Firefox Tips and Tricks

Let me open your eyes to a whole new world!

FireFox can do so many things to make your life easier and do so without costing you a single cent!

This video series is designed to show off many features that anyone can use to save money.

Each release will cover a different subject. Just look for the software box to see what you can learn in this series!

The "Web Designer" Video Tutorials

Introducing the FireFox video tutorial series on working with web graphics! This is the first in the series with more to come. Each set will cover a different aspect of how I use FireFox to make my everyday life easier.

Review the sample video of how I create very cool looking PDF documents directly from web pages. Great way to create PDF documents for your mailing list or to post online. Google LOVES PDF documents, hint, hint, hint...

Here is a quick overview of what each flash format video covers:

Video One: 5 min 25 sec - Getting FireFox and installing it if you do not already have it on your computer. Once you have FireFox I show you how to install the correct free add-on.

Video Two: 14 min 48 sec - How to add text to the supplied blank template header. I walk you through each step and even show you how to add symbols and such.

Video Three: 9 min 21 sec - You are shown what each of the "extra" graphics tools do. I also show you how to get rid of any mistakes made along the way.

Video Four: 5 min 12 sec - The graphics editor add-on is more than just an editor. You can capture screenshots, active window or a whole page. I show you how easy it is to do.

Video Five: 5 min 08 sec - Anyone that works on sales / web pages is always trying to figure out what the background colors (graphics also) are so they can match them. One simple add-on solves that problem and a few more.

Video Six: 4 min 05 sec - Over and over I am needing to know the size of graphic, table on a web page or an area of a web page. This simple add-on solves the problem very quickly.

Video Seven: 8 min 51 sec - I have edited the graphic and now need to get it uploaded to my web server. I show you how to to FTP with a free and simple to use add-on.

Video Eight: 3 min 51 sec - This is a little bonus video that is a must have! Time and time again I see 30 minute videos I want to watch later. I just download them with a simple click!

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