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I Will Build Your Backlinks - Today Only
« on: May 13, 2010, 06:46:30 PM »
Hi Folks,

Here's the deal,

I need a fast $7. I'm short in my Paypal account  :'(
and my Resell Rights Weekly membership payment is due tomorrow.

It's a good thing I checked.

For $7, I'm offering to build your backlinks.


Article directories
Link directories
Social bookmarking
Rss feed submissions

You can choose any or all of the above.
You provide the article and resource box.

I'll do it manually, submitting every day
for 15 days. That will get you a heck of a lot
of backlinks!

You'll receive an update by email every other day
regarding the sites I've submitted to.

This offer is open to one person only and only good
for the next 6 hours. I need the cash tonight, please.

If you want this, or you have questions, please contact me by PM or post.
Or you can email directly,

Thank you!