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Health/Nature Cures Niche
« on: March 21, 2014, 04:40:32 PM »
There are certain words that should not be used in nature care sales.
I had to change in Food that Fights Disease - treatment is a BIG NO word in nature care - correct term is remedy.
Also, do not refer to herbs or vitamins as medicine listed under Federal Food laws.
This niche is bad to say herbs are very safe. In some cases that is true for instance catnip and chamomile is given to children with ADHD. Some herbs are dangerous but utilized in small amounts for chronic disease such as cancer. There are a couple that cause death like water hemlock. Also, not a good idea to mix pharmaceuticals with some herbs. This niche is very bad to say talk to your doctor before taking herbs. I laugh because physicians do not learn anything about herbs or nutrition in medical school. Most are blinded by pharmaceuticals and some their ego.  I was part of the pharmaceutical industry and worked with physicians daily for several years. I spent 6 years in college for Naturopathy and clinical experience with herbal remedies.

There are other changes I made to PLR relating to vaccines and inflammation. If anyone has questions about this niche please feel free to ask.  Hope this helps. Susanne


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Re: Health/Nature Cures Niche
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 :nail: thats good information thanks