let others know about it rather than just focus on a generic SEO branding. It is easier to go for a sub-niche rather than a generic niche.

Use your imagination and brand yourself creatively!

Testimonial Placement

Few would believe you if you say it yourself, but by getting a testimonial from a well respected marketer in the niche you are in, you can be sure to increase your credibility.

Don’t grab any testimonial from just ANY guy or girl. Make sure you let the expert who is providing the testimonial to review you or the product (or you can do some work for them in exchange for a testimonial).

By placing the best and most relevant testimonials at the right place in your sales copy, you can be sure to increase your business profits easily.

E-cover Changes        

Which of the two covers above would convert more sales? The answer is obvious…

You see, most of the time, there are many people out there who actually ignore the appearance of their products. They would spend tons of money on their ghostwriters, their website, their autoresponder and even their work force, but the moment they neglect the appearance of their E-cover, they lose many precious sales because their E-cover for their E-book isn’t attractive enough.

The truth would scare you – many DO judge a book by its cover.

If you invest in a good action script you can easily enhance the appearance of your E-cover:

You can change it from a flat one to a more realistic cover that will convert more visitors into buyers.

Mini-site banners

Mini-site banners are equally important as well. Imagine, the first thing people see other than the opening headline of the sales copy or landing page is the banner itself.

Don’t use just ANY banner

There are tons of PLR books out there that comes with the PSD file for the sales letter.

You can easily make changes in Adobe Photoshop to get the best colors or fonts that you will need without investing too much into graphics design.

Product Pictures

You can also combine pictures together to make the appearance of the full package even more enticing:

Use A Different Color For Your Headline

In a sales copy, the most important aspect of the sales process is in getting the prospect’s attention. Therefore, the headline is the most crucial aspect of the entire sales copy.

After all, if the headline doesn’t entice readers to read the rest of the sales letter, it is pointless to write the sales letter in the first place!

Which of these two headlines are more compelling to the eye?

"Secure Your Instant Access To A Mammoth Collection Of Constantly Adding Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Graphics, And More... And Jumpstart Your Online Marketing Career Starting This Second!"

Or this one:

Secure Your INSTANT Access To A *MAMMOTH* Collection Of Constantly Adding Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Graphics, And More... And JUMPSTART Your Online Marketing Career

You see, by tweaking several aspects of the same headline, you are able to tap in to several psychological aspects of the prospect and get them to take action by starting to read the rest of the sales letter.

Minor changes such as switching between RED and BLACK, using a series of UNDERLINES and highlights, you will be able to bring more life to your headline and increase your chances of scoring another sale.

Use Graphics To Make A Point

Often when people are looking through a sales copy, a lot of them do not read the sales letter line by line.

They often scan through the sales copy and they arrive at the end of the sales copy just to see how much it costs. One of the best ways to reach out to those ‘scanners’ is to use graphics to tell a picture.

For example: If you are selling a membership site that provides the best content for resellers to market themselves, you can tell them:

“Would you rather catch small fishes with what you are doing now or buy this membership and your business will bring in nothing but big fishes?”
I think the illustrations in these pictures will bring home the point!

Maximizing AdSense

Here are some 4 ways to tweak your site and you will be able to make more money from AdSense.

1. Use only one format when you are choosing your AdSense layout. The more consistent your design, the easier it is for people to click on your ads. Your goal is to try to ‘mask’ the ads to look more like links within the webpage. Sometimes, they may not feel that they are clicking on AdSense but at least it brings in more money.

2. Choose a color that blends with the background of your niche site. Once again, this also improves the clicks on the ads and hence, your income will increase as well.

3. Try and locate your AdSense ads where it is easier for people to see. Don’t put them at places where people won’t scroll too because that will prevent them from clicking them (or even seeing them for that matter).

4. Go for relevant keywords in your ads. According to some experts, Google doesn’t really care about your content – rather, it scans the title, description and the URL.

Affiliate Program Reviews

One of the best ways to promote a product on a niche site is to use a ‘review’ format.

Take for example – a movie. When someone goes online to read about the review, they will tend to believe the reviewer and keep their opinion in mind when they go to a cinema.

Notice however that the person reading the review will probably believe what the reviewer is saying. They don’t sit around wondering if the movie critic is getting affiliate commissions from telling people to watch the movie.

Most of the time, Internet marketers or even niche marketers become too ‘sales pitchy’ when it comes to affiliate product recommendations. They don’t realize that a simple and ‘unbiased’ review will easily sway a buyer’s mind.

If you were to talk about a product as though you were reviewing from a ‘neutral’ point of view, you will be able to get more relevant traffic to your affiliate programs.

You should create titles for your post like – ABC product review, or a review on product XYZ.

After all, people would rather trust a neutral party rather than a salesman.
Teach People Step-By-Step

Did you know that a simple video on YouTube can drastically increase your conversion rates and skyrocket your profits?

Aurelius Tjin of the infamous Copy And Paste Graphics 2 once launched a fire sale on his birthday. What he did was he created a short video teaching people how to use the products in the fire sale.

His affiliates sent their traffic to the video page and immediately, sales started coming in faster than ever.

If you want to convince buyers to invest in your product, creating a video designed to educate prospects will get you more sales than ever. As a matter of fact, creating a video is often much easier for some people (especially for those who hate writing).

Get Them To Take Action

Another well known marketer made full use of video for building his list.

John Reese of the infamous Blog Rush used the power of Viral marketing to make Blog Rush one of the most used widgets in the blogosphere.

How did he do it?

Well, he simply referred people to watch a video on how to drive massive FREE traffic to your blog and he implemented a very simple way for people to sign up and refer their friends.

Their friends watched the same video and they did the same thing until almost every blog on the Internet started using Blog Rush.

He achieved this all because he had a powerful video that made people take action immediately,
Never Stop Testing

In a nutshell, you must never forget that Internet marketing and niche marketing is all about numbers.

You must never forget to get as much traffic as possible because no amount of tweaking will increase your sales by a lot if you don’t have any traffic to begin with.

We won’t talk about getting traffic in this book, but it is important to know that traffic is one of the most important aspects in getting sales. Once you have enough traffic, then tweaking and testing will improve your profits tremendously.

Keep on testing your ads and your sales copy to ensure that you get maximum results because a small change really can affect a lot in your business.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain

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Re: Quick Ways To Boost Your Profits
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Thanks for sharing more powerful information Mark.