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Viral Marketing 101
« on: March 06, 2009, 06:52:05 PM »
Viral Marketing 101

Internet marketing gurus always talk about building your mailing list. Mailing lists are important because it is true that the money is always in the list. Most of the time, some Internet marketers will beg other marketers (especially those with a bigger list size) to promote their products, do an ad swap or help them to build their own lists in general.

But what if, instead of relying on YOUR OWN LIST, you can LEVERAGE on other people’s list?

You see, in Internet marketing, there is always someone who has a biggest list size than you. These people will always want to sell products. If you can create products (such as master resell rights or no restriction private label rights products) and give them the rights to sell YOUR products with YOUR ads in it, you will be getting constant advertising for FREE and people are doing it WILLINGLY for you!

After all, when you promote a product to your list, it is still limited in the sense that you can only mail your list once or twice, but having your products being promoted all over the Internet, will take the burden off the lists and give you additional streams of income.

The Power Of Exponential Growth

Many people neglect the power of viral marketing because they have this misconception that it yields very little at the start. They feel that they would rather promote their products by themselves rather than share the product with other resellers.

The same applies with blog posts.  Let’s do a little math.

Would you rather make $100,000 a month or make build a campaign that doubles in revenue starting at $0.01 a day for every next day?

1 --> 2 --> 4 --> 8 --> 16 --> 32 --> 64 --> 128 --> 256 --> 512 ……… MILLIONS!

The power of exponential growth tells us that you will become a millionaire after almost 30 days! (2 to the power of 30!!!) Do you see the power of viral marketing?

Whether you are getting one new subscriber a day or one sale a day, you will be able to generate lots of traffic just by viral marketing alone!

Now to be realistic, even with the UNLIMITED growth potential on the Internet, there will come a time where there is a saturation point. But it still doesn’t dispute the fact that there are millions of customers (and many resellers) that will market for you and expand your efforts FOR YOU!

It is always a good idea to build several viral marketing channels. That way, even when your viral campaign starts to slow down (due to saturation), you will still be able to leverage on many channels and build your list or your affiliate commissions.

In the subsequent chapters, we will explore a few tools, both free and paid sources that will enable you to build several viral campaigns and watch as traffic beats a path to your virtual doorstep!
Master Resell Rights Viral Marketing

What’s the big deal about master resell rights? Well, simply put, you are able to create an E-product and the owner of the product has the rights to resell the product for any price that they want.

The resellers will be doing promotions for you and spread your name all around the Internet. Not only that, they will not be able to alter your book in anyway, they will just sell it in the current form.

Here are 2 ways you can create a huge viral campaign out of MRR products:

•   Write your own (or hire a ghostwriter) product and give MRR rights.
•   Find somebody else’s MRR product with re-branding rights and place your own affiliate links.

Later on, place those products on well known membership sites.
Private Label Viral Marketing

Everyone knows that PLR is one of the best rights someone can have for an E-book, because it allows you do whatever you want with it (well, almost). However, even PLR has certain restrictions such as non-transferable rights or bundling rights (just like certain resell rights).

But one of the advantages of NO RESTRICTION private label rights is the fact that you can SELL the private label rights of the book – hence you let the book go viral almost immediately!

Certain PLR resellers even include a SALES LETTER for the resellers to easily edit the contents of the sales letter.
Do you know what this means?

Reseller after reseller selling the best rights to the book all across the Internet! This is the best way to get your affiliate links or promotions all over the Internet very quickly!

But then, what happens if the resellers EDIT the contents of the book, you may ask? Wouldn’t that reduce the effectiveness of the viral effect?

Well, the solution to that is very simple… human beings are LAZY by nature. They will just cut and paste the sales letter and sell the products AS IT IS. Because it is too much work for them to redo the content, they will all sell the products most likely in the ORIGINAL FORM.

This often sells faster than master resell rights and if you embed your affiliate links or promotions carefully, it will give resellers a LOT of resistance when they try and edit your book! Look for resellers who sell PLR ebooks and contribute to their package if you want to achieve the ultimate viral effect!
Blog & Theme Viral Marketing

One of the other ways to create a viral marketing campaign besides using or reselling E-books is to use blogs and blog themes to market yourself.

Here is a three step process that will allow you to get lots of traffic to your website:

(1)   Approach a high traffic blogger and ask if you can be a contributor to their blog for a particular blog post or topic.

(2)   Write an EXCELLENT blog post that will get people’s attention (especially on these high traffic blogs).

(3)   Leave a bio box or a link that traces back to your own site.

Now, the question you may ask is, why don’t you reserve the best content for your OWN blog? Wouldn’t that brand you better?

Well this is actually selfish thinking… good things must be shared, not hidden under a basket. High traffic blogs give you more exposure!

If you have a blog that has low traffic, it will not reach out to many people but if you give your content away to others, high traffic will get you noticed and if they LIKE your blog post, they will spread the word (using ‘social bookmarking’ sharing) and you will get a lot of traffic to your site very quickly!

You can also design your own blog theme and give it away for free! One thing wonderful about free blog themes is that if it is given away for free and it is used by someone’s blog, a few things can happen:

•   They upload your blog theme and there is a backlink to YOUR site.
•   Those who upload your blog theme will be able to follow a link from the Wordpress Presentation Theme and you can promote yourself even from there.
•   People will recommend your blog theme if it looks beautiful!

Web 2.0 Viral Marketing
One of the newest yet oldest form of viral marketing is the usage of E-mail and Web 2.0 sites. Remember the video called ‘Numa Numa’ who had this guy lip-syncing to a song… it was one of the MOST VIRAL VIDEOS of all time.

The owner of the site had TONS of traffic flooding into his site everyday and people everywhere WANT to imitate him and do their own parodies of the ‘Numa Numa Dance’ as well.

Another good example is the ‘Diet Coke & Mentos’ scenario.

Basically, when you have something interesting or extreme, people will tend to share it with their friends through forwarded E-mails, but in the case of Internet marketing, you can do a lot more if you play your cards right.

Facebook drives a lot of traffic as well because of the way they link applications and photos (tagging). For example, you can join an application for a game that builds empires using ‘GOLD’. They offer you MORE gold when you refer your friends to that application. That is how they build their list!

You can do the same by driving traffic to your opt-in forms, landing pages or blogs and you will be able to build viral traffic very quickly!
Remember that the ultimate goal of Viral Marketing is to leverage on others through the power of the Internet!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain

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Re: Viral Marketing 101
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2009, 05:52:42 PM »
Thank you, Mark.

Once again, you've found a report that's full of information to keep us thinking for a long time.


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Re: Viral Marketing 101
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2009, 07:20:51 AM »

Great report on viral marketing.



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Re: Viral Marketing 101
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2009, 03:19:46 PM »
I KNOW intellectually that viral is the way to go. I know I ought to be doing it. But I can only concentrate on doing one thing at a time, and it's just not this quite yet. I'll be like Scarlet O'Hara and "I'll think about it tomorrow."

Deb Gallardo

P.S. - I WILL get there eventually. One step at a time.